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This charming romance starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts made us all want to hop a plane to London ASAP! Revisit this magical cross-cultural comedy with our quiz!

What year was "Notting Hill" released?

"Notting Hill" was a near-perfect date movie. It reflected, in many ways, the sunny good mood of the 90s, which was about to be severely altered on September 11.


What kind of books does Will's bookshop sell?

Will sells Anna a book about the country of Turkey. He recommends one with a "rather amusing anecdote about a kebab," but she insists on buying another one. He notes it's also good: "... without any of those childish kebab stories one finds so often these days."


What does the autograph Anna gives to Rufus the shoplifter say?

Moments previously, Rufus put a book down his trousers. Only when Will threatened to call the police did Rufus remove the book, "wipe it off," and put it back.


What beverage does William Thacker spill on himself?

Coffee has surpassed tea as the world's favorite beverage. This is surprising, given tea's longtime popularity not just in the UK but in Asia and the Middle East.


What beverage does Will spill onto Anna?

The set-up for Will spilling juice on Anna was somewhat complex: Will gets coffee on himself, then has to go out to change, offers to get something for his roommate Spike, and buys the orange juice for him.


What does Anna do before leaving Will's flat?

Technically, the first time Anna leaves, she just says goodbye. It's after she returns -- to get the bag with her travel book in it -- that she kisses Will.


Who played Spike, Will's quirky roommate?

They have a close, friendly relationship. Will later jokes that "...after the laws change, Spike and I will marry."


Where is Spike (and Ifans) from?

Wales has given the world some of its great English-language poets, including Dylan Thomas. Wales has also given us great actors like Anthony Hopkins.


At what hotel is Anna staying?

The Ritz was prominently mentioned and featured in the film. The hotel didn't really need the publicity; the Ritz and the Savoy both are renowned London institutions.


What magazine does Will say he writes for?

This is a real UK magazine, founded in 1884. It focuses on equestrian sports, especially fox hunting.


Why is it awkward that Will claims to work for "Horse & Hound"?

The whole thing could have been avoided had Will not played along with the publicist's misconception that he was a journalist. Will ad-libbed working for "Horse&Hound" when he arrived in the middle of a press meet-and-greet.


Who played the young actress in the sci-fi film?

Recently, Barton appeared on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" and didn't do very well. "Pretty Little Liars" actress Parrish did much better in her "DWTS" season, paired with pro Val Chmerkovsky.


What do Anna and Will do as their first date?

This scene was, in a way, the genesis of the movie. Screenwriter Richard Curtis used to imagine what it would be like if he showed up at a gathering of friends with a world-famous actress on his arm. The idea grew into the script for "Notting Hill."


What relationship does Honey have to Will Thacker?

Honey was initially supposed to be a rival love interest, the "real girl" Will chooses over the fantasy of Anna. However, screenwriter Curtis decided on the more classic happy ending for Anna and Will. Honey was therefore changed to Will's sister.


Who plays Bernie, Will's friend "in the stock market"?

Bernie doesn't realize who Anna is. As a result, he asks her a series of awkward questions about the "tough gig" of acting: "The wages are a real scandal," he commiserates.


When Bernie asks Anna how much she earned for her last film, what does she tell him?

Roberts started with the $10 million figure, then in following takes, went up to $12 million and then $15 million. The final figure was her actual pay for "Notting Hill." She told Bonneville that she was "tired of lowballing."


At the party, what is the prize for having the worst streak of luck?

Will has several claims to the brownie: he's divorced, he "used to be good-looking but is now squidgy around the edges," and his nickname at school was "Floppy."


Which of the following is NOT a reason Anna deserves the brownie?

Anna's litany of woes silences the table for a moment. Then Max says, "Nah, nice try, gorgeous," and everyone bursts into laughter.


When Anna and Will leave the birthday party, what do his friends do?

This is audible through the closed front door, which embarrasses Will. He covers by saying that they always "do that when I leave."


Where do Anna and Will go after the dinner party?

Getting into the garden after hours requires scaling the wall. When Will loses his balance and says "whoops-a-daisy," Anna teases him mercilessly for it.


Who played Anna's obnoxious American boyfriend?

The boyfriend, Jeff King, shows up unexpectedly to "surprise" Anna. She hasn't told Will she has a boyfriend, but this is justified by the fact that she apparently thought he'd dumped her before she left for London.


After their first split, what drives Anna back to Will's place?

Anna literally turns up on Will's doorstep. Ever the gentleman, he lets her in and offers her tea and a hot bath.


When Will helps Anna run her lines for a new thriller, he says the material isn't exactly what?

The material Anna is running through has her portraying a brilliant but difficult junior naval officer. The officer, she says, is going to "save the world" in about 45 minutes. (Of screen time, of course).


When Will and Anna discuss body doubles in Hollywood, which star does she say doesn't have a stand-in for rear nudity?

Anna's dry observation is, "Mel does his own ass work. Why wouldn't he?"


What spoils Anna and Will's reunion?

Anna thinks that Will has been indiscreet, and he's the reason that the press is there. Will is devastated, but Spike enjoys the notoriety, going out to gleefully pose for the paparazzi.


To what classic song does Will mope around Notting Hill to after Anna leaves?

In the movie, Will is seen to move through his neighborhood in four different seasons. This was done in four different shots, merged together via high-tech editing.


What is the gift Anna brings to Will as an attempt at reconciliation?

The painting has a history in the film. Anna sees a reproduction of it in Will's flat and notes "It feels like love should be."


When Will turns down Anna, everyone supports him (at first) except whom?

It's a little more than just disagreement. Spike's immediate response is, "You daft prick."


When Anna gives Will the painting, she characterizes herself as "a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to _______?"

Will later repeats this line to his friends. Their glum faces lead him to conclude, "Sod a dog, I've made the wrong decision."


What is Anna's pseudonym at the Ritz?

Famous people often use code names at hotels to screen out unwanted callers and visitors. "Shiloh Baptist" was one used by the actress Angelina Jolie.


Where does Will catch up with Anna after turning her down?

The scene is a nice change of pace from the usual "sprinting down the airport concourse" reunion scene. Also, it allows Will to reprise his awkward fake-reporter identity and call himself a "daft prick," which is what Spike has just accused him of being.


When Anna is asked a second time how long she is staying in London, what does she say?

Earlier in this scene, Anna responds to the same question by saying, "No time at all." She's just wrapped up her Henry James shoot.


The final shot of "Notting Hill" shows the lovers, now married, where?

A montage shows Will and Anna getting married, and, yes, at one of her premieres. But it ends with them in the garden, where he reads to her, and she is shown to be pregnant.


Which of these actors were uncredited for their roles in "Notting Hill"?

Baldwin played Anna's boyfriend Jeff; Omaj Djalili was the coffee-shop clerk, and Matthew Modine played himself in the film-within-a-film, where he is Anna's co-star.


Screenwriter Richard Curtis broke through with what previous romantic comedy?

This romantic comedy had a complicated interchange of partners. Notably, at the end, one of them married Prince Charles!


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