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Look up any list of the best baseball movies of all time and you're almost certain to find "Bull Durham" listed. The 1988 film starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, ​and Tim Robbins is a must-see for sports movie fans. Test your knowledge of the movie here!

Who narrates the movie?

The film is narrated by Annie Savoy, the lead female character. Annie is a baseball groupie who follows her hometown team -- and its young players -- faithfully.


At what church does Annie say she worships?

Annie tells viewers in the film's opening sequence that she worships at the church of baseball. She loves the game and knows it well, even providing advice to the players during games.


When Millie is caught having sex with a player in the clubhouse and threatened with punishment, she says she can't be banned from the ballpark. Why?

Millie, who is as promiscuous as Annie, has sex with Ebby LaLoosh minutes before his pitching debut and the team's manager threatens to ban her from the ballpark. She lets him know that he can't do that because her father has donated the park's new scoreboard.


What is Ebby's main problem as a pitcher?

Ebby is a good pitcher with lots of promise except for one problem. His has great speed, but little control, causing him to throw incredibly wild pitches more often than not.


Why was Crash Davis brought to the Bulls?

Crash is an experienced catcher who has been around the minor leagues for many years. When he arrives in Durham, the team's manager tells him that he is expected to help Ebby grow as a player, primarily by teaching him the maturity needed to be a member of a successful team and make it to the big leagues.


What degrading nickname does Crash give Ebby?

Crash starts out to get Ebby's attention right away, wanting to show him who is boss. Knowing Ebby is looking for a good baseball nickname, Crash begins calling him Meat, calling attention to his stubbornness and immaturity.


Instead of fighting in the alley, what does Crash do to Ebby?

When Ebby and Crash nearly come to blows in a bar, they step outside along with others who want to see a fight. Instead of taking on his teammate, Crash simply throws a ball into his chest -- hard -- and leaves the scene.


What is Annie's opinion of two men fighting?

When Crash and Ebby prepare to fight, Annie, who has been sitting with both of them at the bar, expresses an unusual opinion. She says that fighting is an expression of latent homosexuality that is simply being channeled in a different direction.


When Annie takes both Crash and Ebby home with her, how does Crash surprise her?

Annie takes both Crash and Ebby home with her, explaining that she chooses one player to sleep with each season and she is considering both of them. Crash says he is a veteran and refuses to try out and he leaves, but not before making a long speech about the things he believes in, which intrigues Annie.


What does Annie ask Ebby to do before they sleep together?

After Crash leaves, Ebby is ready to get down to business, but Annie has other ideas. First she asks him to strip for her and after some initial shock, he enthusiastically complies.


After sex, what does Annie read to Ebby?

Annie loves literature and considers it part of her job as Ebby's lover for the season to teach him about the finer things in life. In addition to talking with him about spiritual matters, she reads poetry to him, including the works of Walt Whitman. He'd prefer to just have sex.


In the clubhouse, Crash chastises Ebby for a repugnant personal habit. What is it?

As part of his tutelage of Ebby, Crash notices that his shower shoes are very dirty. He chastises him for it, explaining that he needs to take more pride in his appearance and belongings.


Who gives Ebby the nickname "Nuke?"

Although Crash continues to refer to Ebby as Meat, Annie thinks Nuke is a good nickname for him. Fortunately, this is the one that sticks.


Who distracts Crash when he's in the batter's box?

Despite being in a relationship with Ebby, Annie is intrigued by Crash and the feeling is mutual, so much so that he becomes distracted by her at a most inopportune time -- while he is batting. You need to work on your concentration, Crash.


Why won't Annie sleep with Crash?

Although Annie is undoubtedly promiscuous, she has one rule. During each season, she chooses one player and is faithful to him until the season ends. Although Crash becomes interested, she explains her rule to him and vows to stick with Ebby.


What is "the show?"

In the real world as as well as in the film, Major League Baseball is called "the show." All minor league players aspire to move up to the show because the prestige, pay and living conditions are vastly improved.


What does the player named Jose use as a good luck charm?

