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Sometimes all you want from a night at the movies is a classic gold-digger comedy, and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" delivers in spades ... er, diamonds! Test your knowledge of this delightful song-and-dance movie with our quiz!

Who played the two leads?

Monroe and Russell, playing a dumb blonde and sharp-witted brunette, went together like pie and ice cream. They were reported to be good friends on the set, too.


What were the names of the two showgirls?

Of course, Monroe was the sexy "Lorelei Lee." Russell played the down-to-earth, sardonic "Dorothy Shaw."


In the movie's opening number, Lorelei and Dorothy refer to themselves as two what?

The song tells the classic story of small-town girls who went to the big city to make their fortune. Their claims of innocence and naivete are a little undercut by their form-fitting, glittery red dresses, split up the skirt to reveal a lot of leg.


What does Dorothy say when Lorelei and Gus Esmond announce they're getting married?

Marilyn Monroe might have stolen the show as bombshell Lorelei, but Jane Russell got the best lines. When Lorelei shows Dorothy her diamond, Dorothy says, "It looks like it should have a highball around it."


Why does it seem unlikely that nebbishy Gus will be able to marry Lorelei?

Gus, the son of a wealthy tycoon, doesn't have a commitment problem. He's besotted with Lorelei, but his father isn't likely to give his blessing to the marriage.


Where does much of the action in "Gentlemen" take place?

Lorelei was supposed to be sailing to Europe with Gus to get married there. When he backs out, because of his father, Lorelei goes anyway, in hopes of getting him to follow her there. Dorothy goes along as Lorelei's "chaperone."


What is the name of the ship Lorelei and Dorothy will sail on?

The ship's name is clearly mentioned twice: once when Lorelei mispronounces it, and a second time when Gus corrects her. Fun fact: the ship used in the film was previously used for "Titanic" (the 1953 film, obviously not the 90s version with DiCaprio and Winslet).


Who catches Dorothy's eye on the docks?

Usually, you'd expect traveling Olympians to be the team in a specific sport, like fencing or swimming. But no: in "Gentlemen," the entire Olympic team is traveling at once, on one ship. Except the women athletes -- they seem to have taken a different ship. (Nobody ever said musical comedies had to make sense).


What line of work is Malone in?

Malone has been hired by Gus Esmond, Sr,, to watch Lorelei's activities and report back. Esmond Sr. is convinced that Lorelei will be unfaithful to his son on the transatlantic trip, and he wants documented proof.


What is going on while Dorothy sings "Isn't Anyone Here for Love?"

Jane Russell fell in the pool while filming the number. The director, Howard Hawks, liked the accidental pratfall and left it in.


While Lorelei is interested in rich men, what kind of man does Dorothy like?

Dorothy says that if they're "tall, dark, and handsome" she just can't help herself. Lorelei disapproves, and tries to find a suitable rich man for Dorothy to meet onboard.


What goes wrong with Lorelei's attempt to set Dorothy up with Mr. Spofford?

Lorelei picks "Mr. Henry Spofford" off the passenger manifest and is shocked when he appears to be about 10 years old. We don't learn exactly how old he is, but he tells Dorothy that he's old enough "to appreciate a good-looking girl."


When Malone first meets Dorothy, with what does he try to impress her?

Malone tries to give the impression that he's a wealthy man. This immediately falls flat, as Dorothy hates men who use their wealth to pick up women.


What is Malone's first name?

At first, Malone poses as a rich man when he tries to get into Dorothy's good graces. If he'd told her his first name, this might have fallen through: We're pretty sure there's never been a rich man who went by "Ernie" in the course of human history.


What is the nickname of the diamond-mine owner, Beekman?

The Englishman, Beekman, owns a diamond mine in South Africa. Naturally, this makes him of great interest to Lorelei, who loves diamonds.


What item does Lady Beekman supposedly carry with her everywhere?

Why Lady Beekman carries her tiara instead of wearing it, we never find out. But it's a good excuse (narratively) for her to show Lorelei what a tiara is and how it's worn.


What item does Malone twice bring to Dorothy?

Malone twice tells Dorothy, "Here's your cigarettes," or "Here's those cigarettes." Back in the days when people believed "more doctors smoke Camels," this wasn't as morally suspect as it now seems: giving a lady a cigarette or a light was still seen as a gentlemanly act.


