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After a decade of tired sequels to '70s and '80s slasher movies, "Scream" turned the horror genre on its head with a wry, self-aware story that parodied the slasher movie -- all the while providing generous gore and scares! Test your memory of this cult classic with our quiz!

In what year was Scream released?

Before Scream, the horror genre was in a rut, with Hollywood turning out increasingly less energetic sequels to franchises like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. These were the very movies that Scream set out to parody.


Who directed the movie and who wrote it?

Kevin WIlliamson was just arriving as a screenwriter when he wrote the script. Wes Craven was already famous for shocking movies like Last House on the Left and the tamer but more popular A Nightmare on Elm Street.


What does Casey (Drew Barrymore) say her favorite scary movie is?

Writer Williamson listened to the soundtrack to Halloween for inspiration, while writing Scream. In addition, Casey says that she likes A Nightmare on Elm Street. That movie, of course, was directed by Craven.


What question does Casey answer incorrectly?

Casey says that Jason was the killer, which is the answer a lot of people would give. But in the very first film, the killer was Jason's mother, Mrs. Voorhees.


Who played the movie's lead, Sidney Prescott?

McGowan, who became a horror-film staple in the late '90s and early 2000s, played Sidney's closest friend. Gayheart would land a role in Scream 2.


From what trauma is Sidney recovering as the movie opens?

The murder of Sidney's mother isn't explicitly referenced until about 25 minutes in. Before that, there are some awkward pauses and glances while Sidney's friends discuss the brutality of the new murders -- so the audience knows something is up, but not exactly what it is.


Who played Cotton Weary, the suspected murderer of Sidney's mother?

Reporter Gale Weathers is an early proponent of the theory that Weary is innocent. He apparently had consensual sex with Maureen Prescott before someone else entered the home and killed her.


Who played the TV reporter, Gale Weathers?

Cox wanted to play a 'b---," to offset her nice-girl role on Friends. The makers of Scream initially had their doubts that she could pull off the Weathers character.


What is the name of the town where the murders take place?

Scream takes place in the kind of upper-middle-class suburban setting that was very typical for the slasher films it parodied. Although those big houses with several doors and plate-glass windows might look appealing, they can be a real drawback when a masked killer is outside.


What does Sidney do on her front porch to taunt the mystery caller?

Sidney is challenging the caller to tell her what she's doing at that very moment. He's still on the line with her. Actually, inside her house.


What causes Sidney to distrust her boyfriend, Billy, shortly after the Ghostface attack?

Just after Ghostface retreats, Billy arrives at Sidney's house and comforts her. Unfortunately, as he embraces her, his phone drops to the floor, and she then believes that he was her attacker.


Who played Dewey, the inept sheriff's deputy?

Originally, the role of Dewey was supposed to be a hunky but dim character. It was altered to suit Arquette's slender build and comic style.


Who is Deputy Dewey's younger sibling?

In the scene where a traumatized Sidney spends the night at Tatum's house, Dewey is there. That must have been reassuring. Or not, considering his level of competence!


Who played the high school principal, Arthur Himbry?

Winkler is best known for his role as Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on the 70s sitcom, Happy Days. Though few people would guess it, Winkler was cast against type in that role, being a soft-spoken Jewish actor who received an MFA from the Yale School of Drama.


Just before Principal Himbry's murder, he sees a janitor dressed like whom?

The janitor wears Freddy's fedora and red-and-green striped sweater. In the original film, Freddy is a killer of teenagers -- and in the remake, he even worked at a school before his death by burning.


What name is the masked killer given?

The Ghostface mask is modeled on Edvard Munch's The Scream. This luridly colorful painting is one of the more widely-recognized pieces of classic art, along with the Mona Lisa and The Girl with the Pearl Earring.


What is Randy's third rule of surviving a horror movie, behind "no sex" and "no drinking or drugs"?

You could almost include saying, "Is somebody there?" In the opening scene, the killer on the phone warns Casey not to say, "Who's there?" However, it wasn't one of Randy's rules.


What do Billy and Sidney do upstairs at the party?

SIdney, no longer a virgin, is now eligible to be killed. The murderers will remind her of that, rather gleefully, a bit later.


How does Sidney's friend Tatum die?

