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Do you like scary movies? Do you like sequels? Reunite with Sidney, Randy, Gale, Dewey, and Ghostface to test your knowledge of the classic slasher, Scream 2.

Who wrote and directed Scream 2?

Kevin Williamson wrote the script and Wes Craven directed. The duo behind the successful original Scream reunited to create the even more successful sequel. The first movie was so successful that work actually began on the sequel while the first was still in theaters.

In what year was the movie released?

The movie was released in 1997, almost exactly a year after its predecessor. It is set a year after the events of the first film.

What is the name of the college?

Windsor College is a fictional institution. That's just as well, don't you think?

Which character says the first line?

Maureen Evans is the first character to speak. She says, "I hate scary movies." Maureen was played by Jada Pinkett-Smith, who, at the time, was just Jada Pinkett.

Who is the first character to die?

The first to die was Phil Stevens, played by a pre-House Omar Epps. This is the only time in the Scream saga where the first victim is not the character who speaks the first line.

How does Maureen suggest catching the killer in Stab?

In a reference that didn't age quite as well as the rest of the movie, Maureen shouts at "Casey" to hang up and *-69 the caller. To those too young to remember, *-69 was the code you typed into the phone to make it automatically redial the last number that had called you, even if you didn't know that person's number or identity. Also, it's past your bedtime - you're making the rest of us feel old!

How is Phil killed?

Phil hears whimpering coming from the stall next to him, leans in to eavesdrop, and is promptly stabbed through the ear for his trouble. Close listeners (or people who have seen the movie several times) might recognize the voice as that of Laurie Metcalf and cite it as a major hint/spoiler.

Who pranks Sid at the beginning of the movie?

In the beginning of the movie, Sidney is prank-called and uses her caller ID to identify the caller as Cory Gillis, recites his number, and informs him that prank calls are a crime. Caller ID was first available to the masses in 1998, but not widely used until the mid-90s. Cory could have blocked his number from the caller ID, had he simply dialed *67 before calling Sid.

Who interviewed Cotton on TV?

Kevin Williamson, writer of 3 of the 4 Scream movies, makes a cameo early in the film as the man interviewing Cotton Weary on TV. Director Wes Craven can be seen later, in the background at the hospital.

What movie gets misquoted in Randy's film class?

Randy's classmate "misquotes" Alien by saying, "get away from her, you bitch!" Randy corrects him with, "I believe the line is, 'stay away from her, you bitch'?" Randy is incorrect. His classmate, played by Joshua Jackson, messed up and said the quote correctly. Jamie Kennedy went with it, stayed in character, and the scene kept filming.

If Randy directed the sequel, what would he do differently?

One of Randy's classmates asks him what he would do differently if he were directing the Stab sequel, and Randy replies that he'd let the geek get the girl. Later, right before he is killed, Ghostface states that he won't "ever get the girl." This is a hint to the identity of Ghostface, as only someone in his film class would have heard him say that.

Who are the creepy sorority sisters?

The lead sorority sisters of Delta Lambda Zeta are played by Portia de Rossi and Rebecca Gayheart. Gayheart went on to act in her own horror movie, Urban Legend. De Rossi later appeared in Cursed, a horror movie by none other than Scream director Wes Craven.

Who directed Stab?

The footage for the Stab movies, seen in Scream 2 and 4, was all directed by horror-movie legend Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez is known for gritty horror movies, such as From Dusk till Dawn and Grindhouse. He also directed the Spy Kids movies and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, so his kids could enjoy his work.

What is Sid's major?

Sidney tells Dewey that her theater major is going great and she got her first starring role. Neve Campbell, who played Sidney, didn't attend college, as she began her successful acting career at age 15.

What is Derrick's major?

A fact that causes Dewey to suspect Derek is that the pre-med student would have known which part of his arm to slice to avoid major damage. In real life, Jerry O'Connell, the actor who played Derek, was a film studies major at NYU.

What is Hallie's major?

Hallie is a psych major, a fact Sidney feels she takes way too seriously. Hallie was played by Elise Neal, who attended The University of the Arts, but left after two years to pursue her career.

What TV show are Cici and her friend talking about on the phone?

Cici and her friend are discussing Party of Five, which starred Scream's Neve Campbell. The girl on the phone is Selma Blair, Geller's costar from Cruel Intentions.

What movie is Cici watching?

Cici is watching the 1922 horror classic, Nosferatu, often viewed as the first vampire movie. This was done as a shout-out to Sarah Michelle Geller's role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What injury sends Derrick to the hospital?

Derek receives a deep but mostly superficial cut to his arm. The doctor says he's lucky there's no nerve damage, but this causes Dewey to suspect the pre-med student. The arm gash is also a shout-out to the original, as Tatum gets a similar cut before she's killed.

Where is Neil Prescott during the events of this movie?

In an often-overlooked line, Debbie Salt mentions that Neil Prescott is out of the country on business, but that sounds fishy and he could be a suspect. Neil (who only appeared on-screen in Scream 1 and 3) was played by Lawrence Hecht, an actor with very few other credits to his name.

Hallie asks about Sidney bodyguards and mentions which actor?

Hallie asks which of Sidney's bodyguards is Kevin Costner. This is in reference to The Bodyguard, the 1992 movie starring Costner and Whitney Houston. The movie featured Houston's version of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You, which is known around the world.

