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Fans waited over a decade after Scream 3 to once again prove their devotion to the Scream movies. You only have to answer a few questions to prove yours. How well do you remember Scream 4, a horror movie for a new generation?

Who wrote and directed the long-awaited 4th installment of the Scream series?

Kevin Williamson returned as writer for the 4th Scream movie. It may be the last in the series, as this was also the last film directed by Wes Craven before he died from brain cancer.


What year was the film released?

Scream 4 opened in US theaters April 15 2011, 15 years to the date after the original began filming. It is the second film in the series not to open in December.


Which character says the first line?

The first line - "Hello?" - is said by Sherrie, who is revealed to be a character in Stab 6. Sherrie was played by Lucy Hale, better known to audiences as Aria on Pretty Little Liars.


What model/actor’s photos are used for the Facebook stalker in the first false open?

Sherrie tells her disappointed friend that her hot stalker is using a photo of Channing Tatum "from his Abercrombie days." Tatum did model for Abercrombie & Fitch in 2001.


Who is the first character to die?

Trudy, a character in Stab 6, is the first on-screen kill in Scream 4. Trudy was played by Shenae Grimes, who had previously appeared in Degrassi: The Next Generation and 90210.


Why does Kristen Bell stab Anna Paquin in the 2nd false opening?

In what is revealed to be the beginning of Stab 7, Kristen Bell's character stabs Anna Paquin's character. When asked why, Bell replies, "Because you talk too much. Now shut up and watch the f-ing movie." While not mentioned on-screen, their characters are named Chloe and Rachel, respectively.


Which Stab movie are Jenny and Marnie watching

Jenny and Marnie are watching Stab 7. When discussing the Stab series, Jenny tells Marnie that "Stab 5 has time travel, which is by far the worst." This is an inside joke put in by Wes Craven, who had suggested combining time travel and dreams for Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. The idea was rejected by the studio.


What is Dewey's ring tone?

Dewey's ringtone (or possibly alarm clock tone) is the theme song to '80s cop movie Beverly Hills Cop, which starred Eddie Murphy. In the movie, Murphy's character is trying to solve the murder of his friend. A bit on the nose for Dewey, who has spent the last 3 movies solving the murder of his friends.


What does Olivia call Sydney?

Olivia calls Sidney both "angel of death" and "the grim reaper." Olivia was played by Marielle Jaffe, who also played Clementine on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.


What does Deputy Judy bake for Dewey?

Deputy Judy Hicks bakes lemon squares for Dewey. Lemon squares are made with lemon juice, lemon peels, powdered sugar, and sometimes a shortbread crust.


What is the title of Sid’s book?

Sidney titles her self-help memoir, "Out of Darkness." On a completely unrelated and possibly accidental note, Out of Darkness is also the name of an anti-sex trafficking charity based in Atlanta.


How are Jill and Sidney related?

Jill and Sidney are said to be maternal cousins, as their mothers were sisters. In the previous three movies, there is no mention of Sidney having an Aunt Kate who also lives in Woodsboro.


How long have Dewey and Gale been married?

Gale tells Rebecca that she and Dewey have been married for ten years. In reality, David Arquette and Courteney Cox were in the process of getting a divorce when filming for Scream 4 began. Cast and crew have said that they were completely professional with each other.


In what play did Deputy Judy and Sid perform together?

Judy Hicks says that she and Sidney acted in Peter Pan together, playing a Lost Boy and Tiger Lily respectively. Peter Pan was written in 1904 by J. M. Barrie.


What movie are Kirby and Jill watching before Olivia’s attack?

Kirby and Jill are watching the British horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead. Shaun was released in 2004 and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.


What is the first injury Jill gets?

The first of many injuries endured by Jill is a slice on the forearm by Ghostface. This is a throwback to Derek in Scream 2 and Tatum in Scream.


How is Rebecca killed?

In a throwback to Cici in Scream 2 and Tyson in Scream 3, Rebecca is stabbed and then thrown. It's unclear if she's thrown from the parking garage roof or just an open level high enough up to do damage.


What is Rebecca's job?

Rebecca was Sidney's publicist. This was not officially stated until Jill offers condolences after Rebecca's death.


What is not one of the rules of a reboot?

While it's said near the end (and almost always true), the killer being right behind you is never specified as a rule. Deputies Hoss and Perkins further say that "I'll be right back" is no longer a (literal) death sentence.


What club do Robbie and Charlie run?

Robbie and Charlie run Cinema Club. They describe it to Sidney and Gale as "a school sanctioned activity, one rung below glee club, two above Wii Fit."


