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Are your spidey senses tingling? The "Spider-Man" film series originally premiered in 2002 with young Peter Parker swinging from buildings and fighting crime. How well do you remember the film? Find out with this quiz!

Who stars as Spider-Man in the 2002 film?

Tobey Maguire stars as Peter Parker in the first film adaptation of the film "Spider-Man," which was released in 2002.


What's Mary Jane's last name?

When Peter is chasing the school bus, he mentions that every story starts with a girl and he points out Mary Jane Watson.


When Mary Jane forces the bus driver to stop the bus, since what street had Peter been chasing them?

When Mary Jane gets the bus driver to stop, she mentions that Peter has been chasing them since Woodhaven Boulevard.


In what car does Harry pull up to go on the field trip?

Harry asks his father's driver to drop him off around the corner. They are in a Rolls Royce.


What's Harry's father's name?

When Harry forgets his book bag in the Rolls Royce, his father gets out to give it to him and is introduced to Peter.


Who says, "With great power comes great responsibility?"

When Uncle Ben realizes that Peter is changing, he decides to have a talk with him, during which he utters the famous quote: "With great power comes great responsibility."


How does Uncle Ben die?

After Peter walks away from the competition, he sees a commotion outside the library. He finds Uncle Ben on the sidewalk, with a gunshot wound.


Where on Peter's body does the spider bite him?

While Peter is taking a picture of Mary Jane for the school newspaper, a spider drops down from the ceiling and bites him on the hand.


How old is Uncle Ben?

When Uncle Ben is talking to Aunt May about looking for work, he mentions that he is 68, too old to be working with computers.


What is the name of Norman Osborn's company?

Norman Osborn is seen undergoing an experiment on himself at his business, Oscorp. He is locked in a chamber and surrounded by green gas after he drinks a green liquid.


What's the first thing Peter notices when he wakes up after being bitten?

When Peter wakes up after the spider bites him, he puts on his glasses but realizes his vision is blurrier with them on.


Since what age have Peter and MJ been neighbors?

While Peter is having a conversation with himself about what he would say to MJ, he mentions that they've been neighbors since they were 6 years old.


What is Mary Jane's boyfriend's name?

When Peter starts discovering his new abilities, he accidentally hits Mary Jane's boyfriend, Flash, with a tray of food. Flash then goes after him to beat him up.


When Peter first tries to knowingly use his web, what does he say?

When Peter tries to first use his web on top of a building, he tries using 'Shazam' to make it work.


What job does Peter want to have when he graduates?

While Peter is talking to MJ, he tells her he wants to move to the city and become a photographer so he can put himself through college.


What does Mary Jane want to do after graduation?

While Peter and MJ are talking outside their houses, MJ tells him she wants to move to the city and be on Broadway.


What school year was Mary Jane in when she acted as Cinderella?

When Mary Jane tells Peter she wants to be a Broadway star, he mentions that he cried during her performance of Cinderella. She looks at him skeptically because the performance had been in 1st grade!


When Peter signs up for the fighting competition, what does he originally say his name is?

When Peter originally says his name is "The Human Spider." The announcer, not liking the name, calls him "The Amazing Spider-Man."


During his fighting competition, what is the opponent's name?

When Peter signs up for the competition, he ends up facing Bonesaw. After beating him in two minutes, Peter expects to get the $3,000 prize, but is only given $100.


What were Uncle Ben's last words?

When Peter reaches his Uncle Ben on the sidewalk, the last word Uncle Ben says before he dies is "Peter."


With what club is Peter photographed on graduation day?

On graduation day, Peter is photographed with the chess club. Afterwards, Norman Osborn congratulates him for winning the science award.


What's the name of the diner where MJ works?

When Peter is walking on the street, he sees Mary Jane. Although she initially pretends to work on Broadway, she is a waitress at the Moondance diner.


What's the name of the person who fired Peter?

When Peter gets tied into saving people, he shows up late for work one too many times and gets fired.


What's the name of the newspaper to which Peter submits his photos?

When the Daily Bugle puts out an add for a picture of Spider-Man, Peter photographs himself so he can receive the payment. He is then hired as a freelance photographer.


What singer is seen performing in the film at the World Unity Fair in NYC?

While the World Unity Fair was happening in NYC, Macy Gray is seen performing, before Harry's father shows up in his green villainous costume.


What name is given to the villain?

After Osborn attacks at the World Unity Fair, Jameson coins the name Green Goblin for the villain.


Who names Osborn the Green Goblin?

After the events at the World Unity Fair, Jameson creates a headline that names Osborn's villain, the Green Goblin.


How many people does Spider-Man save from the burning building?

When a woman yells that her baby is stuck inside a burning building, Spider-Man heads inside for the rescue.


On what part of his body does Green Goblin cut Spider-Man?

While the Green Goblin and Spider-Man fight, Spider-Man gets a cut on his forearm, after attempting to dodge a series of blades.


For what holiday do Peter, Harry, MJ, Aunt May, and Norman get together?

After a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, the group gets together to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at Harry and Peter's apartment.


Who is the first to realize Peter is Spider-Man?

When Aunt May draws attention to Peter's cut on his forearm during Thanksgiving dinner, Norman realizes that Peter is Spider-Man.


Since what grade has Peter loved MJ?

While Harry is talking to his father, he reveals that MJ is in love with Peter. He also mentions that Peter has loved her since the 4th grade.


While holding a train of kids hostage, who does the Green Goblin make him choose between?

When the Green Goblin realizes that Peter loves MJ, he kidnaps her and forces Peter to choose between saving her and a train full of kids. He manages to save them all.


Who dies near the end of the film?

While Norman seemingly surrenders to Peter during their final battle, Osborn is actually tricking him with the hopes that his glider will take care of the job. Moving out of the way at the last minute, Peter flips over the glider, which impales Norman and kills him.


Who does Mary Jane confess her feelings to at the end of the film?

At the end of the film, Mary Jane reveals to Peter that she loves him. In order to protect her, Peter tells her that they can only be friends.


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