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Top o' the morning to ya! "The Luck of the Irish" was one of Disney's biggest DCOMs from 2001 that you'll still find playing on St. Patrick's Day. How well do you remember the film? Are you feeling lucky? Find out with this quiz!

In "The Luck of the Irish," what is the main character's name?

At the opening of the film, we learn that the main character's name is Kyle Johnson. He is played by Ryan Merriman who first appeared in the TV series "The Mommies".


What's the mascot for Kyle's school?

In the intro to the film, Kyle is woken up from a nightmare by his mother. His father proceeds to talk him up about the game and yells "Go Warriors!"


From where did the Johnson family tell Kyle originally came?

When Kyle originally asks his parents about their heritage, they tell him that the Johnson family originally came from Cleveland, Ohio.


What's Kyle's basketball number?

One of the earlier scenes in the film shows Kyle and his best friend at a basketball game for school. Kyle is seen wearing a white jersey with #11 on it.


What's Kyle's best friend's name?

Kyle's best friend is Russell. He also plays with him on the basketball team and wears #34.


When Bonnie is asking Kyle about Heritage Day, Russell announces that he's part Native American. What tribe was it?

When Kyle tells Bonnie that his family comes from Cleveland, Bonnie laughs and tells him that everyone's family comes from somewhere. Russell then mentions that his family is part-Cherokee.


What's Bonnie's last name?

We first hear Bonnie's last name when Kyle brings her up at dinner as the head of the Heritage Day committee. His mom then mentions that "Bonnie Lopez" is the head of every committee.


The old yearbook that Kyle looks in is from what year?

When Kyle decides that he can't keep asking his parents about his heritage, he does some digging and brings out his father's old high school year book. The yearbook is from 1978.


What was Kyle's father's last name before he changed it?

When Kyle goes through his father's yearbook, he doesn't find Robert "Johnson." After looking through his father's papers, he sees papers that say his father had his last name changed to Johnson from Smith.


How much money does Kyle find in the street?

After Russell and Kyle are talking about how lucky he is, Kyle finds $10 lying in the middle of the sidewalk. The good friend he is, he promises to split it with Russell.


When Kyle meets his grandfather for the first time, what does he ask if Kyle made himself?

When his grandfather comes up to him for the first time, he asks him if he made his shoes, or if his mother was still making them for him. This is before he knows that it's his grandfather.


What's the name of the antagonist in the film?

When Kyle and Russell go to the Irish fair, they see Seamus McTiernan. Little do they know all the schemes he has planned!


What is Seamus McTiernan's nickname?

Seamus McTiernan is known as the Saint of the Step for his Irish step-dancing and his dancing group.


What time does Kyle wake up in the mornings?

On the morning after Kyle's coin has been stolen, his alarm wakes him up at 7 AM, before the 'unluckiest day of his life' begins.


What brand of chips is Russell eating at lunch?

After Kyle's lunch falls on him and he's left eating nothing, Russell finds him in the cafeteria and offers him some Emerald Isle chips.


How many foul shots does each member of the team have to make before leaving practice?

On the day of their basketball game, the coach announces that the members of the team can't leave until they each score 10 foul shots. As a part of Kyle's bad luck, he can't score a single shot.


When Kyle's mom tells him he shouldn't be playing basketball, what sport does she tell him to play instead?

When Kyle has a bad game, his mother tells him that he should be hurling instead of playing basketball. He tells her that he's not sick!


When Kyle wakes up on the second morning of his bad luck, what change does he notice?

The second morning of his bad luck, Kyle looks at himself in the mirror and notices that he looks shorter. He then realizes that his pajama bottoms are pooling around his feet.


What's the name of the student who outshines Kyle at the basketball game?

During their basketball game, Kyle's skills definitely aren't up to par once he loses his luck. Drake, another member on the team, shines during the game -- especially when the coach benches Kyle.


Which of these three kinds of metal are not attracted by a magnet?

During their science class, Russell points out that the three metals are iron, cobalt, and nickel. Once Kyle's coin gets attracted to the magnet, he realizes that it's not his original coin.


Who is Bonnie going on a field trip with?

When Bonnie apologizes to Kyle for her harsh words after his basketball practice, she mentions that she's going on a field trip with the Young Achievers.


What is Kyle's mother's family's name?

When Kyle tells his parents that he lost his coin, they tell him that the coin holds the luck for the clan O'Reilly.


What animal does Grandfather O'Reilly have on the bottom of his shoes?

When Kyle's grandfather originally introduces himself to Kyle and Russell, he shows them his shoes -- which have a snake on the sole.


When Bonnie points out that Kyle's ears are pointy, what does he say he's changing into?

After Kyle takes off his hat, Bonnie notices that both of his ears have turned pointy. He says, "Oh no! I'm turning into a vulcan!"


What does Grandfather O'Reilly say he created?

While walking with Bonnie and Kyle in his factory, Grandfather O'Reilly reveals that he was the first to create the potato chip.


What's Grandfather O'Reilly's first name?

When Grandfather O'Reilly comes up to Bobby, he initially says "Oh really?" Grandfather then announces, "No, O'Reilly. Riley O'Reilly!"


What sport did Bonnie want to play instead of joining the Young Achievers?

When Kyle asks Bonnie if she's sure about leaving the Young Achievers tour at the Emerald Isle factory, she tells him she's looking for experiences. She then tells him that she wanted to join the basketball team, but she joined the Young Achievers because her parents said it looked better on a college application.


What food do Seamus' cronies throw at Kyle, his family, and friends from their RV?

In order to thwart them from chasing after them, Seamus has his cronies throw their corn beef and cabbage out the window at their car.


When they get a flat tire and Bonnie says things could get worse, what starts happening?

After they get a flat and Bonnie says their luck can't get any worse, it does -- it starts pouring rain and they can't bring up the top on their car.


What occupation does Bonnie's father want her to have?

When Bonnie decides to call her dad about ditching the Young Achievers, she mentions her father will give her his infamous "you're not going to get into Med school" speech.


When Kyle plays against Seamus for their bet, what's the first sport they play?

When Kyle challenges Seamus McTiernan to sports, the first game they play is hurling, the sport his mother said he should play instead of basketball.


What's the third sport that Kyle plays against Seamus?

The second game they play is rock throwing, followed by chariot wheel throwing. They also run, wrestle, and Irish step dance.


Who scores the final point at the basketball game?

When the score is tied at 74, Kyle passes the ball to Russell, who goes for a lay up and wins the game against Seamus.


Where does Seamus have to spend the rest of the days after he loses to Kyle?

Kyle names a bet that, if he wins, Seamus has to give him his lucky coin and stay forever in the land of his father, the land of Erie. Little does Seamus know that Mr. Johnson is from Cleveland and he'll be spending the rest of his existence in Lake Erie.


Who convinces Bonnie's father to let her play basketball?

After speaking to Mr. Lopez, Grandfather O'Reilly tells him that he's looking to give Bonnie a full scholarship for college but she needs to be well-rounded. He asks if she plays a sport and Mr. Lopez announces that Bonnie will be playing basketball the following year.


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