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This 1995 film was the director's love letter to blaxploitation flicks and their queen, Pam Grier! Test your memories of this Tarantino classic with our quiz!

"Jackie Brown" was based on a novel by which crime author?

The film was based on Leonard's "Rum Punch."


What part of the country is the movie set in?

Very little of the movie takes place within LA city limits, though.


What is the name of the airline that Jackie works for?

Jackie considers it the lowest rung on the career ladder for flight crew.


What is happening during the opening credits?

This was apparently inspired by the opening of "The Graduate."


What video are Ordell and Louis watching in their first scene?

Yes, "Nude Nuns with Big Guns" is an actual film.


What alcoholic beverage does Odell prefer?

Hey, even gunrunning killers need their Vitamin C.


Who plays Melanie, the surfer/stoner girl?

Christina Applegate was considered, but was still doing "Married ... With Children."


What domestic chore is Melanie reluctant to do?

Melanie isn't at all reluctant to, um, entertain Louis in Ordell's absence.


What distinctive hairstyle does Ordell sport?

The tonsorial style was Samuel Jackson's idea.


What is the last name of the bail bondsman, Max?

The actor, Max Forster, was unemployed and agentless when Tarantino offered him the role.


Why did Ordell kill Beaumont Livingston after bailing him out?

Ordell even tricks Beaumont into climbing into the trunk of a car before shooting him.


What is the name of the band that Jackie introduces Max to?

In classic style, Jackie listens to them on vinyl records.


Who played Ray Nicolette, the ATF agent?

Keaton reprised his role, briefly, in "Out of Sight."


How did the cocaine get into Jackie's bag?

It was a gift from the never-seen "Walker" in Mexico.


Where are the money exchanges to take place?

The film claims it's America's largest indoor mall, though it had already been surpassed by Minnesota's Mall of America.


Other than Melanie, who are Ordell's female associates?

"Coffy" and "Foxy" were famous Pam Grier characters from her youth.


How much money is handed off at the "trial run" exchange?

The film made much of its authenticity on this point -- real currency was used in these scenes.


Where does Jackie get the gun she pulls on Ordell?

Max seems less disturbed about the theft than most people would be.


What is the name of the store whose fitting room Jackie uses?

Tarantino almost never allows product placement in his films; "Red Apple" is the name of his fictitious cigarettes.


What does Jackie put in the shopping bag in place of the full $500,000?

She covers the books with a beach towel, as was part of the original plan.


Why does Louis shoot Melanie?

Louis couldn't find their van in the mall lot -- and really, haven't we all been there?


What does Jackie tell Ray and Mark happened to the $50,000?

Jackie feigns a look of panic to authenticate her story.


Why does Jackie leave the bag with the full $500K in the fitting room?

Jackie tells the salesgirl that "someone left a bag" in the room, and Max appears soon after to claim it.


Why does Ordell shoot Louis?

He leaves Max in the van, which is apparently not traceable to him.


After getting Ordell's money, why does Jackie keep working with the cops?

All along, Jackie has pretended to be working with both Ordell and with the police.


Who goes over to Ordell's -- actually Sheronda's -- place?

Max goes there to lure Ordell back to his office, where Jackie and the police are waiting.


Who shoots and kills Ordell?

Since Ordell is holding a gun on Max, it's justified in legal terms. (And Hollywood's).


Where is Jackie going at the film's end?

Since Jackie is exonerated of any crime, she doesn't have to bolt for Mexico.


What upsets Jackie about the 10 percent cut Max takes?

Jackie says she'd feel better if Max took more, but he declines.


What kind of car is Jackie driving in the end?

Perhaps she only intends to take it as far as the airport.


Which young comedian played Beaumont Livingston?

Beaumont's role in the film is a short but memorable one.


Who was the casting director for "Jackie Brown"?

Sally Menke was Tarantino's longtime editor, who died in 2010.


Who was nominated for an Oscar for "Jackie Brown"?

It was deserved -- it's hard to make the "square reliable guy" interesting.


Where does this film fit in Tarantino's body of work (as a director)?

His next, "Kill Bill: Vol 1," was widely publicized as "The fourth film by Quentin Tarantino".


Finally -- how many times is the N-word used in "Jackie Brown"?

38 was enough to anger Spike Lee, who spoke about it publicly but refused to have a face-to-face with Tarantino.


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