How well do you remember 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'?

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Francis Ford Coppola assembled a dream cast, including Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman, for this faithful -- and yet campy -- retelling of the Victorian classic. Test your memories of this colorful horror film with our quiz!

Who played young solicitor Jonathan Harker?

Reeves was widely panned for both his acting and his attempt at a British accent.

Who played the madman Renfield?

Buscemi was the first choice, but turned the role down.

Why does Dracula turn against the Catholic Church?

Elizabeta threw herself into the river because she believed that Dracula was dead.

Why did Elizabeta incorrectly believe Dracula is dead?

Elizabeta then flings herself from a high castle wall, apparently never having learned about "trust but verify."

When Dracula stabs the cross in the chapel, what happens?

All this -- the cross bleeding and him drinking the blood -- is an origin story not in the novel.

The film then picks up in 1897, in what country?

Here Jonathan Harker says goodbye to his fiancee Mina Murray before leaving for Transylvania.

What business is Harker conducting for Count Dracula?

Dracula is buying "Carfax Abbey" -- maybe the prior owners made their fortune selling used-carriage histories to potential buyers.

What does Dracula's carriage pass through, right before the castle gates?

Harker takes notice, but says nothing at the time.

Whom does Mina stay with while Jonathan is in eastern Europe?

Mina says that Jonathan is nervous about her staying with a rich friend, because he is only a poor solicitor.

What book at Lucy's house scandalizes Mina?

Mina and Lucy giggle over the sexual illustrations together.

Lucy's three suitors -- Jack, Arthur and Quincey -- are what, respectively?

Technically, Quincey is only identified as a rich Texan, but he carries a Bowie knife and alludes to horseback riding, making him a cowboy figure.

Where does Jack Seward work as a doctor?

Jack also occasionally gets high on his own supply -- morphine, that is.

What new-fangled piece of Victorian technology is Mina using at Lucy's?

A durable invention, the typewriter didn't really fall out of favor until the late 1980s.

What does Dracula present his brides with as an alternative to drinking Harker's blood?

Three gorgeous women swarm over Harker before Dracula appears -- not a tough gig for actor Reeves.

What excuse does Harker make to Mina for why he must stay in Romania?

The letter is brief, and Mina worries that it's not like Jonathan.

Which of Lucy's suitors does she choose?

How could she resist -- he's Westley (Cary Elwes) from "The Princess Bride!"

Where does Harker recover after escaping from Castle Dracula?

Mina immediately departs for Romania to marry Jonathan there.

Why does Dracula want to find Mina in London?

According to the film, Mina is Elizabeta reincarnated -- she recalls Transylvania, a land she's never been to.

What has changed about Harker when Mina sees him again?

Hair turning white "overnight" is biologically impossible -- it has to fall out and grow back in white.

Whom is the first person Lucy tries to bite?

She dramatically begs him "Kiss me!" first.

What is Van Helsing doing when we first see him?

Van Helsing lets a vampire bat bite him to demonstrate its feeding habits.

What does Van Helsing first suggest to save Lucy?

As Stephen King once pointed out, unless they share Lucy's blood type or are both Type O, this is going to do more harm than good.

What happens the same night that Lucy dies?

Lucy, of course, is not as dead as everyone thinks.

What is unusual about the coffin in which Lucy is interred?

It's truly a work of art, with frost-white engravings on the lid near her face.

On the street where Mina and Dracula meet, a sign advertises what?

Bram Stoker managed the Lyceum and worked with the actor Irving.

Where does Mina stay while the men are ransacking Carfax Abbey?

A church might have been safer, as Dracula easily infiltrates Seward's apartment.

How does Dracula get into Seward's apartment?

The mist then goes under the covers at the foot of the bed -- one of the movie's many expressly erotic scenes.

How does Dracula escape Seward's apartment?

Rats are also seen crawling across ceilings -- a violation of the laws of physics.

After the confrontation at the asylum, how does Van Helsing learn Dracula's next move?

Dracula is travelling by sea, so the men go overland to intercept him at a port city.

What does Van Helsing press against Mina's forehead?

The wafer leaves a burn mark on Mina's face.

Who is killed in the final showdown with Dracula?

A later short story, "The Wind Breathes Cold," has Quincey awakening to find himself a vampire.

Who kills Dracula?

Mina, the reincarnation of Elizabeta, kills Dracula to give him peace.

Who played Lucy Westenra?

Frost was so little known that she had an "Introducing" credit.

One of Dracula's brides was played by Monica Bellucci, who reunited with Keanu Reeves in which film?

Bellucci played the character of "Persephone."

Who performed "Love Song for a Vampire," the film's closing theme?

Really, the closing theme is so melodramatic we can't believe they passed up Celine Dion.

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