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Sleeping Beauty is a classic Disney movie from 1959 following the life of Princess Aurora who was cursed at birth by Maleficent. How well do you remember this Disney classic? Take the quiz to find out!

What were the King and the Queen longing for?

According to a storybook that the narrator was reading, the King and Queen were longing for a child. The book also states that their wish was granted and they had a new daughter.


What is Sleeping Beauty’s real name?

Sleeping Beauty’s real name is Aurora. The narrator states, “she was named after the dawn and filled their lives with sunshine.” Aurora is a Latin name.


What did Aurora receive when she was born?

Aurora received a kingdom-wide holiday that celebrated her birth. The movie starts on Aurora’s celebratory holiday. Sixteen years later, the King and Queen had a plan for her to marry King Hubert's son.


Who was Aurora being set up to marry?

Aurora was being set up to marry Prince Phillip when she became older because their parents wanted to unite their kingdoms. On the day of her birth, he went to the castle with his father to deliver a present for her.


What did the three fairies do at the celebration?

Each of the fairies gave Aurora a special gift. Flora gave Aurora the gift of beauty, Fauna gave her the gift of song and Merryweather was interrupted before she was able to give Aurora her gift.


Who showed up to ruin the celebration of Aurora’s birth?

As Merryweather was about to give Aurora her gift, Maleficent showed up in the castle. Merryweather was angry and told her that she wasn't wanted at the celebration. This made Maleficent more irritated.


What did Maleficent do to Aurora?

Maleficent cursed Aurora. Maleficent said that she would grow up to be beautiful and loved, but on her 16th birthday she would prick her finger on a spindle and die.


Who does their best to weaken the curse on Princess Aurora?

Merryweather does her best to weaken the curse on Princess Aurora. She stopped the princess from dying after being pricked and made it so that she would only be in a deep sleep. She could be awakened by the kiss of her true love.


After Maleficent placed the curse on Princess Aurora, what did King Stefan order to be burned?

King Stefan ordered all the spinning wheels in the kingdom to burned after Maleficent placed her curse. He was trying to protect Princess Aurora from Maleficent's curse where she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.


What did Flora say that she could turn Princess Aurora into to protect her?

Flora said that she could turn Princess Aurora into a flower to protect her. She said that flowers can't prick their fingers. The other fairies reminded her that Maleficent always sends a frost to kill Flora's flowers and the fairies quickly decided against that idea.


What did the fairies decide to do in order to protect Princess Aurora?

The three fairies decided to raise Princess Aurora on their own in a forest where Maleficent wouldn't suspect anything. They turned themselves into peasants and went to convince the King and Queen that it was the only way to keep her safe.


Who did Maleficent send to find a 16 year old Aurora?

Maleficent sent her pet raven to find Aurora after her crew failed her. She told her raven to look for "a maid of sixteen, with hair of sunshine gold and lips as red as a rose." She also asked him not to fail her like her crew did.


What did the fairies call Aurora?

The fairies called Aurora by the name of Briar Rose. With Maleficent constantly trying to find the princess, the fairies had to keep her identity safe and chose to call her by this name.


What did the fairies send the princess out to do while they prepared for her party?

The fairies sent the princess out to pick berries while they prepared for her party. They worked on the cake and made a special dress for her. They told her not to hurry back so that they had enough time to finish everything.


What is the name of Prince Phillip's horse?

The name of Prince Phillip's horse is Samson. He was first seen when Prince Phillips heard Aurora's voice singing in the distance and wanted to find out who it was. Samson on the other hand didn't want to do that.


Where did Aurora tell the animals she had met a man?

Aurora told the animals that she had met a man in her dreams. The animals were sad to hear that he was not a real man, but Aurora told him that if you have a dream about the same thing many times it is likely to come true.


What did the animals do to bring Prince Phillip to Aurora?

The animals took Prince Phillip's jacket and boots to bring him to Aurora. Their plan worked and he followed them until they reached Aurora. The animals were dancing with her until Prince Phillip stepped in to dance with her.


What do the fairies do when they have trouble preparing Aurora's party?

When the fairies have trouble setting up the party for Aurora, they get their wands and turn to magic to help them out of the mess that they had made. They baked a cake, made a dress and cleaned using their magic to make everything perfect.


