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Frosty the Snowman is a classic Christmas movie from 1969 that follows the adventure of Frosty, a talking snowman who has to get to the North Pole before he melts. How well do you remember the movie? Take the quiz to find out!

What item makes Frosty come to life?

A magic hat makes Frosty come to life. Unfortunately, someone else wants the hat as well once he finds out that it is magic. Frosty's adventure includes running from the Professor who is after his hat and getting to the North Pole before he melts!


What arrived at the begininng of the movie?

The first snowfall arrived at the beginning of the movie. He mentioned how happy the snow makes the people in town and how it brings everyone together. The snow was special because it was a Christmas snow.


What day did the first snowfall arrive?

The first snowfall arrived in town on the day before Christmas. The narrator says this makes it a very special snowfall for the town because something wonderful will happen. In this case, Frosty came to life!


Who did the teacher hire to entertain at the Christmas party?

The teacher hired Professor Hinkle to entertain at the Christmas party. Professor Hinkle was a magician who wore a black suit with a pink flower on his top hat. The narrator also calls him the worst magician in the world!


What did Professor Hinkle put into his hat when entertaining the kids?

Professor Hinkle put magic eggs in the hat. He said "Abracadabra" and then turned the hat upside down to reveal his trick. The eggs fell out and smashed on the ground, ruining his magic trick for the kids.


What is the name of Professor Hinkle's rabbit?

Professor Hinkle's rabbit is named Hocus Pocus. He is a little white rabbit that sits in the Professor's hat. He makes the Professor fall in front of the class while hopping away with his hat.


What time do the children get out of class?

The children get out of class at 3pm. The clock is shown when the bell rings to let the children out and they start running with Professor Hinkle. The children were excited to play in the snow!


What did the kids build after school?

The kids built a snowman after school. It stood much taller than them and had a pipe in its mouth. The children even made sure to give it a broom. The snowman later turned out to be much more than just a snowman!


What did the children name their snowman?

The children named their snowman Frosty. Some of the children suggested other names such as "Harold" and even "Oatmeal." The kids decided that Frosty fit the snowman the best.


What happened when Karen placed Professor Hinkle's hat on Frosty's head?

When Karen put Professor Hinkle's hat on Frosty's head he came alive. Everyone who saw it happen was surprised. Karen said that the hat must be a magic hat in order to make a snowman come to life.


What does Frosty say when the hat is placed on his head?

When the hat is placed on Frosty's head, the first thing he says is "Happy Birthday!" Coming to life so suddenly could be a bit confusing for this loveable snowman!


What did Professor Hinkle say he wanted back after Frosty came to life?

Professor Hinkle said that he wanted his hat back after Frosty came to life. He wanted it back because he saw that it was magic. The children begged for him to give it back to Frosty because the Professor didn't want it in the first place.


What did Professor Hinkle say that snowmen can't do?

Professor Hinkle said that snowmen can't come to life. He told the children that they were silly. He said that when they're grown up they will finally understand that it is impossible for a snowman to come to life.


What did Hocus Pocus replace Professor Hinkle's hat with?

Hocus Pocus replaced Professor Hinkle's hat with a wreath. Hocus Pocus knew that the hat rightfully belonged to Frosty and the other children. He had to slip off with the hat so that the Professor wouldn't notice.


What did Frosty ask for after he started to sweat?

After Frosty started to sweat he asked Karen if there was a thermometer around them. She pointed it out to him and the thermometer kept going higher and higher. This was bad news for Frosty considering he's a snowman!


Where does Frosty say that he needs to go to stop himself from melting?

Frosty says that the North Pole is the only place he can go to stop melting. The kids decide that they have to get Frosty there as soon as possible to save him from his fate.


Why was Frosty unintentionally talking back to the officer?

Frosty was back talking to officer because he misunderstood what the officer was saying. Frosty had just come to life and didn't know about laws or standards in the world. He didn't understand some of the things that the officer was talking about which the officer took as talking back.


What did the officer swallow?

The officer that spoke to Frosty and Karen swallowed his whistle. After Karen told the officer that he would have to excuse Frosty because he had just come to life, the officer let them leave. Then he realized what he had just heard and accidentally swallowed his whistle.