How does Kirby describe Stabathon?

Kirby is played by actress Hayden Panettiere, who first came to public attention as young Sheryl Yoast in Remember the Titans. She then played cheerleader Claire Bennett in Heroes and Juliette Barnes in Nashville.


When do you drink at Stabathon?

While it's fairly safe to assume that partygoers are also free to drink whenever they want, the official rules of Stabathon are, according to Robbie and Charlie, to drink 1. whenever someone can't get a cell signal, 2. whenever someone closes the refrigerator door and ohmygod there's that harmless character there, and 3. whenever someone screams the word "no."


What movie does Charlie want to watch at Kirby's?

Charlie wants to watch Stab 7, saying that no one cancels his marathon. However, Scream 4 clearly shows the beginning of Stab 1 at Stabathon. If the party was broken up right after the police arrived, not NEARLY enough time had passed for the crowd to have watched six movies.


Did Trevor find the after-party?

When Trevor asks if he found the after-party, Kirby responds, "No, you found the anti-party and it's invitation only." Trevor was played by Nico Tortorella, who plays Josh on the show Younger.


Which character is duct-taped to a chair?

Charlie is attacked by Ghostface, who then duct-tapes him to a chair for Kirby to discover when the lights come on. This is a throwback to Scream 1, when Steve was tied to a chair as a gory surprise for Casey.


Who are the killers?

In the second male-female killing team of the series, the killers are revealed to be Charlie and Jill. This continues the pattern of one killer having a personal vendetta against Sidney (Billy, Mrs. Loomis, Roman, and Jill) and one who just killed for the fun of it (Stu, Mickey, Charlie, and also kind of Roman, who wasn't very mentally stable).


How is Trevor killed?

While stabbing him in the back would have a certain level of betrayal poetic justice, Jill opts to kill her cheating ex with a gun. She shoots him twice, once in the groin and once in the head. Technically, it's the head shot that kills him, but the groin shot probably doesn't help.


What causes Gale and Dewey to suspect Jill?

Jill mentions to Dewey that she and Gale have matching shoulder wounds, a detail that hadn't been mentioned on the news. Gale asks how Jill knew this and they immediately realize they'd been had.


Where is the final showdown?

Jill plans her "Become This Generation's Sidney" crusade to end at Kirby's house, but wakes up in the hospital to find out that Sidney is still alive. She even comments on the absurdity of a hospital showdown, saying, "The ending was supposed to be at the house. This is just silly!"


To what horror movie character does Jill compare Sidney in the ICU?

Sidney wakes up in the ICU to find Jill saying, "You just won't die, will you? Who are you, Michael f-ing Myers?" She is referring to the seemingly unkillable villain of the Halloween movies, who despite appearing to be killed each time, has somehow survived eight movies.


What does Gale tell Jill is her one final word?

Gale tells Jill that her one last word is "clear," a signal to Sidney that the defibrillator has charged and is ready to use. Doctors and EMTs are trained to read cardiac outputs and interpret the results to determine what voltage should be used to shock a patient if needed. Without medical training, it's safe to assume Sidney just guessed.


How does Hicks survive the movie?

Hicks reveals that she survived being shot in the chest by Jill because she was wearing a bullet-proof vest under her uniform. While this is a sensible practice for all law enforcement (particularly ones chasing a masked serial killer), the presence of the vest was a throwback to Sidney and Roman wearing vests to survive being shot in Scream 3.


Which character says the last line?

The movie ends with a line of TV reporters (the next generation of Gale Weathers) singing Jill's praises and giving her the fame she so desired. This could be considered a throwback to Scream 1 ending with Gale reporting on the tragedy. As far as official characters are concerned, the last one to speak is Sidney.


What is the final death count?

Tied with Scream 2, Scream 4 ends with a total body count of 15. These include the three deaths in the beginning, which are revealed to be part of the Stab movies, but they are counted because they are on-screen deaths. The deaths, in order, are Trudy, Sherrie, Rachel, Marnie, Jenny, Olivia, Rebecca, Hoss, Perkins, Kate, Robbie, Kirby, Trevor, Charlie, and Jill. However, in DVD commentary, Wes Craven refused to confirm Kirby's death, leaving open the possibility of her return if Scream 5 ever becomes a reality.


Where is Sid’s dad during the events of this movie?

Neil Prescott's absence is never directly explained in the film. However, in the deleted scenes, Dewey mentions that Neil Prescott had passed away since the events of Scream 3.


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