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What would you do if your boss invited you to the Hamptons for the weekend and then died? Pretend he was alive, of course! Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite comical moments from Weekend at Bernie's

_______ Wilson and his buddy Richard are co-workers and friends.

Weekend at Bernie's was made on a $15 million budget. It brought in a little more than $30 million at the box office.


Richard's last name is ________.

Weekend at Bernie's was directed by Ted Kotcheff. Kotcheff is also known for his work on Armchair Theatre and Law & Order: SVU.


Which famous actor plays the role of Larry Wilson?

Andrew McCarthy was mainly an actor of the 80s. He appeared in 80s films such as Pretty in Pink, Mannequin, St. Elmo's Fire and Less Than Zero,


Which actor plays the role of Richard Parker?

Jonathan Silverman was born on August 5, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. He is married to actress Jennifer Finnigan.


What type of work do Larry and Richard do?

Larry and Richard are at the bottom of the food chain in the finance department of an insurance company. Their morale is pretty low as well.


Who is Larry and Richard's boss?

Weekend at Bernie's was written by Robert Klane. The film was then produced by Victor Drai.


What is Bernie's last name?

Bernie Lomax was portrayed by actor Terry Kiser. Kiser was born on August 1, 1939 in Omaha, Nebraska. He attended the University of Kansas on a football scholarship.


What do Richard and Larry do when they find evidence of fraudulent activity in their financial reports?

The theatrical release poster for Weekend at Bernie's reads: Bernie Lomax would be the perfect boss except for one small thing... He's dead."


How does Bernie show his appreciation for Larry and Richard discovering this fraud?

Larry and Richard find the mistake and bring it up to the CEO Bernie. He commends them for discovering the fraud, but secretly he already knew about it.


Where do Richard and Larry live?

Weekend at Bernie's was filmed in 8 different locations. All of the locations were either in North Carolina or New York City.


Where is Bernie's beach house located?

Scenes from the Hamptons were actually filmed in North Carolina. Bernie's house in the Hamptons is a real home on the south end of Figure 8 Island near Wilmington, NC.


Unbeknownst to Larry and Richard, who is behind the fraud?

While reading the script for the film, Andrew McCarthy was asked to think about playing the role of Richard. He enjoyed Larry's part more and in turn was cast as Larry!


How does Bernie propose to 'deal with' Larry and Richard now that they know about the company fraud?

Bernie thinks that if Larry and Richard are smart enough to discover the fraudulent activity in the financial statements, then they will be smart enough to figure out that he was behind it all. He doesn't want to run that risk!


After Bernie arranges for the murder of Larry and Richard, what do the gangsters decide to do instead?

Bernie's mob partner doesn't like how greedy Bernie has been. His girlfriend has also become a bit too friendly with Bernie for his liking.


What is the name of the hitman who kills Bernie?

Paulie is portrayed by actor Don Calfa. Don was born Donald George Calfa on December 3, 1939. He passed away two days before his 77th birthday in 2016.


How does Paulie kill Bernie?

Injecting Bernie seemed to be the only way to kill him and make it look like he did it himself. Paulie was going for an accidental overdose look.


What does Paulie leave on Bernie to make it look like he overdosed himself?

Director Ted Kotcheff actually appeared in the film Weekend at Bernies. He made a cameo as Richard's father.


Who finds Bernie's dead body first?

Larry and Richard are excited to spend the weekend in the Hamptons. They feel like they are finally being recognized for their good work. Unfortunately, Bernie had different plans for them.


Why can't Larry and Richard call the police when they discover Bernie's body?

Bernie's beach house was the scene of a party every single weekend. There was an open invitation at all times, so when people started arriving, Larry and Richard were stuck!


Why doesn't anyone else notice that Bernie is dead?

People walk in and say hi to Bernie but then get straight to partying. They are more concerned with bathing suits and suntan oil!


What is Bernie wearing to conceal his lifelessness?

Bernie wore round sunglasses throughout most of the film. Terry Kiser is seen in real life wearing similar glasses in various photos.


Which co-worker does Richard have a crush on?

Gwen's last name in the film is Saunders. She is a summer intern for Bernie's company and has come up to the Hamptons for the weekend as well.


What is the name of Bernie's mob partner?

While Vito and Bernie were partners and friends, Bernie had been getting on Vito's nerves lately.


Which famous actor plays the role of mobster Vito?

Louis Giambalvo was born on February 8, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to his many TV appearances, he played Al Capone on the NBC series The Gangster Chronicles.


What is the name of Vito's girlfriend?

Tina is portrayed by actress Catherine LaBelle Parks. She is best known for her role as Vera Sanchez in Friday the 13th Part III in 1982.


What does Vito do when he realizes that Bernie is not 'dead'?

Larry and Richard are doing such a great job of making it look like Bernie is alive that Vito actually believes it! He panics because Paulie was supposed to kill him.


Which method do Larry and Richard use to make it appear as though Bernie is alive and well?

By sitting on the couch they have control of maneuvering Bernie's arms to make it appear as though he is waving to his friends or scratching his head. They also position themselves to walk arm in arm with him.


When their boat runs out of fuel out on the water, how do Larry and Richard make it back to shore?

They are horrified as they float with Bernie's body back to shore. Yet another failed attempt to try to escape this terrible weekend!


Paulie returns to the house and attempts to murder Bernie again, this time by _______.

Paulie shoots Bernie so many times that he doesn't have any more bullets left for Richard or Larry. Soon the police will arrive!


When the police finally arrive, who do they arrest?

Paulie is the bad guy here! Larry, Richard, and Gwen are just bystanders who called the cops on Paulie.


What happens when Bernie's body is loaded into the ambulance at the end of the film?

The gurney rolls away, down the boardwalk and off the edge! Bernie's body lands in the sand right near where Larry, Richard and Gwen are walking along the beach.


What is the name of the actress who plays the role of Gwen Saunders?

Catherine Mary Stewart was born on April 22, 1959 in Alberta, Canada. She appeared in Days of Our Lives from 1982-1983.


When a young boy finds Bernie's body on the beach at the end of the film, what does he do?

Unaware that he has come upon a dead body, the boy begins 'playing' with Bernie. He scoops tons of sand all over his body!


What was the name of the sequel to Weekend at Bernie's that was released 4 years later in 1993?

Weekend at Bernie's II was even less of a success than the original film. It made only $12 million at the box office, after being made on a $7 million budget.


In which year was the premiere of Weekend at Bernie's?

Weekend at Bernie's premiered on July 5, 1989. Its running time was 97 minutes.


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