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"Heidi" is a movie from 1937 about a little girl sent by her aunt to live with her mean grandfather in the mountains. Just as the two warm up to each other, Heidi is taken away by her aunt to live with another family. Think you know Heidi's journey to get back home? Take the quiz to find out!

What did Heidi do in the middle of the street?

Heidi took off her coat in the middle of the street. When her aunt saw what she was doing she made her put her coat back on, even though she was burning up!


Where were Heidi and her aunt going?

Heidi and her aunt were on their way to Heidi's grandfather's house. When they stopped in town and asked some women for directions, they told them not to go there because he wasn't a nice man!


What type of animal knocked Heidi over?

A goat knocked Heidi over. A little boy named Peter ran over to help her up and told her that nobody can turn their back on his goat named Turk!


What did Adolph tell Dete to do when she and Heidi arrived at his house?

Adolph told Dete to leave when she and Heidi arrived. Dete explained her situation and left right away, leaving Heidi behind to live with her grandfather.


Where was Heidi going to sleep while she was at her grandfather's house?

Heidi was going to sleep in the hay. She asked her grandfather where he thought that she should sleep, but he didn't reply. Heidi went ahead and found her own place to sleep!


What did Adolph not do since he built a cabin in the mountains?

Adolph never spoke to anyone again, after moving to the mountains and building a cabin. He was upset that his son, Tobias, married a girl against his wishes and that the whole village agreed with Tobias.


What did Adolph build for Heidi?

Adolph built a chair for Heidi. When she first arrived she had to eat on the floor, because there was only one chair. She didn't mind, but her grandfather realized that she needed one!


What did Adolph teach Heidi to do?

Adolph taught Heidi how to milk a goat. While trying to milk the goat after he demonstrated how, Heidi accidentally squirted the milk in her face!


What did Adolph start to do after spending time with Heidi?

After spending so much time with Heidi, Adolph started to sing. He sang the tune that he heard Heidi sing so many times before and he started to warm up to her.


Who came to talk to Adolph about Heidi?

The pastor came to talk to Adolph about Heidi. Adolph didn't want to talk to him, but the pastor tried to persuade him to enroll Heidi in school and church anyway.


What did Adolph find in the front of an old textbook?

Adolph found a drawing from his son in the front of the textbook. He was using the textbook to teach Heidi lessons that she would have learned in Sunday School.


Who came to church in the middle of the pastor's presentation?

Adolph and Heidi came into the church while the pastor was giving a presentation. The whole town was shocked to see them and they were even more shocked when they stood up to sing.


Who arrived at the cabin on Heidi's birthday?

Dete arrived at the cabin on Heidi's birthday. She told Heidi that she was going to take her back with her, but Heidi didn't want to go. She also had plans for her birthday with her grandfather that night.


What did Adolph give Heidi for her birthday?

Adolph gave Heidi a pair of shoes for her birthday. When Dete came to take her back, Heidi wanted to let her grandfather know that she would be back soon. She put her birthday shoes by the fire so that he wouldn't worry.


Where did Dete take Heidi?

Dete took Heidi to Frankfurt. She brought her to the city to give Klara, who was disabled, some company. Klara was very excited for Heidi's arrival!


What happened to Klara that put her into a wheelchair?

Klara fell the summer before meeting Heidi and hurt her back. She then had to use a wheelchair because she was unable to walk.


Why was Heidi upset after talking with Klara?

Heidi was upset after talking to Klara because Klara had told her the real reason she had come to Frankfurt. She had to stay there to accompany Klara, even though all she wanted to do was go home to her grandfather.


What did Heidi do while eating dinner with Klara and Fraülein Rottenmeier?

Heidi stashed away some food while eating dinner with Klara and Fraülein Rottenmeier. She said that she wanted to take it to the grandfather back home when she planned to return back the next day.


How was Adolph going to get to Heidi?

Adolph was going to get to Heidi in Frankfurt by walking all the way there. The townspeople tried to offer him money for the train, but he refused to accept it.


What did Heidi think she heard outside of her window in Frankfurt?

Heidi thought that she heard Peter's horn outside of her window in Frankfurt. She was sad to see that when she looked out the window, it was just a man trying to sell his fish.


What did Heidi help Klara do?

Heidi helped Klara to walk. Klara had been told that she might never walk again, but Heidi was convinced that she might be able to if she at least tried.


What animal did Heidi let into the house?

Heidi let a monkey into the house when it sat outside of the window in the snow. She thought that it was cold and let it in to keep it warm. The monkey's owner came to the door and asked for his monkey, but Andrews told him it wasn't inside!


How did Heidi get down the staircase without making noise?

Heidi slid down the banister to get down the staircase without making any noise. When she got to the bottom, she fell on the floor! She was trying to get out of the house to go home to her grandfather.


What holiday did Klara say her father was coming home for?

Klara told Heidi that her father would be home for Christmas. She told Heidi that if she didn't run away, she would ask her father to send Heidi back home since she knew that she missed it there.


What did Fraülein Rottenmeier tell Klara's father about Heidi?

Fraülein Rottenmeier told Klara's father that Heidi excited Klara too much. She thought that this was bad for Klara, but what she really wanted Klara's father to think was that he needed to keep her around to take care of Klara.


What did Klara give to Heidi for Christmas?

Klara gave Heidi a snow globe for Christmas. Heidi was very happy with the present, as it looked like her grandfather's house. She said he was bringing in some wood inside of the snow globe!


What was Klara's Christmas gift to her father?

Klara's Christmas gift to her father was showing him that she could walk. He was amazed and grateful that Klara could walk again. Klara told him that it was all thanks to Heidi helping her out!


What did Fraülein Rottenmeier do when she met Heidi on the staircase?

Fraülein Rottenmeier broke Heidi's snow globe when she met her on the staircase. She was angry that Heidi had helped Klara to walk again and that she was being praised by Klara's father. Heidi was heartbroken about not getting to go home and her snow globe being gone as well.


What did Heidi hear when she left the theatre?

Heidi heard her grandfather's voice when she left the theatre. All of the kids were crowding around Heidi's grandfather because they thought that he was Santa Claus. Heidi wasn't able to see him, but she heard his voice yelling her name.


Where did Adolph spend the night when he arrived in Frankfurt?

Adolph spent the night in jail when he arrived in Frankfurt. He was taken to the police station because he was banging on people's doors late at night in search of Heidi. He broke out of the room he was placed in for the night and kept up his search for Heidi!


Who tried to take Heidi out of the Sesemann household?

Fraülein Rottenmeier took Heidi out of the Sesemann household in the middle of the night. She had been ordered to leave the next morning after Klara's father saw what she did to Heidi's snow globe.


Who rescued Heidi after Fraülein Rottenmeier took her?

Adolph rescued Heidi after Fraülein Rottenmeier took her. He heard her screams from a few streets away and was able to get there just in time to save her.


What did Adolph steal to get away from the police?

Adolph stole a sleigh to get away from the police. They were chasing him because they thought that he had stolen Heidi. They eventually caught up to the two and took them back into town.


Who did Heidi tell the men at the police station to talk to?

Heidi told the men at the police station to talk to Herr Sesemann. Fraülein Rottenmeier was still trying to claim that Heidi was her daughter, but Heidi wouldn't let her get away with it!


What did Heidi teach Andrews when he came to visit her and her grandfather in the mountains?

Heidi taught Andrews how to milk a goat when he and the rest of the Sesemann household came to visit in the mountains. Andrews accidentally sprayed the milk in his face, just like Heidi had done when she first learned!


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