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This futuristic thriller with Clive Owen dates back to 2006 -- before dystopian was cool! Now, revisit the dangerous world of "Children of Men" with our quiz!

What is causing the demise of humanity in "Children of Men"?

In 2027, women are no longer able to bear babies. The last child was born in 2009 (which was the future in the film's release year, 2006).


"Children of Men" opens in which city?

The London of 2027 looks a lot different than London today. The familiar double-decker buses still run -- but among streets full of riot police, with ads for a suicide drug everywhere.


The movie opens with news of the death of Diego Ricardo. What was his claim to fame?

In the film's first scene, a crowd of people are watching a report on his death. "Baby Diego" was just eighteen years old.


What is Theo Faron (Clive Owen) doing in the film's first scene?

This is important for several reasons. It tells us Theo is a no-nonsense guy who takes his coffee black and doesn't care about the death of "Baby Diego." It's also important because the coffee shop blows up as soon as he leaves, showing the audience how dangerous the world is in 2027.


What is the slogan of Quietus, the suicide pill?

It's eerie, the way the movie anticipates how pharmaceutical companies would market this to the populace. A pleasing name, with a comforting slogan.


What did Theo's friend Jasper once do for a living?

When Theo first visits, we see a shelf in Jasper's house. Though it's cluttered with old photographs, the camera lingers on an award for "Best Political Cartoonist" and several pieces of his work.


What does Jasper do to make money now?

Jasper says his best customer is an immigration cop. This seems like a bit of dark humor, but it's important to the plot later.


How does Jasper's wife Janice greet Theo?

Janice is mute and in a wheelchair. How much she understands of her surroundings isn't clear, but Jasper is a loving caretaker.


What is the name of the radical immigrant-rights group?

The name of the group obviously evokes Christianity. Meanwhile, the Fishes prove themselves to be untrustworthy -- we're not sure if that's intended to be commentary on religion.


Who played Theo's ex-lover-turned-radical-activist?

Julian has become a leader in the Fishes since she and Theo broke up. She turns to him in time of trouble because she still trusts him.


What unhappy secret do Julian and Theo share?

The boy's name, Dylan, is implied to be inspired by Bob Dylan. Both Theo and Julian were serious political activists, in their past.


What does Julian want Theo to obtain?

Julian needs transit papers to get a refugee to the coast. She doesn't tell Theo, however, why this particular fugitive girl is so important.


What work of art does Theo's cousin have in his home?

Theo's cousin works for the Ark of Arts, an organization saving precious artworks from destruction. The cousin also has a lavish lifestyle, suggesting that there might be a bit of black-market sales going on.


What sport does Theo watch and bet on?

England is a nation that loves its equestrian sports. The fact that dog racing has supplanted horse racing there suggests that it's just too expensive to keep racehorses in a world that's falling apart.


The secret signal between Theo and the Fishes is a flyer announcing what?

A woman at the dog track shows this to Theo. He follows her to a nearby bus -- nearly losing her because he stops to collect his winnings.


What is the name of the refugee girl?

Kee is a West African refugee, or "fugee" as the Fishes put it. The word "shanti," Sanskrit for "peace," comes up several times in the film, but isn't used as a name.


How does Julian die?

Julian is in the car's passenger seat when a shot goes through the windshield and hits her in the throat. Kee and her companion, Miriam, give Julian a quick roadside memorial.


While Kee and Miriam are giving Julian a memorial, what does Theo do?

Theo does not participate as Miriam chants over Julian's body and pastes a bindi to her forehead. Instead, he takes a hit from his bottle, then breaks down crying behind a tree.


Where does Kee reveal to Theo that she is pregnant?

The implication is clear: Kee is being treated like livestock. She's valued only for her ability to bear young.


Where is the Human Project's sanctuary?

The Human Project is supposedly working on a solution to the fertility crisis. They also offer hope for Kee to raise her baby in peace.


Who played Luke, Julian's second-in-command?

Ejiofor, with his open and trustworthy face, was cast against type here. Theo and Kee put their faith in Luke, but it turns out that he had Julian killed in order to take over the movement.


Who played Patric, the blond-dreadlocked Fish?

Hunnam is British-born. However, he's prominently played Americans in "Sons of Anarchy" and the movie "Abandon."


What secret does Theo learn by eavesdropping on the Fishes?

It's fortunate that the cynical Theo decided to eavesdrop. He gets Kee and Miriam out of the house the same night.


Where does Theo take Kee and Miriam after they escape the safe house?

Jasper's place is off the grid -- we see Theo removing tree branches to reveal the road. But there's a pretty sophisticated security system in place, with multiple cameras and an alarm.


How does Jasper use Quietus?

Theo is alarmed to arrive at Jasper's and find both the old man and his wife unconscious with a box of Quietus between them. It looks like a double suicide. But then Jasper wakes up from his nap and explains to Theo that he's been doing pest control.


What are Jasper's last words?

A jokester to the end, Jasper tells Luke to "pull my finger" repeatedly, even as Luke pumps bullets into him. (If you don't know what the punchline of "pull my finger" is, Google it: We're too refined to explain it here.)


When Kee thinks she is having a boy, what is the name she wants to give him?

Theo responds with bafflement, saying she can't name the first human born in 18 years "Froley." We tend to agree with him, Kee!


What was Miriam's job earlier in her life?

Miriam tells Theo the story of working in pre-natal units as the fertility crisis set in. It really struck home when she turned a page in the appointment book and saw that the next seven months were entirely blank.


Why do Theo, Miriam and Kee want to get "arrested"?

It's Jasper's idea. He arranges it with his immigration-cop friend Syd, which is why "arrested" is in quotes -- it's a set-up.


What does Theo call Syd on first meeting him?

Jasper has made this the password by which Syd will recognize Theo. It's odd, because you can imagine almost anyone calling an immigration cop this, meaning a misunderstanding could have been possible.


When Kee learns her newborn baby is a girl, what name does she want to give her?

A still-confused Theo says, "I was just getting used to Froley." But Kee laughs and says Froley is a man's name.


What is the name of the Human Project's ship?

We see this painted on the prow as the boat nears to pick up Kee and Dylan. This underscores the movie's prevailing message of hope.


What happens to Theo at the end of the movie?

Alfonso Cuaron said that audiences can see this movie as hopeful or pessimistic. He probably meant the question of whether Kee's baby will save humanity, but you can also apply it to the question of whether Theo survives.


In the final scene, what name does Kee settle on for her daughter?

She tells this to Theo, just before he loses consciousness from his gunshot wound. It might be the last thing he hears before he dies.


What appears in nearly every scene of "Children of Men"?

Sometimes the dogs are guard dogs, but there are even more pets in "Children of Men." It reflects the idea that humans, without children to raise, have turned to pets.


Who wrote the novel on which "Children of Men" is based?

James wrote the book as an allegory in which Christian faith redeems a dying world. Director and co-writer Alfonso Cuaron added Eastern religious overtones to the Christian ones, giving the film a broader, more secular tone.


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