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This Tarantino-Rodriguez outing was one of the bloodiest black-comedy films of the 90s. Take our quiz and find out how well you remember the gory details!

What year was "From Dusk Till Dawn" released?

The over-the-top violence was typically 90s, a style that fell out of favor after Sept. 11.


Who came up with the story for "From Dusk Till Dawn"?

Tarantino wrote the script from Kurtzman's idea -- it was his first paid writing assignment.


Who directed "From Dusk Till Dawn"?

The movie has a reference to Rodriguez's film "Desperado."


Who played the Texas cop killed in the liquor store?

Fun fact: Since "Earl McGraw" dies in this film, but appears in "Kill Bill" and "Death Proof," that means those stories come before "Dusk Till Dawn" in the Tarantino universe.


What is the last name of robber brothers Seth and Richie?

Unlikely last names are a Tarantino motif.


In addition to robbery, what crime is Richie known for?

This is bad news for their hostage, Gloria.


Who plays the TV reporter in Abilene?

Preston also had a small role in one of the 90s' biggest movies, "Jerry Maguire."


What percent cut is the gangster Carlos taking from the bank-robbery haul?

This seems to be an entry fee to the town of El Rey.


What does the legend on Scott's T-shirt read?

It's a nod to "Assault on Precinct 13" director John Carpenter -- "District 9" hadn't been made yet.


Why, is it implied, has pastor Jacob Fuller lost his faith?

Mrs. Fuller died in a car wreck, Jacob explains.


Jacob Fuller says that he still believes in God and Jesus, but does not _____?

It'll prove a good thing, later, that Jacob still believes in God.


What is the name of the town Seth and Richie are ultimately headed for?

The town is described as a lawless haven for criminals.


How did Jacob and his wife come to adopt Scott?

We know Scott is ethnically Chinese because Jacob corrects Seth, who calls him "Japanese."


Who does comedian Cheech Marin play?

Erik Estrada was in talks to be Carlos, but didn't take the role.


Where are Seth, Richie and Kate all hiding during the border crossing?

When the guard looks inside, Kate is on the toilet, with the brothers crammed into the shower out of sight.


What two professions does the "Titty Twister" allow in?

Jacob gets them in because he has a Class 2 license (to drive his RV).


Who plays the bartender, Razor Charlie?

Trejo also appeared in the direct-to-DVD followups.


What is the name of the performer played by Salma Hayek?

Tarantino apparently took the name from a foreign-language B-movie.


What is Satanico Pandemonium's eye-catching prop?

The human-body guitar appears later, played by a member of the house band.


Who kills Richie?

Technically, he dies twice -- Seth has to stake him in his vampire form.


When Seth stakes Richie, what does he say he is giving him?

Seth says he is giving Richie the peace "I could never give you in life."


What is the name of the biker with whom Kate briefly bonds?

He's played by special-effects guru Tom Savini.


Frost, played by Fred Williamson, is a veteran of which war?

Fun fact: actor Fred Williamson also appeared on the Korean War dramedy M*A*S*H.


The rest of the vampires try to get into the bar in what animal form?

The surviving humans bar the door against them, which works for a while.


What must Jacob Fuller do to be an effective weapon against the vampires?

As a servant of God, Jacob can bless the tap water to make it holy water.


Why is the back office a storehouse of weapons?

Like Tom Hanks in "Cast Away," the humans are clever about re-purposing cargo.


After being bitten, what does Jacob make his kids promise?

Jacob threatens to kill himself on the spot if they don't promise.


What breaks down the door they've barred against the vampires?

Remember, it's all fun and games until someone lets in a horde of vampires!


Who kills Jacob?

Scott kills his vampirized father with a water balloon filled with holy water.


Who kills Scott?

Kate uses the crossbow she found in the back office.


What saves Kate and Seth as they are running low on ammunition?

The sprinkler-system trick was used on the CW's "Supernatural."


Who is outside when Seth and Kate emerge?

Carlos would saved Seth a lot of trouble if he'd said outright he was coming at dawn, not at night.


What concession does Seth win from Carlos because of his troubles?

Seth also gets a car, but that was part of the existing deal.


What does Seth tell Kate to do at the end of the movie?

Kate asks Seth if he'd like some company -- she's very forgiving to a guy who got her dad and brother killed!


What do we see around the back of the bar?

It's a surprisingly chilling moment at the end of a popcorn splatterfest.


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