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First an exploded apple. Then a tiny couch. Now the kids are in the trash?! Take this quiz now to remember all of your favorite moments from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

In which year did "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" premiere?

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" was released on June 23, 1989. Its running time was 94 minutes.


Which actor played the lead role of a scientist and inventor?

Rick Moranis was born on April 18, 1953 in Toronto, Ontario. He has two children.


Rick Moranis portrays Wayne _________ in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" was made with an $18 million budget. It grossed more than $222 million at the box office.


What is the name of Rick's wife, to whom he yells the title of the movie?

Diane is portrayed by actress Marcia Strassman. Strassman was born in 1948 and died from breast cancer at the age of 66 in 2014.


How many kids do Wayne and Diane have?

In 1989, "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" became an unexpected success as the highest-grossing live-action Disney film ever. It held this record for the next five years.


What is the name of the Szalinkski's daughter?

Amy Szalinski is portrayed by actress Amy O'Neill. She was nominated for a Young Artist Award for this role.


What is the name of the the Szalinski's son?

Nick was portrayed by actor Robert Oliveri. He also played the role of Winona Ryder's little brother in Edward Scissorhands.


Who lives next door to the Szalinskis?

The Thompsons consisted of parents Russ and Mae, and children Russ Jr. and Ron.


What is the first object we see Wayne attempting to shrink but instead he blows up?

The apple blows up and sprays pieces all over the room. Who wants applesauce?


Why did Diane spend the night at her mother's house?

Wayne is eccentric and often his antics clash with Diane's personality. Though his intentions are good, they don't always get along.


At the start of the film, where are the Thompsons going?

The Thompsons are heading on a fishing and camping trip. Not all family members are excited about it.


Which of the Thompsons doesn't want to go on the family fishing trip?

Russ Jr. is portrayed by actor Thomas Wilson Brown. He began his acting career at the age of 11 as "Augie" in the western, "Silverado."


Who inadvertently sets off a booby trap in the yard as the Thompsons are trying to pack the car?

Russ Sr. gets frustrated by younger son Ron's antics. He is anxious to pack the car and get on the road.


Which chore does Wayne assign to Nick ahead of Diane's return home?

Nick has to cut the grass while Amy is busy inside mopping the floor.


Instead of mowing the lawn, who does Nick make a deal with to do it for him?

Tommy Pervis is a friend of Nick's. Tommy can't do it at the moment, but said he'd be back to mow the lawn later.


Why is Tommy so willing to mow the Szalinski's lawn?

Tommy Pervis is portrayed by actor Carl Steven Krakoff. He died at the age of 36 from a heroin overdose in 2011.


Who hits a baseball through the Szalinski's attic window?

Instead of helping his dad pack the car, Ron is in the backyard serving himself pitches and practicing his swing.


Who makes Ron confess about the broken window to the Szalinskis?

Russ Jr. catches Ron in the act and takes him over to confess and apologize to Nick and Amy. He complies begrudgingly.


Why does Amy send Nick up with Ron to retrieve the baseball in the attic?

And Russ Jr. has eyes for her as well. The two of them stand and stare at each other awkwardly while the younger brothers head up to the attic.


What happened when the baseball went through the attic window?

The target laser of Wayne's shrinking machine was now streaming a red beam across the room. It was aimed directly at the door to the attic.


Where is Wayne when the kids go up to get their baseball?

Wayne is presenting his invention of the shrinking machine, though the conference attendees are not impressed since he has no proof.


What happens when Amy and Russ go to check on Nick and Ron?

All four kids have been shrunk by the machine. Wayne is in for the surprise of his life when he gets home.


After an unsuccessful time at the conference, what does Wayne do when he gets home?

The kids who are shrunk and in the attic are shouting to their dad but he can't hear them because they are so small. They are dodging the pieces left and right.


How do the four kids end up in the trash bag?

Thankfully, they are able to escape the bag once outside. They end up in the grass in the Szalinskis' backyard.


Nick, intelligent like his father, calculates that they must travel _______ miles at their size to get back to the house.

Diane often worries about Nick since he has inherited his father's inventive spirit and intelligence - a quirk of Wayne's that gets on her nerves a bit.


What is the name of the Szalinski's dog?

The kids try to get Quark's attention, but even the dog can't seem to recognize them because they are so small.


What happens when Nick falls into a flower?

A bee comes and grabs Nick out of the flower. Russ jumps on to help him and the two fly around the backyard stuck to the bee.


Who does the bee attack in the backyard?

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" was directed by Joe Johnston. It was rated PG.


Wayne has a revelation after he uses the ________ to fight off the bee.

After he swats away the bee with the bat, he realizes that Nick does not play sports and that this must be related to the broken attic window. He heads upstairs and discovers what has happened.


How do the kids get caught in a major rainstorm while in the backyard grass?

Wayne accidentally activated the sprinklers while searching for the kids on his stilts. He nearly drowns them by accident.


Which of the kids needs CPR after the major rainfall (sprinklers) nearly drowns them?

Amy is knocked into a pool of mud. Russ performs CPR and saves her life. Their bond grows stronger now.


What type of cookie do the kids find in the yard and start eating?

The kids are thrilled and hungry! They begin eating pieces of the cookie but are interrupted by a GIANT ant! (Well, giant to them!)


Having to spend the night shrunken in the grass, where do the kids sleep?

Russ and Amy kiss that night. They are interrupted by a nasty scorpion.


What type of cereal is Wayne eating when he almost eats shrunken Nick?

Just in the nick of time, Quark bites Wayne on the ankle. Suddenly he discovers the kids.


Who volunteers as a test subject before Wayne attempts to return the kids to their normal size?

After successfully returning the kids to their normal size, the Thompsons and the Szalinskis become friends. They celebrate Thanksgiving together where they eat a giant-sized turkey.


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