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"Gunsmoke" is about a gunman who becomes a rancher thanks to a deck of cards! He finds himself in rivalry with a man who wants the ranch for himself. Think you know all about the western? Take the quiz to find out!

At the beginning of the movie, what did Johnny tell Reb that he shouldn't do?

Johnny told Reb that he shouldn't take the job to kill the rancher. Reb was a gunman who hired by Matt Telford to kill a rancher in order to take his land.


At the beginning of the movie, after Johnny left Reb, what happened to Reb while he was riding his horse?

After Johnny left Reb, someone started to shoot at Reb. He was unharmed, but his horse fell to the ground. Reb went to pick up a bullet that the shooter left behind.


Fill in the blank: Cora ______ in the saloon.

Cora performed in the saloon. She sang and danced to entertain the guests as they drank and socialized with the other people in town.


What did Rita offer Reb when she visited him in his hotel room?

Rita offered Reb a job at the ranch. She was trying to reason with him about killing her father, but Reb refused the job.


What news did Rita bring to Dan and Curly after the carriage ride?

Rita brought news that Reb Kittredge was in town to Dan and Curly. Rita begged Dan and Curly to leave town, fearing that Reb would try to kill them, but Dan refused to leave.


When Reb and his new employees were camping out, what happened?

When Reb and his employees were camping out, the cattle were startled. It was three men who fired their guns to get the cattle running while the crew wasn't ready for it.


What did employees on the ranch plan to do after Reb took over?

The employees planned to quit their jobs at the ranch after Reb took over. But first, they wanted their payment for the work they did when Dan owned the ranch. Ultimately, they all decided to stay and work alongside Dan.


Fill in the blank: After Johnny killed Telford he _________.

After Johnny killed Telford, he bought everyone a drink. They all carried on as if nothing had happened, and Dan and Reb had no fear about the ranch being taken from them.


What did Telford do that stopped Reb from being able to buy food?

Telford cut off Reb's credit at the store so that he wasn't able to buy anything to feed his crew. When Reb went to pay Telford a visit, Telford pretended like he didn't know why Reb was there.


What did Reb ask for in terms of payment from Telford?

Reb asked Telford for one third of the ranch he would own after Dan Saxon was out of the picture. Telford had originally offered him only a small fraction of that.


What did Telford bring to Reb's attention when he payed him a visit after the cattle incident?

Telford told Reb that he didn't legally own the ranch. He showed him a section of a book stating that any property won in a game is not legally owned by the winner.


What old friend did Reb meet in the bar?

Reb met Cora in the bar where she was performing. After her performance she went to see Reb and they caught up in her room, talking about what happened to them since they had last seen each other.


When they cut the deck of cards, what did Dan Saxon offer Reb if he won?

Dan Saxon offered Reb his ranch if he won when they cut the deck of cards. If Reb lost, he would have to work for Dan Saxon on the ranch for however long he felt he needed him.


Who did Telford hire to help him take possession of the ranch after Reb took over it?

Telford hired Johnny to give him possession of the ranch. Cora was the one who suggested Johnny in the first place, even though she knew that he and Reb were partners.


What did Cora ask Reb when they were in the hotel room?

Cora asked Reb to buy the saloon. She told Reb that she could marry Telford in order to take ownership of the saloon and the ranches that Telford owned, but it would be better if she could take ownership from Reb.


What did Reb do when he saw O'Shea in the saloon?

Reb made O'Shea open up his shop when he saw him in the saloon. SinceTelford shut his credit down at O'Shea's store, he took the food he needed from the shop and claimed he would pay it back later, even though O'Shea said it was robbery.


Is it true or false that Rita married Johnny?

It is false! Rita had taken more of a liking towards Reb by the end of the movie and the two got together. Dan was very happy about the pairing.


What did Reb offer Dan after he took possession of the ranch?

Reb offered Dan a job after he took possession of the ranch. Reb was brand new to ranching and needed someone who knew all about it to help him out.


What did O'Shea tell Reb about the bullet he brought in to him?

O'Shea told Reb that there was only one man in town who owned a gun that fit the bullet he brought in. He told him that it was Curly Mather, the man who had fired at Reb earlier.


What happened to Reb before he could leave O'Shea's after stealing some food?

Reb was ambushed by Johnny and his men before he could leave O'Shea's. They let him live, but not before they beat him up inside the store.


What did Johnny and Curly do to sabotage Reb's ranching business?

Johnny and Telford started a fire to hurt Reb's ranching business. The fire stopped the group from reaching Yellowstone and covering more miles with the cattle.


What did Reb do when he found out about the fire?

When Reb found out about the fire, he rode back to the others and told them about it. The group found another way to get around the fire and reach their destination.


Is it true or false that Reb got the cattle to its destination?

Reb got the cattle to its destination and he was able to make it back to town in time to find Telford. He went back to the saloon, where he knew Telford would be.


Who came to Cora's room while she and Reb were talking?

Matt Telford, the man who wanted Reb to kill Dan, came to Cora's room while she and Reb were talking. He scolded Reb for not killing Dan when he had the chance.


What did Reb tell Rita about her father?

Reb told Rita that her father played with a joker in the deck when he placed a bet on his ranch with Reb. He had planned to get the ranch back after everything was said and done.


With whom did Curly start to workafter he quit his job with Reb?

Curly started to work with Telford after he quit his job with Reb. He gave Telford information about how Reb was planning to get the herd to its destination so that they could stop him and his crew.


When Professor refused to drive the carriage down the hill, who got the job done?

When Professor refused to drive the carriage down the hill, Rita got the job done. She wouldn't let Reb do it because of his injured arm.


Who was injured when Johnny and his crew raided the rancher's camp?

Dan was injured when Johnny and his crew raided the rancher's camp. Reb and the ranchers were able to fend off Johnny and continue driving the herd of cattle.


Is it true or false that Dan survived his gunshot wound?

It is true that Dan survived his gunshot wound. He was able to make it to the destination where a doctor treated him for the wound.


What did Reb give Dan after they reached their destination?

Reb gave Dan his deed after they reached their destination. He had some unfinished business and rode off after talking about things of the past with Dan.


Who was Reb sent to town to kill?

Reb was brought to town to kill Dan Saxon. He and Dan had a quick shootout when they first met, and Reb shot Dan in the hand.


Who killed Telford?

When Reb showed up to kill Telford, Johnny stopped him before he could reach Telford. Telford came out with a gun ready to kill Reb, but Johnny shot Telford before he had the chance to kill Reb.


Is it true or false that by the end of the movie, Reb and Johnny were still turned against each other?

By the end of the movie, the two former friends had made up after Telford's death. Johnny said he couldn't kill his friend


What did Dan do after he received medical attention from the doctor?

Dan cut a deck of cards with the doctor after he fixed up his hand. The doctor complained about how Dan always won, and received his treatment free.


After his horse was injured, what did Reb come across?

After leaving his injured horse, Reb came across the Billings carriage. Reb was actually heading for Billings, and conveniently hitched a ride.


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