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Test your knowledge on the fun loving relationships creating by the Scrubs team as they learn how to be medical professionals while balancing personal lives.

According to Dr. Cox, what is Jordan's middle name?

Jordan Sullivan was played by Christa Miller, who is married to show creator Bill Lawrence.


What coin does JD tell the Janitor might be stuck in the door?

While making conversation with the Janitor about a door that is stuck, JD suggests perhaps a penny is stuck in the frame. The Janitor later finds a penny and blames JD, thus beginning his crusade to bring about JD's demise.


Which of the following is NOT one of Dr. Miller's rules?

Dr. Miller was played by Bellamy Young, who is better known for playing First Lady Melody "Mellie" Grant in the drama Scandal.


Where was Carla born?

Carla voiced her frustration about Turk's inability to remember her heritage in the musical number "For The Last Time, Turk, I'm Dominican!" in the musical episode.


What is Dr. Kelso's pet name for his wife?

Ken Jenkins, the actor who portrayed Dr. Kelso, actually sang and played the guitar in the episodes "My Tuscaloosa Heart" and "My Musical."


Who is revealed to be inside the gorilla suit on Halloween?

Other Halloween costumes from this episode include Doug as a clown, Carla as a cat, and Laverne as Raggedy Anne.


What job does Elliot's boyfriend Sean have?

Sean is revealed in Season 3 to work as a trainer at SeaWorld. The writers of the show purposefully gave him a "cool" job to make him look like a rock star compared to J.D.


Carla's brother Marco pranks Turk by pretending to help him write his vows. Instead, he just writes down the final speech from what romantic comedy?

Director Randall Winston said in the DVD commentary that Billy Crystal donated the clip of When Harry Met Sally to be shown in the episode because he was such a big fan of the show.


Why does Dr. Kelso hate bicycles?

Ken Jenkins, who played Dr. Kelso, also played his father in the flashback explaining his hatred of bicycles.


Which of the following is not a name given to JD's son?

Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian was named for a variety of reasons; Sam in honor of JD's late father, Perry "has a nice ring to it" (and is Dr. Cox's first name) and Gilligan because JD lost a bet to Turk.


What tattoo does Dr. Kelso have?

Kelso explained that Johnny's "an old Navy buddy, and if you went through what we went through, you'd understand." Nothing more is ever revealed about Johnny or the tattoo.


What nickname given by Elliot's coworkers was inadvertently inspired by Carla?

Carla tells Elliot that "Bankfarter" isn't a bad nickname and sounds kind of German. Elliot angrily replies "Don't make fun of my people, Carla" in German. According to Scrubs Wiki, "When Elliot is speaking German, it is subtitled with "Don't make fun of my people, Carla!!" However, what she actually says is "Oh verdammt nochmal, nimm meine Leute nicht auf den Arm, Carla!", which would roughly translate as "Oh dammit all, do not mock my guys, Carla!" This is obviously a translation mistake, as "people" has two meanings."


JD's father gave him a bicycle as a child, but could only afford one part per year. Which part did he never receive?

JD stated that his father was an office supply salesman, and a bad one, which is why he was unable to afford a complete bike.


What was Dr. Briggs' surgical specialty?

Kim Briggs was played by Elizabeth Banks, who went on to play Effie Trinkett in the Hunger Games films and direct Pitch Perfect 2.


What sport did Keith formerly play?

Travis Schuldt, who played Keith Dudemeister, got his big break as Ethan Winthrop on the campy, guilty-pleasure soap opera "Passions."


How does the Dorian family deliver bad news?

While this episode was written for and dedicated to his memory, actor John Ritter (Sam Dorian) had died from an aortic dissection over a year before it aired.


Where did Elliot grow up?

Elliot states that she grew up on an apple orchard near Greenwich, CT. According to , there are five pick-your-own apple orchards within 60 miles of Greenwich.


Which guest star played malpractice attorney Neena Broderick?

Juliana Margulies became well-known to audiences as Nurse Carol Hathaway on the long-running NBC medical drama "ER."


Charles James, the central patient in the live "sitcom" episode was a former writer for which of JD's favorite shows?

The character of Charles James was named as an homage to Cheers writers Glen Charles, Les Charles, and James Burrows.


What is the name of the manatee who supposedly lives in a series of underwater tunnels beneath the hospital?

There are three types of manatees, the West Indian, the African, and the Amazonian.


What is the name of Ted's hospital employee acapella band?

The Worthless Peons were played by Sam Lloyd (Ted)'s real band, The Blanks. Upon learning that Lloyd was in an acapella band, Bill Lawrence wrote The Blanks into the show.


What song does Kim cry to in the OR after learning she is pregnant?

Kim tried to cover her emotions by saying that her brother was killed by a funky cold medina.


What is JD's signature drink?

The appletini was created in 1997 at Lola's in West Hollywood, CA, by Loren Dunsworth and Adam Karsten.


How did Laverne die?

Bill Lawrence gave Laverne a dramatic death in season six, believing that it would be the show's final season. When Scrubs was renewed for a seventh season, actress Aloma Wright came back as another nurse named Shirley. Only JD seemed to notice their identical appearance.


Which of Jordan and Dr. Cox's children required prenatal surgery?

Jennifer Dylan Cox required surgery during Jordan's third trimester because she was not absorbing amniotic fluid properly.


What song did The Worthless Peons play for the first dance at Turk and Carla's wedding?

The Worthless Peons are traditionally an acapella group, but they are seen playing instruments during this number.


Which guest star played Jack's pediatrician, Dr. Dave Norris?

Before becoming famous as an actor, Meloni found work as a construction worker, a personal trainer, a bouncer, and a bartender.


What is the name of the doll/collectible that Dr. Cox kidnaps in order to get back at Dr. Norris?

According to IMDB, "The doll's hand sent to Dr. Norris parallels the character Tobias' son's hand sent to him in Oz, a show in which Christopher Meloni (Dr. Norris) had a major role in."


What song does Turk perform when auditioning for Ted and Janitor's air band?

The Todd auditioned to "Working For The Weekend" while dressed as the singer for Loverboy. He claimed he did not know there was an audition happening and he was just dressed that way by coincidence. The episode ended with the air band performing "More Than A Feeling" in the hospital parking lot.


What is causing Ms. Miller's singing hallucinations in the musical episode?

Patti Miller was played by Stephanie D'Abruzzo, one of the original cast members for the Broadway puppet musical Avenue Q. She later voiced X-Ray Puppet in the Sesame Street episode because she enjoyed working on Scrubs so much.


What color does the Janitor paint Jack in the Wizard of Oz episode?

According to Scrubs Wiki, "The line that Jack says about wanting to use the Janitor's paint was a genuine reaction from the child actor."


Where does JD's brother Dan hang out to process his grief after their father dies?

Dan Dorian was played by actor Tom Cavanagh, who was cast due to his resemblance to Zach Braff (JD). He appeared in a total of seven episodes across the eight seasons of the show.


What did Laverne say she would give JD if he threw a jellybean in her cleavage?

The majority of people who suffer concussions recover fairly quickly, within a day or two. However, in more sever cases, symptoms can last for weeks even months, due to a complication called post-concussion syndrome.


According to Molly, what is Elliot's greatest insecurity?

Many psychologists believe that eyebrows are an important tool in expressing emotions. Since Elliot is shown to be very repressed and says she talks to three different shrinks, this could be an underlying reason for her eyebrow insecurity.


Are people mostly...

This quote of Dr. Cox, which is later echoed by Dr. Kelso, has become so popular that it has an entry in Urban Dictionary.


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