Tatum is trapped with Ghostface in the garage, and tries to escape through a cat door. Rose McGowan was actually small enough to fit through the cat flap, and had to feign getting stuck.


Whose car do Dewey and Gale find parked down the road from Stu's house?

Sidney's father Neil has been mentioned as a suspect, largely because he hasn't been reachable since the murders began. The discovery of his car parked in some shrubbery seems to further indicate his guilt.


What event causes most of the partygoers to abruptly leave?

The students pile out of Stu's house to go see the crime scene, as though it's a tourist attraction. One of the main themes of Scream was the supposed cynicism of teens in the 1990s. It would take the 9/11 attacks to remind everyone that there are bigger problems in the world.


Who is eventually revealed to be the killer?

Billy's motive was that Sidney's mother had an affair with his father, causing his mother to walk out. Stu's motive was simply thrills. This "split decision" paved over a difference in opinion among the film's makers, between those who felt the killers needed a solid motive, and those who thought it was better for them to simply be amoral sadists.


Which movie does Billy quote from before shooting Randy?

After Randy says that Stu has gone crazy, Billy says, "We all go a little mad sometimes" and shoots Randy, revealing himself as one of the killers. He also gives proper credit to Anthony Perkins. He's a murderer, not a plagiarist!


Why has Neil Prescott been out of touch with everyone?

Billy and Stu plan to kill Neil after they murder Sidney, framing him in the same way that they did Cotton Weary. Billy tells Sidney about their role in her mother's death while he and Stu are tormenting her in the kitchen. proving that Gale Weathers was right all along.


What does Sidney stab with Billy with when she jumps out of the closet?

Not-so-fun fact: The stuntman playing Sidney missed the padding in the center of Skeet Ulrich's chest. For most actors, this would be mildly painful. But Ulrich has metal wiring under the skin from heart surgery as a child, so the stuntman's blow was quite unpleasant.


How does Sidney kill Stu?

When the set falls on Stu's head, sparks fly and his body convulses, implying that he is electrocuted. We're pretty sure this couldn't happen in real life -- a television set is full of tiny light diodes, not exposed high-voltage wiring.


Who kills Billy?

Gale shoots him the first time, after Billy left her on the front porch, unconscious. Sidney shoots again when he does the inevitable "jumping up and scaring everyone" bit.


How many characters in Scream seem to have died, but come back?

Billy, Gale, and Dewey all come back from what seem to be unsurvivable incidents. Billy and Dewey were stabbed, while Gale crashed her news van into a tree. To be fair, Dewey doesn't come back dramatically from near-death -- but he's seen being loaded into an ambulance at the end.


At which awards ceremony did Scream clean up?

The lesser-known Saturn Awards are for sci-fi, fantasy and horror films. Scream won for Best Actress, Best Writing, and Best Horror Film, as well as being nominated for Best DIrector, Best Supporting Actor (for Ulrich), and Best Supporting Actress (for Barrymore).


What was Kevin WIlliamson's original title for Scream?

We're happy that it was changed, since Scary Movie fits the parody series to a T. One of the main targets of the first Scary Movie, of course, was Scream itself.


For which role did Drew Barrymore initially audition?

Barrymore had a scheduling conflict that required her to take the smaller role. This might have been a blessing in disguise: It's the famous opening scene, Barrymore's, that everyone remembers about this movie.


Which two actors fell in love during filming?

Cox and Arquette married in 1999 and they have a daughter together. Sadly, they have since divorced.


Which horror-movie actress had a cameo as a rival reporter to Gale Weathers?

She only appears briefly, and the audience has to be alert to notice her. Blair has not been averse to winking at her Exorcist fame. She starred in an Exorcist parody called Re-possessed, and, in more recent years, played a cop on Supernatural.


Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich acted together in what other horror movie?

In the movie, The Craft, Ulrich played the doomed love interest of the main character Sarah and had a memorable death at the hands of "bad" witch Nancy (Fairuza Balk). Campbell played Bonnie, another novice witch in Sarah and Nancy's coven.


Which of the Scream sequels did Neve Campbell not appear in?

Although Campbell has appeared in more artistic fare, like The Company and When Will I Be Loved, she never got too big to come back to the franchise that gave her a famous starring role. David Arquette and Courteney Cox also made repeat appearances.


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