What song does Derrick sing in the cafeteria?

Despite Mickey referencing the Top Gun rendition of You've Lost that Loving Feeling, Derrick busts out The Partridge Family's classic, I Think I Love You. While Derrick's version didn't make it onto the soundtrack, the cover version by the ska punk band Less Than Jake did.

Who is not in the cast of Stab?

Ben Stiller does not appear in the movie-in-movie Stab. Randy laments that Joe Blow Nobody plays him. David Schwimmer plays "Dewey." Clips of the footage show that Tori Spelling is "Sidney," Luke Wilson is "Billy," and Heather Graham is "Casey."

Which is not a rule for surviving a sequel?

The killer must be someone from the original movie - this is not a rule. While the movie has Dewey interrupt Randy after 2 rules - body count and death scenes - the original trailer included the third rule about never assuming the killer is dead. Perhaps it got cut because it's true for all horror movies, not just sequels?

Where do Dewey and Randy have their talk about rules and suspects?

Dewey and Randy are seen getting frozen yogurt when discussing rules and suspects. The first frozen yogurt store in America was TCBY, which opened its doors in 1981.

What was the result of Dewey's attack from the first movie?

Dewey walks with a limp as a result of being stabbed in the back in the first movie. When questioned by Randy, he explains that the blade severed a nerve. Dewey still has a limp in Scream 3, but in Scream 4 he's back to full mobility. His recovery is never explained.

What role is Sidney playing in the school play?

Sidney is seen playing the role of Cassandra in Agamemnon. She remarks to Dewey that she got her "first starring role," but Cassandra is not the star of the play.

When did Gale start smoking?

Randy says that Gale started smoking after nude pictures of her showed up on the Internet. Gale replies that it was just her head put on Jennifer Aniston's body. This was a nod to Courtney Cox's role as Monica on Friends, alongside Aniston. The show had already been on the air for three years.

When is Joel gonna be back?

In one of the funniest and most-quoted lines in the entire series, Joel snaps at the casual way Dewey, Gale, and Randy discuss the murders, especially the murder of Gale's former cameraman. He informs them that he's "gonna get some donuts, some Prozac; see if I can find some crack, Special K, X... not Malcolm, and I'll be back when y'all start talking about somethin' a little more 'Saved by the Bell'-ish!"

What's Randy's favorite scary movie?

When Ghostface asks Randy about his favorite scary movie, Randy replies "Showgirls. Absolutely frightening." Showgirls was released in 1995 and starred Saved by the Bell's Elizabeth Berkley. It was a commercial flop, but has gained a cult following over the years. Too bad Randy never got to see that.

What genre of music masks the noise of Randy's murder?

A trio dances past the van while carrying a boombox, which masks the noise of Randy's murder. Rap rose to prominence in the 1980s but developed a dark side in the '90s, with the advent of gangsta rap.

Where does Cotton accost Sidney?

Cotton talks to Sidney about a Diane Sawyer interview outside the library. He quickly gets angry and begins shouting. Cotton was played by a then-unknown Liev Schreiber. Schreiber has gone on to appear in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Butler, and Ray Donovan.

Who ties Derek up on the stage?

Derek gives his fraternity letter necklace to Sidney, which Mickey says is "a big no-no," and Halle replies that "the brothers are gonna kick his ass, but it's tradition." The letters are a lavalier and are common for members of both fraternities and sororities. It is apparently common to give a brother a bit of good-natured grief once he gives his letters to a girl.

Where are Gale and Dewey attacked?

Gale and Dewey decide to watch her crowd footage to see if they can spot the killer. They locate a VCR inside the film studies building, but they are attacked there. It is here, before the attack, that they renew their relationship.

Where does the final showdown take place?

The killer lures Sidney to the Agamemnon stage for the final showdown. This is a bad idea, as Sidney uses the scenery and props to throw the killers off-guard.

What injuries does Gale end up with?

As Mickey dies, he shoots Gale. The bullet knocks her into the orchestra pit and EMTs later say that she's got a couple of broken ribs. It was no doubt very painful, but as the human ribcage contains 24 ribs, she had a few to spare.

Who are the killers?

Despite Mickey offering up red herrings, such as Derrick and Gale, the true second killer is revealed to be Mrs. Loomis, Billy's mother, who had been pretending to be local journalist Debbie Salt. Mrs. Loomis was brilliantly played by Laurie Metcalfe, who had recently finished a nine-year run as Jackie on the sitcom Roseanne. She recently appeared as Sheldon's mother on The Big Bang Theory.

Who gets called by Ghostface before their death?

This is the only Scream film where the opening victims are not called by Ghostface on the telephone. Hallie and Derek also do not receive phone calls. The only people to talk to Ghostface in this movie are Cici, Randy, and Sidney.

Which character says the last line?

The reporters ask Cotton what happened and he tells them to call him and set up an interview. Joel, who has filled in for Gale, asks Cotton to give them something, so he smiles and says, "I'll tell you one thing, it'll make a hell of a movie."

What is the final body count?

There are 10 deaths in Scream 2, which fulfills Randy's rule of having a higher body count than the original, which was 7. The 10 deaths in the movie are as follows: Phil Stevens, Maureen Evans, Cici, Randy, Bodyguard 1, Bodyguard 2, Hallie, Derek, Mrs. Loomis, and Mickey.

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