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This glossy, full-color remake of a 1950s classic warmed our hearts back in 1995! See how well you remember this French-accented romance with our quiz!

Who narrates "Sabrina"?

Sabrina narrates the movie's opening scene as if setting up a fairy tale. She also refers to herself in the third person, but we'll forgive her. This time.


Who stepped into Audrey Hepburn's stylish shoes to play the lead, Sabrina?

Ormond was a 1990s "It Girl". She was also no stranger to stepping into challenging roles, taking on the coveted lead in "Smilla's Sense of Snow" -- Smilla Jaspersen being the Lisbeth Salander of the 90s.


What is Sabrina's last name?

The name is a nod to the stage play on which the movie was based, "Sabrina Fair." Wilder, of course, is the last name of the director of the 1954 version: Billy Wilder.


What was the name of the wealthy family in "Sabrina"?

DuPont and Rothschild, of course, are famous wealthy families in real life. The Larrabees and their two sons were entirely fictional.


Where is the Larrabee mansion located?

It's the "North Shore of Long Island," to be exact. Sabrina then goes on a long inventory of the house's servants and what in particular they attended to.


What does Sabrina's father do for the Larrabee family?

Sabrina's father, played by John Wood, had plenty of opportunity to overhear Larrabee Senior conducting business in the car. This becomes important later in the film.


Sabrina harbors a longtime crush on David Larrabee. Who played him?

"Sabrina" was Kinnear's first major film role. However, he's since had well-received parts in "Little Miss Sunshine" and "As Good as it Gets."


What was the first name of David's all-business older brother?

"Linus Larrabee" is nobody's idea of a good name for a romantic lead! Fortunately, Harrison Ford played the role, which went a long way to adding some charm to the character.


Who played Linus in the 1954 version?

Bogart and Ford were both cast against type in the role. They both played action heroes and strong, devil-may-care types, whereas Linus is, if not a nerd, an all-work-no-play grind. Ford wore bow ties and bowler hats in "Sabrina," an uncharacteristic look for him.


Where does David take the women he lures away from parties?

Sabrina observes this modus operandi from many years of lurking at the edge of Larrabee parties. The lush foliage and flowers make for a romantic backdrop to David's seduction attempts.


Why doesn't Linus Larrabee "feel like buying any more networks this year"?

This is easy for Harrison Ford to say: his career has been almost exclusively in film. Co-star Greg Kinnear, however, made his bones in television, especially as the host of the quirky clip show "Talk Soup."


After listing Linus Larrabee's accomplishments and awards, Sabrina says David did what?

David Larrabee is engaged, however, for most of the film. He's going to marry a doctor, which is a sign of his growing maturity -- until he catches sight of Sabrina.


Why does Sabrina go to Paris?

It was cooking school in the original. That's a plot point that would still work today, as France is still one of the hubs of the culinary world.


Who played Dr. Elizabeth Tyson, David's fiancee?

Holly told Entertainment Weekly that she had a "huge crush" on Harrison Ford, not her onscreen love interest Kinnear. In real life, Holly was married to her "Dumb&Dumber" co-star Jim Carrey.


What does David say when Elizabeth accepts his marriage proposal?

The proposal is somewhat roundabout.When David praises what a great, low-maintenance girlfriend she is, Elizabeth responds with, "Then why don't you marry me?" But when David really does propose, she thinks he's being glib and makes him make his case for it.


How does Linus demonstrate to David that the Tyson flat-screen TV is indestructible?

David is understandably alarmed -- they were discussing his impending nuptials a moment earlier. Linus, however, wants to demonstrate how great the Tyson family's product is. Which is why he wants a merger, which is why he needs David to go through with marrying Elizabeth.


What does Linus say when David complains that his brother is playing with his life?

They have an old-fashioned screwball comedy exchange here. Linus says, "I pay for your life. My life makes your life possible." David: "I resent that." Linus: "So do I!"


Who gives Sabrina a ride up to the Larrabee estate when she comes home?

