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What happens when two middle-aged "kids" become roommates after their parents get married? Take this "Step Brothers" quiz to remember all of your favorite moments from this comedy film.

In which year was the premiere of "Step Brothers"?

"Step Brothers" was released on July 25, 2008. It brought in more than $30 million on its opening weekend at the box office.


Brennan ________ lives at home with his mother.

"Step Brothers" was a story written by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and John C. Reilly. It was produced by Jimmy Miller and Judd Apatow.


______ Doback lives at home with his father.

"Step Brothers" has a running time of 98 minutes. There is also an unrated version, which goes for 105 minutes!


Brennan and Dale's parents Robert and _______ fall in love and get married!

Despite "Step Brothers" being a comedy film, Director Adam McKay actually wanted it to be a drama. It was hard for it not to be a comedy, though, with this cast!


Which famous actor plays the role of Brennan Huff?

Will Ferrell was born John William Ferrell on July 16, 1967. He first began his comedy career as a cast member on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in the mid-90s.


Which famous actor plays the role of Dale Doback

John Christopher Reilly was born on May 24, 1965, in Chicago, Illinois. He has appeared in more than fifty films in his career as an actor, comedian and singer!


Upon moving in together, Brennan warns Dale not to touch ________, or else!

Of course Brennan does touch his drum set, and in a very inappropriate manner as well! John C. Reilly plays the drums in real life.


Robert and Nancy have had it with Brennan and Dale. They need to _______ or else move out.

The two boys are completely taken aback by this concept that they'd have to find jobs and work! They much prefer staying home, playing and watching TV all day.


What is the name of Brennan's brother, who comes to visit with his family?

Derek shows up with his wife and family. They have a son and a daughter who he expects a lot out of, including perfect singing.


Which famous actor plays the role of Derek Huff?

Adam Scott was born on April 3, 1973, in Santa Cruz, California. He is best known for his role as Ben Wyatt on "Parks and Recreation."


When they're not in the house, where do Brennan and Dale tend to hang out?

Dale has a tree house and, despite their poor relationship, Brennan is invited into the tree house. Though they do not get along, they share in their dislike of Derek together.


Derek is married to _______.

Alice is unimpressed with her husband, Derek. She has a lack of enthusiasm and desperately craves a better marriage.


Alice loves the fact that _______ punched Derek and finds herself falling in love with him!

Derek mocks Brennan and Dale without mercy. He refers to them as unsuccessful and spoiled brats. This fires Dale up, to the point that he punches him right in the face!


What is the name of the actress who portrays Alice in "Step Brothers"?

Kathryn Hahn was born on July 23, 1973, in Westchester, Illinois. She began her career playing the role of Lily Lebowski on "Crossing Jordan." She also appeared in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and "We're the Millers."


Father Robert Doback is portrayed by what actor?

Richard Jenkins was born on May 4, 1947, in Illinois. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in "The Visitor" in 2008.


Mother Nancy Huff is portrayed by which actress?

Mary Steenburgen was born on February 8, 1953, in Newport, Arkansas. She previously appeared in another film with Will Ferrell - "Elf" - in 2003!


Why do Dale and Brennan end up in a brawl on the front lawn?

Following this brawl on the front lawn, both of the boys are grounded for one week. They are also told at this point that they need to find jobs or they will be out of the house.


What does Derek do for a living?

Derek is a successful businessman and rubs his fortune in the face of his low-life brother. Derek also acts as Robert and Nancy's real estate agent, when they decide to sell their house.


Who arranges several job interviews for Brennan and Dale?

Brennan and Dale attend the job interviews together. They put on a disrespectful act in order to not get the jobs on purpose.


Robert and Nancy plan to retire and do what?

Robert has a boat, which is his pride and joy. He is thrilled to finally achieve this goal in life and share it with Nancy.


Fed up with their interviews and the idea of working for someone else, Dale and Brennan instead decide to do what?

"Step Brothers" was made with a roughly $65 million budget. Within 3 months of being released, it had grossed more than $100 million at the box office.


What is the name of Brennan and Dale's company?

Prestige Worldwide is an entertainment company. Brennan and Dale believe they can provide quality entertainment to their customers.


Where do Brennan and Dale unveil their first music video?

Brennan and Dale turn Derek's birthday party into something of a business meeting. They stand up with a projector screen and present their first video.


Their first music video for their entertainment company reveals the accidental destruction of what?

Robert is so angry at the sight of this destruction! He refuses to invest in their company, yells at Brennan and even spanks him!


On Christmas Day, the "boys" are shocked by what announcement from Robert?

This news is devastating to Brennan and Dale. They blame each other and go their separate ways for the next year.


Dale soon lands a job working for what kind of company?

Their parents' divorce seems to have sparked a sense of responsibility in both Dale and Brennan. We see them actually trying to become better individuals now.


Following their parents' divorce, Brennan ends up working for whom?

Though he still has to put up with Derek's condescending attitude, Brennan does make improvements to his life. He takes pride in his new work and wants to succeed.


What is the name of the major event which Brennan manages for Derek's company?

Catalina Island is located off the coast of California, near Los Angeles. The Descanso Beach Club actually hosts a Catalina Wine Mixer now in honor of the movie "Step Brothers"!


What is the name of the Billy Joel cover band playing at the Catalina Wine Mixer?

The lead singer of Uptown Girl yells inappropriately at a man in the crowd and, because of this, he gets kicked out of the event. Derek fires Brennan, because now there is no music for the event.


Throughout much of the film, who does Alice have an affair with?

Alice enjoys some hot and steamy affair moments with Dale throughout the film. Much to her dismay, he ends the affair toward the end of the film, after he begins to turn his life around.


What song do Brennan and Dale sing on stage together, which saves the Catalina Wine Mixer?

"Con Te Partiro" is an Italian song written by Francesco Sartori and Lucio Quarantotto, and performed by Andrea Bocelli. It translates to "I will leave with you."


By the end of the film, who does Brennan marry?

Denise was portrayed by actress Andrea Savage.. She is known for her roles in "Step Brothers," "Dog Bites Man," "Funny or Die Presents" and "The Hotwives."


What song does Derek force his family to sing in the car, in perfect harmony?

"Sweet Child o' Mine," by Guns N' Roses, debuted on August 17, 1988, from the "Appetite for Destruction" album. Derek led each of his family members in singing an a cappella version of this song in the car.


Dale and Brennan ask their parents if they can bunk their beds so they'll have more room for what?

They run into their parents' bedroom as if they are little children, asking if they could bunk their beds. Robert and Nancy agree. Later the beds fall down anyway!


Brennan asks Dale, "If you were a chick, who's the one guy you'd sleep with?" They both reply, __________.

Brennan, excited, says, "Did we just become best friends?" Dale says, "Yep!" They high-five each other and proceed to go do karate in the garage.


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