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What happens when a privileged princess impulsively joins the Army? Comedy ensues. "Private Benjamin" helped secure Goldie Hawn's place as a bona fide movie star. How much do you remember about this 1980 film?

What is the name of the man Judy marries at the beginning of the movie?

Judy Benjamin has always wanted to have nice things and marry a professional man. She gets what she wants when she marries Yale Goodman.

What is Judy's husband's job?

Yale is an attorney, and a busy one. He takes time from their wedding reception to meet with a client and talks by phone with another on their wedding night.

How does Judy's marriage end?

Judy's marriage is one of the shortest on record. Her husband dies on their wedding night while they are having sex.

Where does Judy go when she leaves her parents' house?

After Yale's funeral, Judy slips out of her parents' house and goes to a motel. She stays there for eight days and it's the only time she's ever been alone.

How does Judy get the idea to join the Army?

Lost about what to do next, Judy gives a fake name and calls a radio show. One of the people who responds says he has the answers she's looking for, and he turns out to be a recruiter.

How does the recruiter sell Judy on joining the Army?

The recruiter shows Judy photos of possible assignment locations in exotic places like Hawaii, with condos rather than barracks. While he doesn't promise, he strongly implies that she will be assigned to one of those spa-like locations, and he says she can quit if she doesn't like it.

Where is Judy when the drill sergeant calls her name upon arrival at basic training?

When Sgt. Ross calls Judy's name, she is nowhere to be found, but one of her fellow recruits knows where she is. Ross finds her asleep on the bus.

When given her uniform, what does Judy ask?

Olive drab isn't really in Judy's color palette. When she is handed her uniform, she asks whether it comes in a different color.

Why is Gianelli in the Army?

Gianelli is the tough girl in the recruiting class and we soon learn why. She was given a choice -- join the military or go to prison.

What is Judy doing while Captain Lewis is inspecting the recruits?

Oblivious to the discipline required by the Army and the importance of respecting your commanding officer, Judy pays little attention to Lewis, being distracted by filing her nails.

What is Judy's first assignment?

After getting off to the worst possible start with Lewis and complaining about the sanitary conditions in the latrine, Judy is assigned to clean it herself. With her toothbrush.

Where does Judy do her basic training?

Judy is assigned to Fort Biloxi, Mississippi. It's a big change for a Philadelphia girl.

How long is the stint for which Judy signed up?

Judy signed up for a three-year stint in the Army. She thought she could leave at any time, but not so.

Over what does Judy get into a fight with Gianelli?

Judy confronts Gianelli when she realizes the other woman has taken her blanket while she was in the bathroom. The result is a fight, during which Judy gets punched.

With whom does Lewis have an affair?

When Lewis and Woodbridge, the other training officer, see each other for the first time, there is an immediate attraction. Later we see them kissing outside her barracks.

What happens when Judy tries to escape?

When Judy is caught trying to scale the fence, she's not the only one facing punishment. Her entire group is forced to march in a circle in the pouring rain while wearing heavy packs, which does not help her popularity.

When Judy disappears without a word, what do her parents tell their friends?

Judy's parents are embarrassed to tell anyone where she really is. Instead, they tell people she had a mental breakdown and is in a psychiatric hospital.

What happens after Judy's parents visit her?

Judy's parents have come to take her home after Lewis calls them and says things just aren't working out. Rather than leaving with them, Judy is hurt that her father says she isn't smart and they treat her like a child, so she decides to stay. Everything turns around for her after that.

What is Judy's group's assignment during the war games?

Judy is put into a group with several of her fellow recruits under Lewis' command. Since Lewis still doesn't like Judy, they are assigned to guard the swamp.

How does Judy's group capture the red team?

When they see the red team's headquarters, Judy gets an idea. Getting Gianelli to donate her red underwear, they tear it into strips and make red armbands, which enables them to stroll into the opposing camp and capture them.

To what song do the recruits dance on their last night before graduation?

Celebrating on the last night of their basic training, the women gather in their barracks and dance to "We are Family." Even Sgt. Ross joins in.

What is unusual about Lewis when she comes into the barracks and interrupts the party?

Lewis comes in and interrupts the party, saying she wants to inspect the troops. She's very drunk.

What trick do the recruits play on Lewis?

On their last night of training, the other women help Judy climb through the window of Lewis's bathroom. She unscrews the showerhead and pours in something that turns out to be blue paint, prompting Lewis to appear at graduation the next day wearing thick white makeup.

Where does Judy meet Henri?

Judy is at a local bar when she runs into a friend who is there with her parents. At their table is the handsome Frenchman, Henri Tremont, and it's lust at first sight.

What is Henri's job?

Henri is a gynecologist. Her friend is in New Orleans with her father for a medical convention and Henri was a speaker on the same panel. That's how she met him.

What assignment does Judy receive after basic training?

Judy is surprised when she is assigned to the Thornbirds, the elite parachute training squadron. She is the first woman ever to get that assignment.

How does Judy get relocated to Belgium?

When Judy panics at making her first jump, Col. Thornburg assures her that there are other ways she can serve. When he attacks her, she jumps from the plane and the next day, fearing she will ruin his reputation and career, Thornburg gives her a plum assignment in Europe.

How does Henri react when Judy shows up in Paris?

Judy appears unannounced in Paris and isn't sure how Henri will react. She need not have worried. He is delighted to see her.

What is Judy's assignment is Belgium?

Not only does she get a plum post in Belgium, Judy also gets an assignment she can handle. She's placed in procurement, a job for which she's been training all her life.

What does Lewis learn by spying on Judy?

Lewis learns that Judy is dating Henri, who is a Communist. Judy claims, as he told her, that he was only a member of the party for a short time, but she is assured that once a Communist, always a Communist.

Why does Judy leave the Army?

Since she's been given a high security clearance, her superiors fear that she will reveal classified information to Henri. She is told she must choose between Henri and the Army, and she chooses Henri.

Where does Henri live?

Henri lives on the edge of Paris in a home that's been in his family for generations. He tells Judy not to be too impressed because it's secondhand.

In time, Henri turns out to have some issues. Which of these things does he not do?

Judy begins to see a darker side of Henri when he is harsh with his dog, but it takes a while for her to get the total picture. He talks her into changing her hair color and dressing to please him, and he sleeps with their maid, who does a terrible job, by the way.

Why is Henri late for his wedding to Judy?

Henri tells Judy he has a soccer game earlier in the day, so when he is late for the wedding, she assumes that's where he is ... until his teammates arrive and say he never showed up. It turns out he was was Clare, his former girlfriend with whom he is clearly still in love.

Where does Judy go after walking out on her wedding to Henri?

Realizing she is about to make a huge mistake, Judy leaves Henri at the altar -- after punching him in the jaw. As she walks away, it's unclear what her next step will be, but the world seems wide open to her.

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