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Stanley Kubrick was known for not pulling punches with his films and Full Metal Jacket is no exception. The 1987 movie explores the experiences of a group of Marine recruits, following them through basic training and deployment to Vietnam. How well do you remember this intense film?

What is the first thing that happens when the new recruits arrive at boot camp?

"Full Metal Jacket" opens with a scene in which the newly-minted Marines have their heads shaved. This is our first look at the film's major characters as they solemnly watch their hair fall to the floor.


At what base are the new recruits training?

The recruits are assigned to Parris Island, a base in South Carolina. There they receive complete training, including physical fitness, weapons use and much more.


After giving Leonard Lawrence the nickname Gomer Pyle, what does Gunnery Sergeant Hartman do when Pyle seems to be smiling?

In their first encounter, no one gets off to a worse start with Hartman than the newly-christened Pyle. When he seems to be smiling and can't stop, Hartman chokes him until he nearly passes out.


When it's time to go to bed, what does Hartman order the recruits to do?

Hartman lectures the men about the importance of their rifles, ordering them to sleep with the weapons. He even demands that they give their rifles girls' names.


Which of these things does Hartman not do in his efforts to humiliate Pyle?

Hartman is tough on all the recruits, but Pyle is his favorite whipping boy. Over the course of training, he forces him to run with his pants down and suck his thumb. He also calls him fat, gay, and much more.


Who does Hartman put in charge of teaching Pyle?

The recruit Hartman names Joker emerges as one of the group's leaders and most promising Marines. Hartman assigns Pyle to the squad led by Joker, ordering him to take Pyle under his wing and help him improve.


What forbidden item does Hartman find in Pyle's footlocker?

Pyle seems in deeper trouble than ever when Hartman finds a jelly donut in his footlocker. Rather than punishing Pyle, however, Hartman adopts a new tactic. Every time Pyle makes a mistake, the entire platoon will be punished, but Pyle will not.


With what do the other recruits beat Pyle as he lies in his bunk?

The recruits are not too happy when Hartman begins punishing them for Pyle's mistakes. In retaliation, they attack him during the night and pummel him with bars of soap wrapped in towels.


What does Hartman tell the Marines they do for a living?

Hartman's job is to toughen up his recruits and he takes it seriously. Among his goals is to make them war-tough, including indoctrinating them in the idea that their job is killing.


To whom do the recruits sing Happy Birthday?

Hartman insists that his troops be God-fearing Christians, so when Christmas comes, he takes it a step further by having them sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.


What is the first sign that Pyle is having mental issues?

Pyle suddenly makes a significant turn-around and becomes almost a model Marine, but all is not well. Joker begins to get concerned when he sees Pyle talking to his rifle and starts to keep a closer eye on him.


To what specialty is Joker assigned at the end of the training period?

While most of the recruits, including Cowboy and Pyle, are assigned to infantry units, Joker is going a different route. He is assigned to Basic Military Journalism, where he will serve as a writer covering the war and other issues for military communications.


On their last night before undertaking their assignments, Joker is awakened by a loud noise. Where does he find Pyle?

Joker finds Pyle in the bathroom and his mental breakdown has escalated. Pyle is loading his rifle with live ammunition and talking erratically, eventually awakening the entire platoon.


Who does Pyle kill before turning his rifle on himself?

When Hartman confronts Pyle and demands that he turn over his rifle, Pyle shoots him dead. To Joker's horror, he then puts the end of the rifle into his mouth and shoots himself.


Which of these names does Hartman not call the recruits during the course of their basic training?

Hartman spares no mercy when hurling insults at the men he is charged with training. Maggots, dumbasses, ladies, scumbags . . . if there's a way to insult them, he'll find it.


What is Rafterman's job?

When Joker begins working with his journalism unit, he meets fellow journalist Rafterman, who is a photographer. The two are often paired together on assignments.


What is the name of the military newspaper for which Joker and Rafterman work?

In real life, as in the movie, Stars and Stripes is the military's newspaper. It reports on all matters concerning the United States Armed Forces, including reports from the field, such as those Joker and Rafterman file.


Rafterman is assigned to cover the visit to Vietnam of a female American star. Who is it?

Although he is a trained combat photographer, Rafterman's editor gives him the assignment of meeting Ann-Margret when she arrives, and following her throughout her visit. Not a bad gig!


What is the thousand-yard stare?

