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Who would have thought a movie about the seven deadly sins would be such a smash?

Which of the following is NOT one of the seven deadly sins?

The sins are gluttony, sloth, greed, envy, wrath, vanity (or pride), and lust.


Who was the director of "Se7en"?

Fincher was drawn to the film's thoughts on the nature of evil.


In what city is the movie set?

Writer Andrew Kevin Walker did admit the city was inspired by New York; he did not enjoy the time he spent living there.


What is the name of Morgan Freeman's veteran detective?

W. Somerset Maugham was the favorite writer of Andrew Kevin Walker.


What bedside device apparently helps Somerset sleep?

It was a small detail that spoke volumes about Somerset's internal unrest.


Who played Tracey, Mills's wife?

Paltrow was dating Brad Pitt at the time; he persuaded her to meet with Fincher about the part.


At the film's opening, how long is it before Somerset intends to retire?

The just-about-to-retire cop assigned the case of a lifetime is a classic movie trope.


Which deadly sin kicks off the action?

Gluttony is represented in Buddhist theology too -- some people are reborn as hungry ghosts with giant stomachs but tiny mouths.


Who plays the captain, Somerset's immediate superior?

A no-nonsense guy, he picks up a ringing phone and snaps "This ain't even my desk!" before hanging up.


Where does Somerset find the word "gluttony"?

The word "greed" has already been left at the second scene, so when Somerset finds "gluttony," things fall into place.


What role was Richard Roundtree, the district attorney, famous for?

Roundtree did have a role in "Roots," but not the lead.


Where does Somerset go, after hours, to research the deadly sins?

The security guards play poker and listen to classical music while Somerset is at work.


What does Detective Mills assign a uniformed officer to find for him?

One of the film's lighter moments is Mills going on a profanity-laced tirade while trying to understand Dante.


What did John Doe take from the "greed" victim, to symbolize his sin?

In "The Merchant of Venice," the moneylender Shylock requires a pound of flesh if the merchant fails to repay his loan.


What is the occupation of the "greed" victim?

Helping the guilty escape punishment certainly paid well, at least for Eli Gould.


What is wrong with the Mills's apartment?

Somerset jokes that it's "soothing [and] relaxing."


What was the attorney's widow intended to see at the crime scene?

The painting is abstract art, so it wasn't obvious to the detectives that it was upside down.


What message is hidden behind the painting?

The message was made with whole-finger fingerprints, but not John Doe's.


What was the unusual name of the SWAT leader played by John C. McGinley?

McGinley voices everyone's stunned reaction at the film's shocking end: "Somebody call somebody!"


What hangs from the ceiling of the "sloth" victim's room?

The sloth victim was a drug dealer, which John Doe evidently thought wasn't a productive career.


When we first see John Doe, who does he appear to be?

It's said that if you pause this scene at the right point, you can clearly see the photographer is Kevin Spacey.


What secret does Tracey confide in Somerset?

Tracey is with child, which makes the film's ending even more poignant.


Why is Tracey unhappy to be expecting a child?

Somerset advises her not to tell Mills until she's sure she'll keep the baby.


What shocks detectives about John Doe's apartment, when they find it?

John Doe mutilates his fingertips; we see them bandaged in the opening credits.


Which two items are glued to the "pride" victim's hands?

The woman, evidently a model, chooses to die rather than live with a mutilated face.


What later "ER" actor played the traumatized "lust" co-victim?

The ultimate victim of the "lust" murder was a prostitute, who Orser was forced to kill by ... no, it's too disturbing to repeat!


Near the end of the film, how do Mills and Somerset capture John Doe?

It's true -- he takes a cab right up to the front door of the precinct house.


Which two sins remain as Mills and Somerset prepare to go outside the city?

John Doe is envious of Mills's domestic life, it turns out, and Mills is about to become very wrathful.


Who meets Mills, Somerset and Doe out in the grasslands?

A delivery driver has a terrible surprise for Somerset and Mills.


What's in the box?

A 1/24-second flash of Paltrow's face led many viewers to believe they'd seen inside the box, but this wasn't true.


Who shoots John Doe?

Though audiences might have found it justified; Mills's action horrifies Somerset and California.


Which writer does Somerset quote at the end of the film?

The quote is, "The world is a fine place, and worth the fighting for."


Which song is featured in the film's credits?

This was a remix of the song Nine Inch Nails released in 1994.


Which actor, not listed in the opening credits, played killer John Doe?

Spacey insisted on not being credited up front, to preserve the surprise for the audience.


When was "Se7en" released?

Would have been better to wait for Halloween in our opinion...


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