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This is one of Quentin T's less-well-known films, but it starred a young Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater. Test your knowledge of this 90s love-on-the-lam story now with our quiz!

In what city does "True Romance" begin?

The action later changes to Los Angeles.


Who provides the occasional voice-over narration?

The voice-over is sparingly used and adds side notes, not key exposition of the plot.


Where does Alabama say she's from?

Harvey Keitel's character in "Reservoir Dogs" mentions working with a thief called Alabama, but she seems too young to be the same character.


Which actor stars in the triple feature Clarence goes to?

Clarence loves Elvis, but sees kung fu movies on this particular night.


Where does Clarence work?

Clarence offers to show Alabama a copy of "Spider-man No. 1" here.


Why was Alabama in the theater that night?

Clarence's boss wanted him "to get laid" on his birthday, Alabama says.


How long does Alabama say she's been a call girl?

Probably the audience is told this so they'll still think of Alabama as a "nice girl."


What do Clarence and Alabama do the morning after their night together?

Clarence seems totally unfazed by the fact that she was just paid to spend the night with him.


Who encourages Clarence, via a hallucination, to kill Alabama's pimp?

Elvis was played by Val Kilmer in a cameo.


Who plays Drexl, Alabama's pimp?

Drexl is only in one scene, but made a big impression on critics.


Why does Clarence take the suitcase of cocaine from Drexl's place?

Drexl has a sideline in couriering for a local crime boss.


What is the name of the gangster whose cocaine Drexl was selling?

It's his consiglere, Don Vincenzo, who does the dirty work in the film, though.


Who played Clifford, Clarence's father?

The actor is perhaps best known for "Easy Rider," which he also directed.


What does Clarence's father work as?

He's getting off work early in the morning when we first see him.


What does Clarence want from his father?

Clarence, still traveling with the cocaine, wants to know if the cops are on his tail.


What does Clarence -- and later Clifford -- say Alabama tastes like?

Clifford says it after kissing Alabama goodbye.


Why do Clarence and Alabama go to Los Angeles?

In one version of the script, though, Clarence was writing a screenplay as they drove West.


Who plays the Sicilian mobster, Don Vincenzo, who comes to see Clifford?

He later appeared in Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction."


How does Clifford mock Don Vincenzo?

The "Sicilian scene" is considered one of the movie's best.


What kind of car does Clarence drive?

We see the Cadillac in many parts of the movie, from Clarence's trip across town to Drexl's, to their cross-country trip.


How does Virgil (James Gandolfini) know where Clarence and Alabama are?

This is really bad news for Alabama.


Who played Dick's stoner roommate?

Speaking of Franco and Rogen, though, this scene was partly the inspiration for the later "Pineapple Express."


What does Alabama stab Virgil in the foot with?

This turns the tide of the fight in Alabama's favor.


To whom are Clarence and Alabama trying to sell the cocaine?

Saul Rubinek played the would-be wheeler-dealer.


Who played the hapless actor who got dragged into the cocaine sale?

His character's name, if you're keeping track, was "Elliiot Blitzer."


At what hotel does the attempted cocaine sale take place?

Naturally, the film producer has the penthouse.


Who plays one of the cops setting up the film producer?

Chris Penn was also "Nice Guy Eddie" in "Reservoir Dogs."


Other than Clarence and Alabama, who escapes the sale/sting-gone-wrong?

He's last seen running down the hall outside the penthouse.


Where do Clarence and Alabama escape to?

The final scene shows them on a Mexican beach.


What does Alabama name their son?

Tarantino's original script did not call for both Clarence and Alabama to survive.


Which actress was NOT considered for the role of Alabama?

Tarantino says that Brooke Shields, too, really wanted the role.


Who directed "True Romance"?

A lot of people assume Tarantino directed it, but he only wrote the screenplay.


Tom Sizemore also played a cop in what thematically-similar film?

Tarantino came up with the story, though the screenplay was altered significantly from his original ideas.


Which actor favored by Tarantino was considered for the role of Don Vincenzo?

Neither Walken nor Madsen look notably Italian, TBH.


Who ended up with the purple Cadillac convertible used in the film?

Speaking of which, Tarantino reportedly used the money from the "True Romance" script to buy the red Chevelle seen in "Pulp Fiction."


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