What did Merryweather and Flora fight over?

Merryweather and Flora fought over the color of Aurora's dress. Merryweather wanted the dress to be blue, while Flora wanted the dress to be pink. Merryweather would use magic to change the color of the dress while Flora was working on it, which caused them to throw colors at each other.


Who did the fairies say that Aurora could not see ever again?

The fairies told Aurora that she could not see the man that she met in the forest ever again. Aurora was very upset because she was told that she was actually a princess and that she would never be able to see the man she had met in the forest again.


How did King Hubert react when Prince Phillip told him who he was going to marry?

King Hubert was extremely angry when Prince Phillip told him that he was going to marry a peasant. King Henry had planned to have Prince Phillip marry Princess Aurora that night, but neither of them knew that Aurora was the peasant girl that Prince Phillip was talking about.


After Aurora pricked her finger and fell into a deep sleep, what did the fairies do?

The fairies put everyone at the castle to sleep so that they wouldn't know that Maleficent's curse on Aurora had come true. The fairies sprinkled dust all over everyone at the castle and they dozed off.


Who overheard King Hubert talking about Prince Phillip marrying a peasant girl?

Flora overheard King Hubert saying that Prince Harry wanted to marry a peasant girl. He was dozing off to sleep, but she tried to coax more information out of him. She realized that the peasant girl was actually Aurora!


Who was waiting at the cabin when Prince Phillip arrived looking for the "peasant girl?"

Maleficent was waiting at the cabin when Prince Phillip arrived. When he knocked on the door, Maleficent said, "come in." Her henchmen then attacked and tied up the Prince. Maleficent said that she was trying to catch a peasant but wound up with a prince!


Where do the fairies go to find Prince Phillip?

The fairies go to find Prince Phillip after he was captured by Maleficent at the Forbidden Mountains. They had to sneak in Maleficent's castle to try and save the prince. Maleficent put him into her dungeon.


What does Maleficent say she will do for the first time in 16 years?

Maleficent says that for the first time in 16 years she will sleep well. She says this because she always had to worry about whether her curse would work or not. Since she had the Prince locked away she had no more worries.


Who helped Prince Phillip break free from the dungeon?

The fairies helped to break Prince Phillip out of Maleficent's dungeon. They flew into the dungeon and used their wands to slice the chains off of Prince Phillip. Merryweather then gave him a sword and shield so that he could fight if he needed to.


What did Merryweather turn Maleficent's raven into?

Merryweather turned Maleficent's raven into stone. The raven had been causing problems while the bunch were trying to escape, so Merryweather hid behind the castle and used her magic when the raven appeared.


What did Maleficent put around King Stefan's castle?

Maleficent sent a curse to put thorn bushes all around King Stefan's castle just as Prince Phillip was approaching. The Prince was left to cut his way through the thorns using his sword.


What mythical creature did Maleficent turn herself into to fight Prince Phillip?

Maleficent turned herself into a dragon to fight Prince Phillip. After the Prince made it through the thorns, Maleficent said it was time that he dealt with her. She stood in his way so that he couldn't get to the castle.


Who helped Prince Phillip to kill Maleficent?

The fairies helped Prince Phillip kill Maleficent. They flew down to fill his sword with their magic and Flora recited the spell. Prince Phillip threw the sword into Maleficent's heart and she fell from the cliff onto the ground.


Who kissed Princess Aurora to free her from her curse?

Prince Phillip kissed Princess Aurora to free her from her curse. After battling Maleficent, Prince Phillip set out to wake up Princess Aurora with a kiss. The only way for her to wake up was by receiving a kiss from her true love.


Why was Fauna crying while the Prince and Princess were dancing?

Fauna was crying while the Prince and Princess were dancing because she loves happy endings. Flora said that she does as well and they kept watching the pair dance.


What did Flora notice while the Prince and Princess danced?

Flora noticed that Princess Aurora's dress was still blue while she was dancing. She turned it pink again until Merryweather noticed. They both continued to change the color of the dress until the end of the movie.


What did Aurora do as she walked through the woods?

Aurora sang as she walked through the woods. Often when she sang the animals would sing along with her or echo her notes. The animals were great friends of Aurora's.


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