How well do you remember "Reservoir Dogs"?


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The '70s references, the rapid-fire banter, the multi-gun standoffs -- this is the Tarantino film that started it all! But how well do you remember this game-changing action extravaganza? Find out now with our quiz!

What song are the men discussing in the diner as the movie opens?

Six Degrees of Tarantino: Madonna was married to Sean Penn, the older brother of the actor who played one of the gang.


How many men are at the diner in the opening scene?

This includes the ringleader, Joe Cabot, and the underused "Mr. Blue."


How many of the men actually participate in the heist?

Joe and his son Eddie sit it out -- they're more like administrative types.


Which character does director Tarantino play?

Tarantino has since given himself smaller cameos in his films.


What is Mr. Brown's theory about "Like a Virgin"?

Mr. Brown seems to think the girl in the song enjoys the pain of having her "first time" over again.


Which of the men refuses to tip?

This leads to an extended discussion of whether waitresses really deserve tips or need them to get by.


What is the loot the men are after?

Mr. White is initially skeptical, saying that these are hard to fence.


What is the last name of the ringleader, Joe?

Laurence Tierney was the actor, not the character ... and Tarantino, having a role, evidently didn't feel the need for a homage.


What is the nickname of Joe's son, Eddie?

Chris Penn, who played him, died in 2006.


Who voiced the DJ on "K-Billy's Weekend Sounds of the 70s"?

The radio broadcast is heard regularly throughout the film.


What aren't the gang members supposed to tell each other?

Mr. White breaks this rule by telling Mr. Orange his name and where he's from.


Who gets away with the diamonds?

Steve Buscemi plays the little guy who lives by his wits in many films.


What was Harvey Keitel's code name?

The name might reflect that he's the "white hat" of the group.


What was the name of the female partner that Mr. White reminisces about?

Mr. White was fond of her ... which is a nice touch, we suppose, in a movie with no role or lines for female characters.


Who first suspects that "there's a rat in the house"?

He points out that the cops were there much too quickly to be responding to the alarm.


What is the real name of Michael Madsen's "Mr. Blonde"?

Tarantino says that he's the brother of Vincent Vega from "Pulp Fiction."


Which of the gang goes crazy shooting civilians in the heist?

Actually, Michael Madsen is reportedly very averse to violence.


Which of the gang is the undercover cop?

In a flashback, we see him rehearsing a story that fleshes out his crook identity.


What is Mr. Orange's real name?

His full name is Freddie Lewandyke.


What is the name of the police officer Mr. Blonde kidnaps?

His full name is Marvin Nash.


Which song is playing as Mr. Blonde tortures Officer Nash?

The song enjoyed a brief revival after the movie came out.


What does Mr. Blonde cut off the captured police officer?

This was the scene that caused a number of walkouts during the movie's theater run.


Where does Mr. Brown die?

Mr. White and Mr. Orange walk away, but it's the end for Tarantino's character.


What does the cop say when Mr. Orange reveals himself to be undercover?

Nash says that he and Freddie have met before, which Freddie doesn't recall.


Why don't the police move in as Freddie is bleeding out and Nash is being tortured?

Nash is understandably upset about the delay.


Why doesn't Nice Guy Eddie believe that Mr. Blonde intended to betray them?

Mr. Orange tells the lie to justify killing Mr. Blonde.


Who does Nice Guy Eddie shoot shortly after coming to the warehouse?

He's not so nice after all, it seems!


Who killed Nice Guy Eddie?

The smart money is on Mr. White, who also kills Joe, but when the camera is next on Mr. Pink, he has a gun in his hand. Draw your own conclusion!


What does Freddie tell Mr. White at the very end of the movie?

The betrayed White acts accordingly, raising his gun to Freddie's head.


Who survives the end of "Reservoir Dogs"?

We hear gunshots and see Mr. White fall, but whether he shot Freddie/Mr. Orange just before that, or whether White's shooting was fatal -- who knows?


What day of the week does the heist take place on?

It's never said explicitly, but they're listening to "Weekend Sounds of the 70s" on a day the diamond exchange is open -- that leaves only Friday as a possibility.


Why did Eddie Bunker, playing Mr. Blue, have such a small role?

A former San Quentin inmate, Bunker criticized several plot points as unrealistic. (What! Seriously?)


Which actor went on to anchor "Four Rooms," in which Tarantino directed one of the segments?

Roth played a bellboy having a very weird night.


Which actor went on to play Budd in Tarantino's "Kill Bill"?

For a guy who doesn't like violence, he ends up in a lot of violent films.


Which horror director famously walked out on "Reservoir Dogs"?

Tarantino has said that he looked at the walkouts as "a compliment."


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