David doesn't recognize her with her glamorous new clothing and hairstyle. Linus, however, casually greets her with the words, "Hello, Sabrina." It's foreshadowing that he's really the man for her.


What is the occasion for the party Sabrina attends as David's guest?

It's the first party that Sabrina doesn't have to watch from a tree. She was so fond of climbing the tree to spy on Larrabee parties that her father said she spent more time up there than on the ground.


What spoils the night after David invites Sabrina to the solarium?

David sends Linus to tell Sabrina he can't come. They dance together, but she slaps him when he kisses her, calling it "the rest of the message from David."


Why does Linus disapprove of the flirtation between David and Sabrina?

Of course, later Linus will be interested in Sabrina himself. Those feelings haven't surfaced yet, though, when he sets out to distract Sabrina from David.


What song do Sabrina and Linus dance to in the solarium?

The song is one that Sabrina remembers the band playing, often, when David was romancing his conquests in the solarium. She asks David to have the band play it.


Where does Linus take Sabrina, when he first starts his "distraction" campaign?

Linus makes the excuse that he needs Sabrina's photography skills. He intends to sell a vacation property there, and wants her to take pictures for the advertisement.


Where does Sabrina say her first name comes from?

The film has a long pedigree. The legend gave birth to a poem by Milton. That poem was cited in the stage play, "Sabrina Fair," which was the first version of the chauffeur's-daughter story. Then came the 1954 movie by Billy Wilder, and finally, the 1995 remake.


Early in their relationship, Sabrina teases Linus by telling him that people call him ________?

That's not the end of it. Sabrina also tells Linus that people say Linus Larrabee "thinks morals are paintings on walls and scruples are money in Russia." Harrison Ford, in turn, does his patented "rueful" look.


Why, according to Sabrina, did David stop coming into the Larrabee office?

David, Linus says, used to love coming into their father's office. Linus doesn't understand why his brother stopped. The explanation Sabrina passes along comes from her father, who is privy to a lot of Larrabee affairs.


When Sabrina hopefully asks if the injured (and drugged-up) David asked for anyone, who does the nurse say he asked for?

David's injury and hospitalization gets him "offstage" so Sabrina and Linus can get to know each other. Linus sort of arranges it -- not the accident, just the boatload of drugs David is given.


What is Linus's planned endgame with Sabrina?

Linus backs out the day before he and Sabrina are supposed to leave for Paris. He's ashamed of himself after Sabrina is so unabashedly happy with his decision to go to France and get a life. So he confesses it was all a scheme to break her and David up.


Why does Sabrina decide to go to Paris anyway?

Linus quickly decides to send David to Paris after her -- as ever, trying to run his little brother's life. David, though, has different ideas, staying with Elizabeth and assuming a role of responsibility at the company.


How much money does Sabrina's father tell her he's made by investing?

Fairchild made the money by listening to Larrabee Senior do business in the back of the car. "When he bought, I bought. When he sold, I sold," says Fairchild. A driving job has its perks!


What does Linus's secretary compare having her hands in his underwear drawer to?

Maude lets her into Linus's apartment so they can pack his bag for Paris. The full line is, "We were up to our elbows in your underwear drawer. It was like touching the Shroud of Turin."


How does Linus get to Paris to meet Sabrina?

This allows Linus to get to Paris before Sabrina and meet her there. He tells her that their relationship first was a lie, "then it was a dream."


Who played Maude Larrabee, David and Linus's mother?

Maude, a widow, generally has Linus's back throughout the movie. She finally gets cold feet about Linus's plan to ditch Sabrina after the merger with Tyson goes through.


Linus Larrabee was Yale-educated. What actual Yale alumnus had a small role in "Sabrina"?

Giamatti played Scott, one of the servants. Giamatti is also the son of the late baseball commissioner, Bart Giamatti (who was also a Yale professor).


What song is associated strongly with both the 1954 and 1995 versions of the film?

"Rose" is "pink" in French, like the soft Parisian light at certain hours. The song was made internationally famous by Edith Piaf and has turned up in places as odd as the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother."


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