As Joker talks with his fellow Marines in their barracks, Rafterman says he wants to go into combat and Joker indicates that he has already seen combat and wants to go back. Others doubt him, saying he lacks the thousand-yard stare, a look soldiers develop after they've seen the real horrors of war.


As Joker, Rafterman and the others are lying around in their bunks, what battle breaks out?

During an editorial meeting earlier, there had been a ​discussion about whether the North Vietnamese would break the ceasefire then taking place during Tet, the Vietnamese New Year holiday. Those with more experience doubted it would happen but an attack ensues that turns out to be the beginning of the massive Tet Offensive.


What non-approved item does Joker wear on his uniform?

Although he is a Marine in the middle of a war zone, Joker wears a peace sign on his uniform lapel. In sharp contrast, he has also written "Born to Kill" on his helmet.


During their helicopter ride into Hue, Rafterman and Joker ride with a doorgunner. What does he do during the trip?

During a bumpy helicopter trip to Hue that has Rafterman feeling queasy, the chopper's doorgunner gleefully shoots people on the ground below. Rather than aiming specifically for enemy soldiers, he fires indiscriminately at men, women and children who are fleeing.


Arriving in Hue, Joker meets Cowboy's platoon commander, whose nickname is Touchdown. For what school did he play football?

When Joker and Rafterman arrive in Hue, they approach a Marine named Schinoski and ask him to help them find the unit of Joker's old friend,​ Cowboy. It turns out that Schinoski is Cowboy's platoon commander, but he goes by the nickname of Touchdown, having played football at Notre Dame. This delights Joker.


At Hue, Joker and others are interviewed by a film crew. When they ask Joker why he is in Vietnam, what is his response?

While others give more serious answers, Joker lives up to his nickname in his interview. He tells the interviewer that he came to Vietnam to meet exotic people and then kill them.


Who is the first of the main characters killed in the battle at Hue?

The battle is a bloody one with many casualties, including several from Cowboy's squad. The first of the familiar characters to be gunned down is squadron commander, Touchdown.


What is the name of Cowboy's squad?

Like creating nicknames for individual soldiers, units also go by special designations they develop for themselves. Cowboy's group calls itself the Lusthog Squad.


After Cowboy takes charge of the squadron, why do they change direction?

Things start to go awry when Eightball consults his map and tells Cowboy that apparently they took a wrong turn at the last checkpoint and are not where they are supposed to be. As Eightball tries to scout the area, he is wounded by a sniper.


Two people disobey Cowboy's orders and try to save Eightball. Who are they?

As Eightball lies wounded in the middle of a compound, Doc Jay runs out to try to save him. After he is shot as well, Animal Mother disobeys Cowboy's orders and also goes out. He is the only one to survive.


Where is the sniper hiding?

There is a great deal of rubble at the scene, so it is impossible to tell where the sniper fire is coming from, making the situation extra dangerous for the troops. However, the audience knows that the gunfire is coming from an upper story of a burned out building that is still in flames.


Who finds the sniper?

Although he is less experienced in combat, Joker discovers the sniper, a teenage girl. He tries to shoot her but his rifle jams.


How do the troops manage to get close to the building where the sniper is hiding?

In order to get to the building, the troops must go into some open areas where they are easy targets. By setting off a series of smoke bombs, they are able to work their way to the entrance.


Who initially shoots the sniper?

All the Marines have been well trained in combat, but Rafterman and Joker have been assigned to different roles. That makes it ironic that Rafterman, the photographer, is the first one who is able to shoot the sniper and wound her.


After she is gravely wounded, what does the sniper request?

The young girl tries to tell the men something in Vietnamese, but it takes them some time to understand that she is asking to be killed. While some are in favor of leaving her to die an agonizing death, Animal Mother, who is now in charge of the squadron, tells Joker to kill her. He hesitates for some time, but finally does it, thus developing the thousand-yard stare.


What song do the troops sing as they leave the area and head to their camp?

After the rigors of a battle in which numerous lives were lost and others were changed forever, the squadron finally marches toward camp. The song they sing? The Mickey Mouse Song.


Which of the following songs is not featured in the film?

"Full Metal Jacket" includes a number of familiar songs, including Wooly Bully, These Boots Are Made for Walking, Chapel of Love, Surfin' Bird, and Paint It Black. Not included is Louie Louie.


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