Why couldn't Frosty and Karen get tickets to go to the North Pole?

Frosty and Karen couldn't get tickets to go to the North Pole because they had no money. When Karen asked for the tickets, the clerk added everything up and told her the total. She told the clerk that they had no money and he said "no money, no tickets."


How did the children keep Frosty cold on the train?

The children put Frosty in a refrigerated boxcar on the train to keep him cold. It was also filled with frozen food on it's way to the North Pole. Karen tagged along with Frosty on the train as well.


Who jumped onto the back of the train as it pulled away?

Professor Hinkle jumped on the back of the train as it pulled away from the station. He hung from the bottom of the train and said "I must get that hat back!"


What happened to Karen on the train?

Karen got very cold on the train to the North Pole. She started to sneeze and Frosty tried to think of a way to get her out of the boxcar. Frosty and Hocus Pocus on the otherhand were equipped for the cold temperatures of the boxcar.


What did Frosty do to keep Karen warm?

Frosty took Karen out of the refrigerated boxcar as soon as he could. Professor Hinkle was still on the train and became angry that they had "tricked him." He jumped off of the train to pursue them.


What were the animals in the forest doing when Frosty, Karen and Hocus Pocus were on their way to the North Pole?

The animals in the forest were decorating for Christmas since it was Christmas Eve. The narrator said that the animals were trying to make the decorations perfect for Santa Claus when he arrived that night.


What did Frosty ask Hocus Pocus to do?

Frosty asked Hocus Pocus to talk to the animals. He wanted him to ask the animals if they would all help to build a fire to keep Karen warm. Hocus Pocus went to speak to them and they all agreed to help.


What did Frosty do after the animals built the fire?

Frosty stayed far away after the animals built the fire. He was already in danger of melting but he knew that Karen needed a fire to survive. Hocus Pocus kept him company while they thought up a plan to get Karen and Frosty home.


Who did Hocus Pocus suggest that could help Karen and Frosty get to where they need to be?

Hocus Pocus suggested that Santa could help the group out. Frosty sent Hocus Pocus back to Karen and the animals. He told him to bring Santa to him when he arrives. Frosty waited on top of the hill far from the fire.


What did Professor Hinkle do to the fire?

Professor Hinkle put the fire that was keeping Karen warm out. Frosty ran over to try and stop him but it was too late and Professor Hinkle told him to hand over the hat. Frosty and Karen made a quick getaway!


What did Frosty and Karen find after sliding away from Professor Hinkle?

Frosty and Karen found a greenhouse after sliding away from Professor Hinkle. Frosty brought Karen inside of the greenhouse so that she could keep warm. Frosty was brave to go inside!


What did Professor Hinkle do when Frosty and Karen were inside the greenhouse?

When Frosty and Karen were in the greenhouse, Professor Hinkle shut the door on them. Professor Hinkle had a plan to let Frosty melt and then go inside and get his hat back. Of course, his plan was foiled later on!


What did Santa find when he arrived at the greenhouse?

When Santa arrived at the greenhouse after Hocus Pocus told him what had happened, Santa found a puddle from the snow that Frosty was made from. He had melted from the heat in the greenhouse and Karen was sat beside the puddle crying.


What did Santa say that Frosty was made from?

Santa told Karen that Frosty was made from Christmas snow. He comforted her by telling her that Frosty wasn't gone forever. He told her that Christmas snow was special and that it could never disappear.


What does Santa tell Professor Hinkle that he will do if he touches the hat?

Santa tells Professor Hinkle that he will never bring him another Christmas present again if he touches the magic hat. The Professor told Santa that "evil magicians have to make a living too." Santa made the Professor write "I am very sorry for what I did to Frosty" many times and said that he might have a present the next morning.


Who took Karen home after Frosty came back to life?

Santa took Karen home after Frosty came back to life. He took her back on his sled and let her off on the roof. She hugged Frosty and Santa took him to the North Pole.


What happened every year when Frosty returned?

Every year when Frosty returned, he and the children had a parade. When it was time for him to leave, he would leave with Santa in his sled. He would wave and tell the kids he'll be back on Christmas Day!


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