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If you ever wished "Blazing Saddles" was a LOT more violent, this was the movie for you! Jamie Foxx starred in this new-style Western, with Christoph Waltz as his charming sidekick. Now, test your knowledge of "Django" with our quiz!

Where in Texas does "Django Unchained" begin?

The movie begins with Christoph Waltz's character confronting a pair of slave traders.


What ornament rides on top of King Schultz's wagon?

Schulz is a travelling dentist, though he hasn't practiced in some time. Speaking of which ...


How long has it been since Schulz has worked as a dentist?

It's just as well ... many frontier "dentists" and "doctors" had little to no qualifications.


Why does Schulz need Django's help?

Django will recognize the Brittle brothers, who worked as overseers on the same plantation as Django.


Why does Schulz shoot the sheriff of Daughtrey?

The sheriff had tried to start life over under a new identity.


What is Django's wife named?

Her full name is "Broomhilda von Shaft," called Hildi for short.


Why does Schulz feel responsible for Django?

Siegfried was the hero who rescued the Brunhilde of legend.


Who played the plantation owner "Big Daddy"?

Big Daddy has a brief but memorable role in the vein of the Southern "colonel."


Why is Django not positive that the man on the horse is Ellis Brittle?

After Schulz shoots him, though, Django is "positive he's dead."


Where does Schulz hide money and other important items?

It's also where he hides the dynamite, in the scene where Big Daddy leads an attack on his wagon.


Who played Calvin Candie, Hildi's new owner?

Michael Parks, a staple of Tarantino films, has a bit role later in the film.


Who played Stephen, Candie's oldest and most-trusted servant?

Jackson gave a daring performance as an "Uncle Tom," a slave who curries favor with his white masters at the expense of other slaves.


What is Calvin Candie's plantation called?

Even when dealing with serious subjects, Tarantino likes to add touches of outright whimsy.


What title does Candie prefer to "Mister"?

Candie is a Francophile who doesn't speak any French.


What sport is Candie an aficionado of?

The term "Mandingo fighting" was coined by the film, but fights to the death may actually have occurred.


What role must Django play to enter Candieland?

The cover story is that he's there to assess fighters that Schulz might purchase.


What is the name of the slave killed by dogs?

His name, taken from "The Three Musketeers," allows Schulz to point out that Alexandre Dumas was black.


What member of his family does Calvin Candie live with?

Her name is Lara-Lee Candie Fitzwilly.


What happens when Hildi and Django are reunited at last?

He calls her, "little trouble maker." at which points she swoons to the floor; Schulz says, "You silver-tongued devil."


In addition to Mandingo fighting, what interest does Candie pursue?

Phrenology was based on the belief that bumps in the skull influenced personality and character.


What is the name of the slave that Schulz agrees to purchase?

Of course, this is only a ruse to throw in the purchase of Hildi.


What excuse does Schulz give for wanting to buy Hildi?

It's a very plausible cover story, and Candie buys it.


How does Candie learn that Schulz and Django are really interested in Hildi?

Stephen can't wait to tell his master that he's being played.


What prevents Schulz from buying Hildi?

Schulz does buy Hildi and gets her freedom papers -- it's only afterward that things go sour


Who kills Calvin Candie?

Schulz's memories of seeing a slave torn apart by dogs get the better of him.


Who saves Django from castration?

His motives aren't pure -- he wants Django to suffer for longer than it would take him to bleed out.


What is Django's fate to be?

Of course, being shipped away from Candieland offers the opportunity of escape.


Who has a cameo as an employee of the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company?

The other mining-company employee is John Jarratt, the killer in "Wolf Creek."


How does Stephen die?

It's hard to say that he didn't have this coming to him.


Why did Will Smith turn down the lead role in "Django"?

This might have been a discreet way of saying that he disapproved of how much Django's accomplishments depended on the help of an enlightened white man.


What "Dukes of Hazzard" star had a small role in "Django"?

Wopat played the marshal of Daughtrey, Texas.


What red-hot TV series did Kerry Washington, who played Hildi, anchor?

Washington plays a damage-control expert in -- appropriately enough -- Washington.


Franco Nero, who had a small role, is best known for what film?

He played "Amerigo," whose slave Luigi dies in a Mandingo fight.


"Django Unchained" was criticized for which of the following?

It's worth pointing out that the film also garnered NAACP Image Awards nominations -- and wins.


Who won a "Best Supporting" Oscar for "Django Unchained"?

Tarantino also won for Best Original Screenplay.


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