How Well Do You Remember "Hocus Pocus?"

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"Hocus Pocus" might've put a spell on you, especially around Halloween! Can you break it long enough to find out how much you remember from the movie? Find out with this quiz!

In which state does "Hocus Pocus" take place in?

"Hocus Pocus" takes place in Salem, Massachusetts starting in the year 1693.

What fantasy being does the story of "Hocus Pocus" follow?

"Hocus Pocus" follows three sister witches who were hanged in 1693 but resurrect on Halloween of 1993.

What is the family name of the witches?

"Hocus Pocus" follows the Sanderson sisters who are on a mission to suck the youth out of children to make themselves younger.

Which actress plays the role of Winifred?

Bette Midler starred as Winifred Sanderson and was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Actress for the role.

Which actress plays the role of Sarah?

Sarah Jessica Parker starred in the 1993 film as Sarah Sanderson.

What animal do the Sanderson sisters turn Thackery Binx into?

After the Sanderson sisters sucked the life out of his sister, Emily, they cursed him to live forever as a black cat.

What is the last ingredient put in the potion?

The last ingredient placed in the potion was "a bit of thine own tongue."

Which of these characters appears first in the film?

In the beginning of the film, we see Thackery Binx wake up from sleep to find his sister running towards the Sanderson sisters' cottage.

What is the most prominent facial feature on Winifred's book of spells?

The ONLY facial feature on Winifred's spell book is an eye.

What city does Max move to Salem from?

Max moves from Los Angeles with his family and when he comes across two bullies, he is given the nickname "Hollywood."

Who said: "Come on! It's just a bunch of hocus pocus!"

Max said this line shortly before lighting the Black Flame Candle.

How many times were the words "hocus pocus" mentioned in the film?

The words "hocus pocus" were mentioned twice in the film. The first time came from Max shortly before he lit the Black Flame Candle and the second occurrence was by Winifred.

What word did one of Max's bullies have shaved into his head?

One of Max's bullies goes by the name of "Ice" although his friend initially introduced him as Ernie.

Who does Max and Dani's mom dress up as for Halloween?

Max's mother dressed up as Madonna for Halloween.

Who does Max and Dani's dad dress up as for Halloween?

For the Halloween party, Mr. Dennison dressed up as Dracula.

When the Sanderson sisters show up at the Halloween party, what kind of spell do they cast on the adults?

When the Sanderson sisters take the stage at the Halloween party, they sing "I Put a Spell on You" and she curses them to "Dance! Dance until you die!"

Who sings "Comes Little Children?"

Sarah sings "Come Little Children" to lure all the children to the Sanderson cottage.

What instrument does Max play?

Max plays the drums and has a set in his bedroom.

When Max and the crew think they've killed the Sanderson sisters, where did they do it?

Max, Dani, and Allison lure the Sanderson sisters to the school where they try to burn them alive in the kiln.

When Max first comes across Jay and "Ice," what do they steal from him?

Jay and Ice steal Max's sneakers, but he is later able to get them back when they are stuck in the Sanderson cottage.

What does Allison take from Max's house to protect them from the witches?

Allison is seen creating a ring of salt around Dani in the cemetery to keep the witches away.

Who said: "Amok! Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok!"

After Winnie discovered that Halloween was "a night of frolic where kids run amok," Sarah kept repeating the word until Winnie hit her in the stomach and silenced her.

Which Sanderson sister rode around on a vacuum?

When the Sanderson sisters had their brooms stolen, Mary was forced to travel on a vacuum.

When Max convinces Dani to go to the Sanderson cottage with Allison, what does he promise he'll dress up as next Halloween?

Before Dani agrees to go to the Sanderson cottage, she makes Max promise that he'll dress up as Peter Pan and she'll dress up as Wendy.

What did Sarah use to fly around when her broom was stolen?

When the Sanderson sisters replaced their brooms, Winnie is the only sister who got another broom while Sarah flew around on a mop and Mary was stuck with a vacuum.

Which Sanderson sister did Billy date?

Although Billy was originally Winnie's lover, she stitched his mouth shut and sent him to an early grave when she found out that him and Sarah were having a secret relationship!

When Max goes back to the cottage to rescue Dani from the Sanderson sisters, what do him and Allison pretend is the sun?

Max and Allison drive a car to the cottage and shine it through the windows to make the Sanderson sisters believe that the Sun is coming up.

Who drinks the potion at the end of the movie?

Although the sisters were trying to force Dani to drink the potion, Max drinks it so they'll leave her alone.

Who said: "Wench! Trollop! You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from Hell!

When Billy was finally able to cut the stitches keeping his mouth shut, his first task was to insult Winnie!

Which of the Sanderson sisters die first?

Winnie is the first to die. While she is trying to suck the life out of Max, the Sun comes up and first turns her into stone before she evaporates to dust.

When the Sanderson sisters find their "master" who is dressed as the Devil, how do they get chased out of his house?

After "master's" wife finds him dancing in the living room with Sarah, she has the dog chase them out of the house.

Who said: "Hag? Sisters, did you hear what he just called you?"

When Binx insults the sisters at the beginning of the film, Winnie says this to Sarah and Mary.

What does Dani tell the group of bullies that Max is dressed up as?

When Dani and Max are forced to walk through the group of high school students, they question Max's "costume." Dani then replies that he is dressed as a "little leaguer."

When Max escapes from the witches the first time, how does he trick them?

Max uses a lighter to activate the sprinklers which the sister initially believe is harmful. They soon find out "it is but water."

Who says the last line of the movie?

At the end of the film, Emily asks Binx what took his so long. He then responds, "Sorry, Emily. I had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle."

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