Another player who is in a slump sees Jose making an unusual item and asks what it is. Jose explains that it is a chicken bone cross and in his culture, it will bring good luck.


At the Durham ballpark, what happens if a player hits a ball far enough into the outfield that it hits the sign with a bull on it?

Since the team is called the Bulls, the park erected a sign in the outfield bearing a bull. If a player's ball hits the bull, he not only gets a home run, he gets a free steak as well. A bit of trivia: this was created for the movie, but the real Durham Bulls team liked the idea so much that they kept the sign and made it part of their culture.


What unusual item does Annie give Ebby to wear when he goes on the road with the team?

Annie has some unusual ideas for helping Ebby improve his game, to say the least. At one point, she insists that he take a set of black garters on the road with him and wear them during games. He is reluctant, but agrees to go along.


Who is Bull Durham?

Although it sounds like a character name, it is not. The film's title comes from the fact that the team depicted in the movie is the Durham, N.C. Bulls.


Why does Crash make Ebby stop singing on the bus?

Ebby sings a song with the words, "Oh she may get wooly, women do get wooly because of all the stress" and Crash cuts him off and grabs his guitar, saying he hates it when people get the words to a song wrong. Crash then tells him the correct words are, "Oh she may be weary, young girls do get weary, wearing the same old dress."


On the bus, Crash reveals that he has played in the big leagues. How long was he there?

The other players were not aware that Crash had made it to "the show" until he reveals it on the bus. He says he was there for 21 days and they were the best of his life.


What position does Crash play?

Crash is a catcher. This is one of the reasons he was chosen to work with Ebby, because pitchers and catchers must work closely together.


When the team needs a break while on the road, how does Crash get their next game postponed?

When the players believe a break would improve their performance, Crash says he can make it rain. Late at night, he and the other players go to the field and turn on the sprinklers, making the field too wet to play on the following day.


What unusual physical instruction does Annie give to Ebby?

Annie has many unusual ideas for improving the performance of "her" players. Among the odd things she asks Ebby to do is breathe through his eyelids.


What does Crash do when Ebby starts shaking off his signs?

One of the things Crash has tried to impart to Ebby is to stop thinking too much and let his catcher call the pitches. When Ebby does it, they are a good team, but Ebby gets overconfident and begins shaking Crash off, prompting Crash to tell the batter what pitch to expect. You guessed it -- home run.


When he begins pitching well and the team starts winning, what does Ebby do?

When the team's fortunes -- and his own -- suddenly change, Ebby decides to take action to keep the streak going. He tells Annie they can no longer have sex, which is not good news for her.


What does Annie do for a living?

Annie's love for literature can be traced to her job as an English teacher at a local junior college. This also gives her plenty of time in the summer to indulge her passion for baseball.


What is Crash doing when Annie burst into his home?

When Annie bursts in unexpectedly on Crash, she is surprised to find him ironing. Someone has to do it.


When Crash is ejected from a game, what happens?

When Crash gets into an argument with an umpire, he is ejected from the game. The team subsequently loses the game and their winning streak comes to an end.


After being called to the majors, Ebby goes to look for Crash. Where does he find him?

After learning his dream of playing in the majors is coming true, Ebby immediately goes to look for Crash. Although they have had their differences, Crash is happy for his teammate and gives him some final words of advice.


Where do Millie and Jimmy marry?

After years of promiscuity, Millie begins seeing Jimmy and a quick romance leads to marriage. We can be sure she isn't pregnant because the ultra-religious Jimmy is a virgin.


After Ebby leaves, what does the manager tell Crash?

Once Ebby has made the major leagues, Crash's job is done and the team has no more use for him. He is released and the manager suggests that he consider becoming a minor league manager.


What record does Crash break?

Crash was closing in on the minor league home run record when he left the Bulls. After briefly catching on with another team, he is able to break the record and promptly quits as a player.


What are Crash and Annie doing as the movie ends?

After leaving baseball, Crash goes to Annie's house and they finally consummate their relationship. Crash tells her that he is considering a position as a minor league manager in Visalia, and she tells him she plans to give up her affairs with other players. The movie closes with the two dancing in the hallway of Annie's house.


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