What does Dorothy see Malone do that arouses her suspicions?

Malone photographs Lorelei and Piggy through the porthole. He doesn't see Dorothy, but she sees him and realizes what his true line of work is.


What do Lorelei and Piggy appear to be doing in the photos?

The photos that Malone took through the window definitely look incriminating, just as Dorothy feared. They could provide ammunition for Gus Esmond Sr. to derail his son's wedding.


When Lorelei and Piggy appear to be embracing, what's really going on?

Dorothy, knowing that Malone just took photos, asks Lorelei what she and Piggy were doing. Lorelei explains that Piggy was showing her how a python squeezes a goat. And "I was the goat," she says, downcast.


Where does Lorelei get stuck?

Lorelei is trying to escape Malone's room, which she's gotten locked into. Young Henry Spofford helps her out, in perhaps the movie's funniest scene.


Which of these is NOT in the drink that Lorelei makes for Malone?

The girls, who want to get the incriminating film of Lorelei and Piggy, first give him the drink, then spill water on him in order to have an excuse to take his pants off. That's where they suspect, correctly, the film is hidden. Ah, the 1950s, when date-rape-like behavior was considered funny!


What does Lorelei want from Piggy, in exchange for saving his reputation?

Lorelei saved Piggy by getting the incriminating photos away from Malone. Though Piggy tries to interest her in furs or a racehorse, Lorelei knows she's a queen, and every queen deserves a crown!


In what European city do the girls arrive?

Paris is the City of Love, but the love isn't going to last. The unfortunate "Piggy" affair is about to catch up with Lorelei and Dorothy.


What do Dorothy and Lorelei first do in Paris?

This scene is a fashionista's dream. Among the classic designers whose storefronts are shown are those of Elsa Schiaparelli and Cristobal Balenciaga, now legends of couture.


Who is waiting at the hotel for Lorelei and Dorothy?

Lady Beekman is seeking the return of her tiara, which she believes that Lorelei stole (thanks to her deceitful husband). Lorelei insists that the tiara was a gift, and that she has no intention of returning it.


Finish the lyric, "When Love Goes Wrong, ________."

After leaving the hotel, Lorelei and Dorothy break into song at a cafe. They're pretty cheery given that they're stranded in Paris without any money to speak of.


What kind of work do Lorelei and Dorothy find in Paris?

Lorelei and Dorothy are "Les Chanteuses Amercains" at a cabaret. This is where Lorelei performs the famous "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" number.


What color is the dress that Lorelei wears during the iconic "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" routine?

According to trivia, the original costume design called for Monroe to be dressed in bands of black velvet and diamonds, like a giant necklace. This was deemed too racy, and the result is the pink dress and gloves everyone remembers. (Oddly, no one objected to the somewhat bondage-themed candelabras in the cabaret, made of women in black vinyl seemingly strapped into place.)


Who is in the audience when Lorelei performs the "Diamonds" number?

Gus has chased Lorelei to Paris, as she predicted. But seeing her onstage espousing an anti-romantic, gold-digger has a cooling effect on his ardor, and he tells her "We're through." (Sure you are, Gus!)


When Lorelei finally agrees to give back the tiara, what does she discover?

Oh no! Curse this shocking, yet inevitable, setback!


What does Dorothy do in an attempt to help Lorelei?

Dorothy goes to court in a blonde wig and imitates her friend's breathy voice and innocent manner. She's stalling for time, while Lorelei tries to find the tiara.


Who ultimately proves to have the tiara?

Malone reveals this to the court, having been won over to the cause of trying to help Dorothy and Lorelei. When the tiara is located, all charges against Lorelei are dropped.


Who gives a speech near the end in defense of women pursuing and marrying rich men?

Lorelei tells Gus Sr. that while men might not marry a girl solely because she's pretty, "it helps," and it's the same with women liking rich men. She also points out that Gus Sr. would probably rather his daughter, if he had one, marry a man with money than one without. She wins Gus Sr. to her side, and tells him, "I can be smart, when it's important."


Who directed "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"?

DIrector Howard Hawks made screwball comedies, gangster films and more. His source material for "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" was a 1920s novel of the same name, by author Anita Loos.


The movie ends with whose wedding?

In the end, Lorelei is marrying Gus, and Dorothy is getting hitched to Malone. (Props to Tarantino fans who caught the "Kill Bill" reference, btw.)


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