How well do you remember Grindhouse's "Planet Terror"?


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The first half of this Rodriguez-Tarantino double bill gave us laughs, thrills, and blood by the bucketful! Take our quiz and see if you remember the gory details!

Who plays "Machete," the hero of the faux "Coming Attraction"?

"Machete" was supposedly about a Mexican day-laborer on a revenge quest against a corrupt politician.


Who plays the heroine, Cherry Darling?

McGowan also played "Pam" in "Death Proof."


What does Cherry do during her go-go routine?

Her boss Skip tells her "it's go-go, not cry-cry," a line she uses later.


What is Wray's line of work?

His service is named "Wray's Wreckage."


What was Cherry Darling's ambition in younger years?

What kind of doctor is never revealed.


What is Cherry's new ambition?

Cherry keeps trying to tell people she's not funny, but they think she is.


What kind of doctor is Dakota Block?

She carries syringes and a gun to fire them in her garter. Don't all anesthesiologists?


What kind of doctor is Bill Block, Dakota's husband?

Block works in the ER with trauma patients.


Why is Tammy driving into town?

Tammy was played by Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, once of Black-Eyed Peas fame.


What is the name of the barbecue joint?

J.T. is the owner and cook, played by Jeff Fahey.


What is Wray's nickname for Cherry?

"Palomita" means "little dove" in Spanish.


How does Bill Block monitor his "level of calmness"?

He talks casually around it as some men do with toothpicks.


Why is Wray not supposed to carry a gun?

Everyone isn't allowed to carry in Texas -- though there's a Georgia town in which that's mandatory.


What is the relationship between J.T. the barbecue cook and Sheriff Hague?

Hague evidently owns the "Bone Shack" building, because J.T. pays the rent to him.


What is Sheriff Hague trying to get from his brother?

We see J.T. cough up the answer as both men lie dying near the end.


How does Bill Block confirm that Tammy was coming to meet Dakota?

The same message is in Tammy's inbox and Dakota's outbox: "Hurry, I think he knows."


What part of Dakota's body does Bill anesthetize?

He jabs her hands repeatedly with her syringes as he questions her about Tammy.


How does Wray make Cherry a new leg (the first time?)

Wray doesn't make the machine-gun leg until later.


How does Tony, the Blocks' son, die?

Rodriguez found this scene so disturbing that he cast his own son, perhaps to keep from traumatizing a child actor's parents.


How does the Bone Shack catch on fire?

One moment, Wray and Cherry are making love in J.T.'s bedroom; the next, the restaurant's ablaze and everyone's in a panic.


Who was Wray, earlier in his life?

Whatever it is, it earns the respect of Sheriff Hague, who previously tried to keep Wray on a short leash.


Who plays the deputy who can't shoot straight?

Savini is much better known for his special-effects work.


On what vehicle does Wray lead the survivors away from the Bone Shack?

It's probably the movie's funniest sight gag, Wray riding off with his knees sticking out at sharp angles.


What is the fate of J.T.'s dog?

Rusty dies on the road, as the survivors look for safety.


Who plays Abby, the scientist-businessman?

It's Abby who releases the DC-2 gas by shooting some tanks.


How is Quentin Tarantino credited for his role in "Planet Terror"?

"As himself"? We certainly hope not!


Who does Lt. Muldoon (Bruce Willis) say he killed?

Muldoon's story conflicts, though -- he says both "for once the intel was right on the money" and "he wasn't supposed to be there."


What is the only known antidote to the DC-2 gas?

Too long without a gas mask, and people turn pustular and deformed.


What does Dakota twice advise Cherry to do?

Dakota says the advice comes from her former lover, Tammy.


Where does Wray think the survivors should go to "make their stand?"

He says they should "get their backs to the ocean" and hold off the zombies.


Who among the survivors can fly a helicopter?

"Skip" was played by Robert Rodriguez's real-estate, Skip Reissig.


Who kills Bill Block?

Dakota is Earl's daughter, and Earl never liked his son-in-law.


To whom is the DJ dedicating a song early in the movie?

"Jungle Julia" is the DJ who dies in the first crash in "Death Proof," thus making "Planet Terror" later in the chronology.


Who composed the musical score for "Planet Terror"?

Don't laugh about Carpenter -- he composed music for his own films.


Extra credit! Which of the following was NOT a faux trailer that followed "Planet Terror"?

If you live in Canada, you might have seen the "Hobo With a Shotgun" trailer, which has since become a real movie.


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