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This was the movie that put Tom Cruise on the map -- an unabashed celebration of '80s ambition and materialism! Now, test your recall of this teen classic with our quiz!

"Risky Business" is set in the suburbs of what U.S. city?

"Teens in Chicago" was practically a subgenre in the 1980s. "Sixteen Candles" and other Brat Pack movies are set there.


What is the name of Tom Cruise's character?

Joel is the only child of uptight but loving parents. When they leave on a trip, it opens the door for all the mayhem that Joel involves himself in.


What type of car does Mr. Goodson drive?

Joel's mother drives a woody wagon. Guess which car Joel opts to take out for drives in his parents' absence? (Defying his father's admonition not to, by the way).


Who played Joel's upright, decent friend Barry?

Pinchot later found success on "Perfect Strangers," an odd-couple type sitcom. He played Balki Bartokomous, a fun-loving immigrant whose roommate in America is his very straight-laced cousin, Larry.


Which Ivy League school is Joel intent on attending?

Ivy League schools were practically a fetish in 1980s teen films. If you made it into one of them, your future was set, or so the movies would have you believe.


What's the name of the business club that Joel belongs to at school?

Later, the call girl Lana will cut Joel down to size by calling the group "Little Enterprisers." Ouch!


What does Joel drink with dinner, the first night his parents are away?

Granted, "Jack and Coke" was popular among young drinkers in the 80s. But Chivas Regal? We can imagine Scotch lovers in the audience turning pale with shame at the disrespect.


Everyone remembers that Joel danced to "Old Time Rock and Roll." But what was he wearing at the time?

Some people forget this detail, but he was wearing a pink-and-white finely-striped dress shirt over his underwear. This might be because to make Cruise look younger, the filmmakers had him lose weight, but not gain any muscle ... he might have felt insecure showing his chest and abs under those circumstances.


Who played Miles, the friend who goads Joel into misbehaving?

Armstrong was cast here against what would become his "type" -- the offbeat, nebbishy guy. Most recently, he played the book-loving (but powerful) angel Metatron on "Supernatural."


Who gives Lana's phone number to Joel?

Jackie, the transvestite, turns up after Miles calls him pretending to be Joel. (Horny guys accidentally ordering up a transvestite hooker is an evergreen joke in Hollywood.) Jackie is sympathetic, though, and gives Joel a number he can use.


What fake name does Joel give Lana on the phone?

For a guy trying to impress an older call girl, Joel didn't pick a very sexy pseudonym. (No offense to all the Ralphs out there!)


How much money does Lana want for spending the night with Joel?

Lana asks for the $300 the following morning, but Joel only has $50 on him. When having a call girl over, always negotiate the price beforehand, Joel!


What does Joel do in order to pay Lana?

Joel goes to the bank to cash out a savings bond. Unfortunately, Lana didn't wait. When he gets back, she's gone, having taken an object of value with her. Never leave them alone in your house, Joel!


Which of these items does Lana take?

Joel's mother owns a Steuben glass egg and gives it pride of place on the mantel, where it's too tempting for Lana to avoid. Always put the valuables out of sight, Joel!


Who is Guido?

When Joel goes into Chicago to confront Lana, she's having a fight with Guido. Joel is pressured into helping her make her escape from her angry pimp.


Who does Joel take with him to confront Lana?

This is where we see through Miles's bad-boy image. When things turn dangerous, Miles repeatedly says he's going to throw up. He also says, "I have a trig exam tomorrow, and I'm being chased by Guido the killer pimp."


What does Lana do while Joel is at school the next day?

Lana has to implore Joel to let her stay at his place alone, and the trusting Joel lets her. Well, at least she doesn't steal anything else.


Who is Vicki?

While Joel is at school, Lana calls Vicki, who comes out to the Goodsons' house. When Guido arrives, they taunt him from an upstairs window, saying "Maybe we work for Joel, now."


Which of Joel's friends has sex with Vicki?

Glenn is in the Goodson house when Joel gets home from school. Joel is worried that he's had sex with Lana, but that's not exactly the case. Glenn cashed out a bond (yes, another bond!) to fund a romp with Vicki.


What happens to Mr. Goodson's Porsche?

Lana grabbed her purse and stormed off after a disagreement with Joel. She evidently bumped the gearshift, putting the car in neutral, allowing it to roll into the lake. The service manager at the dealership, later, asks "Who's the U-Boat commander?" But Joel doesn't find it so funny.


Who comes to the house the night of the party?

Joel's father told him that he pulled some strings with a friend, and that the admissions counselor, Mr. Rutherford, would be coming by. With all the excitement, Joel understandably forgot.


Which of these is NOT an extracurricular on Joel's resume?

Though Joel has joined a lot of clubs, and played sports, his GPA is only 3.14 and his SATs are average. Sadly, he's just not Princeton material -- yet.


Where does Joel say it looks like he'll be attending college?

Joel has handled the awkwardness of the mid-party interview admirably, but his records don't impress Mr. Rutherford. Joel slips on his Ray-Bans, grins at Lana, and says it "looks like University of Illinois."


Where do Joel and Lana have sex, after the party?

This was one of the 1980s' more memorable sex scenes. Joel shoehorns a drunk guy off the train so he and Lana can have the car to themselves.


What song plays on the soundtrack as Joel and Lana have sex on the train?

This song has an unusual urban legend attached to it: that Phil Collins wrote it after witnessing a crime, and that he sang it at a concert while a spotlight focused on the guilty party, who was then arrested by police. You can read the whole (implausible) story at


The next morning, what does Joel come home to find?

While Joel and Lana were on the train, the vengeful Guido cleaned out his house. We hope a night of sex on a train was worth it.


How does Joel get his parents' furniture and things back?

Joel made a killing the night before, but Guido gets every last dollar selling Joel his family's things. (Well, other than what he spent on having the Porsche restored). As Guido leaves, he wishes Joel luck as a businessman: "God knows you're going to need it!"


Why is Joel's mother upset with him?

If the movie can be said to have a final punchline, this is it. After everything that's happened -- the car nearly being ruined, the house being used as a brothel, and all the furniture being stolen -- Mrs. Goodson thinks Joel has been "irresponsible" for getting a small crack in her egg.


How much money does Joel say he grossed in one night?

Joel says he made this money working in "human fulfillment." That's one way to put it!


Where does Joel make this statement?

It'd be easy to think that Joel said this at a Future Enterprisers meeting -- the film has just shown young Future Enterprisers talking about their projects and how they earned hundreds of dollars from them. But Joel couldn't attend that final project meeting because he was ejected from Future Enterprisers earlier, as punishment for an unexcused absence.


What group did the soundtrack for the movie?

Though the long-lived group did the soundtrack, songs from other famous artists are prominently used. Best known is, of course, Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll."


What kind of sunglasses does Joel wear throughout the movie?

The popularity of Wayfarers skyrocketed after the film, but later fell out of favor (probably for being "too 80s"). Which is unfortunate: The Wayfarer is one of the few styles of sunglass that flatters nearly all face types.


How old was Curtis Armstrong when he played Miles?

Incredibly, Armstrong was babyfaced enough to play a high-school senior at 30 years old. He's letting his grays show now, but still looks all right for 63.


Who played "Guido the killer pimp"?

To be fair, there's no evidence that Guido ever intended to kill anybody. He does like to wave a gun around, though.


Which of these actresses did Tom Cruise want to play Lana?

Lane said that Cruise was reading the script as they were shooting "The Outsiders" together (Lane played Cherry Valance). Cruise wanted her for Lana, but Lane's father put his foot down about his daughter playing a call girl.


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