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Cool gadgets. Hot women. Exotic locations. There isn't a woman Bond couldn't make swoon or a villain he couldn't take down. Take the Diamonds are Forever quiz and discover how much you know about 007!

James Bond's code name is _________?

James Bond is an MI6 agent who has the License to Kill, which is the reason why he is a '00' agent. The '7' means he is the seventh agent to earn that title.


Bond is an MI6 agent loyal to what country?

MI6 is also known as the SIS, or Secret Intelligence Service. It is the British intelligence agency that supplies England with information from other countries.


James Bond is a fictional character created by whom?

Ian Fleming created James Bond in 1953 and made him the main character in tweleve novels and two short story collections.


The book that the movie is based on, Diamonds Are Forever, was written by Ian Fleming in what year?

'Diamonds Are Forever' was published on March 26, 1956, by publisher Jonathan Cape in the UK. Ian Fleming wrote his fourth James Bond novel on his Goldeneye estate in Jamaica, after he read a Sunday Times article about diamond smuggling.


What villain is Bond after in the opening moments of the movie?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld first made an appearance in Bond's 1963 film, From Russia with Love. He was played by two actors: Eric Pohlmann and Anthony Dawson.


In his quest for Blofeld, who does Bond strangle, using her bikini top?

When Bond approaches Marie, she asks, "Is there something I can do for you?" To which he replies, "Yes, as a matter of fact there is. There's something I'd like you to get off your chest." Bond then grabs her bikini top off her chest and puts it around her neck. As he's strangling Marie, Bond states, "Speak up darling, I can't hear you."


After Bond sends Blofeld into "hell" at the beginning of the movie, what is wearing a diamond collar?

The cat is a white Persian. It made its first appearance with Blofeld in the 1963 Bond film, From Russia With Love. The name of the cat is never revealed in the films.


Who meets a man in the middle of nowhere for delivery of diamonds?

Dr. Tynan is the man that Wint and Kidd meet. He was expecting a guy named Joe. While Dr. Tynan is looking at Mr. Kidd's mouth, Mr. Wint puts a scorpion down the back of his shirt and kills him.


Kidd and Wint hand off the diamonds to what person?

Mrs. Whistler walks into the room and asks the men, "Where to this time?" They reply, "Amsterdam." Mrs. Whistler loves their answer. She grabs a hollowed-out Bible and Mr. Wint places the diamonds inside.


Who is Bond supposed to impersonate in Holland?

Franks is a smuggler that MI6 has been watching. At the port, Franks is pulled away from his car with the ruse of a message waiting for him. Bond gets in the car. Moneypenny hands him a passport and calls him Mr. Franks.


Who does "Franks" (Bond) visit when he arrives in Holland?

When Bond walks into the apartment, he sees a blonde woman. Bond asks about Mr. Case. She says that there is no Mr. Case, and T. stands for Tiffany. When she emerges from the bedroom, she is a brunette.


Who plays James Bond?

Sean Connery is best known as the man who portrayed James Bond in seven films from 1962 to 1983. He played Indiana Jones' father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Connery's last screen appearance was in 2003, as Allen Quatermain in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


How does Tiffany verify that Bond is Peter Franks?

Tiffany tells "Franks" to make himself a drink. After he does, she grabs the glass, saying that she'll get him some ice. In her bedroom, she dusts the glass for prints. After she compares Bond's fingerprint to the one she has one file for Franks, she is satisfied that Bond is Peter Franks.


How does Bond/Franks get the diamonds into the U.S?

The real Franks escapes custody. When he arrives at the apartment building to see Tiffany, Bond kills him, protecting his identity as Franks. Tiffany thinks Franks is Bond and sends him in a casket to the U.S. The diamonds are in Franks body.


What happens to Bond after he puts the urn behind the curtain?

Bond is hit by Wint and Kidd. He is put into a coffin and sent into the fire to be cremated. Good thing he's Bond and can get out of all tight spots!


Where in the U.S. does the diamond smuggling investigation lead Bond?

Las Vegas bills itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World because of its large casino-hotels, gambling, and shows. It is one of the top three vacation destinations in the United States.


Who do the Slumber Inc. attendants throw out the hotel window?

Plenty O'Toole is played by Lana Wood. According to her autobiography, when she met Sean Connery for the first time someone told her to have a seat and he'd be right out. When he did come out he was completely naked. They had a short fling during filming.


What is the name of the Las Vegas hotel and casino where Bond is staying?

Circus Circus Casino is at 2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It is still a popular hotel & casino that is now part of MGM Resorts.


What is the operation called when Tiffany Case gets the message at the blackjack table, "Why don't you play the water balloons?"

Operation Passover is a covert op backed by Bond and CIA agent Felix. Tiffany "wins" the balloon race and receives a stuffed green dog as a prize. The kid next to her complains that the machine is fixed.


What car rental company does Bond use in Vegas?

In 1918, Hertz was founded by Walter L. Jacobs, who started renting out Model T Ford cars in Chicago. The company is the largest car rental agency in the United States, according to its sales figures. It has locations in 150 countries.


Bond hides in the back of a green van driven by the man who has the stuffed green dog. The van enters a restricted area. To con his way in, Bond strikes up a conversation with whom?

Klaus Hergersheimer was played by Ed Bishop, who originally went uncredited in the film. Ed Bishop made a one-time appearance in the Walking Dead before his death in 2005.


Who plays "M"?

Bernard Lee played "M," starting with Dr. No in 1962, through Moonraker in 1979. He also played "M" in the non-Bond film, From Hong King with Love, in 1975, alongside Mickey Rooney. Lee died in 1981, at the age of 73, from stomach cancer.


What does Bond climb in to escape the restricted area?

Bond's escape in the moon buggy he steals from a moon landing movie set plays into the popular conspiracy theory that the moon landing of 1969 is fake. In the 1990s the moon buggy was found rotting away in a farmer's field. It was restored, auctioned at Christie's, and purchased by Planet Hollywood Las Vegas for $44,000 USD.


What is the name of the casino owned by Willard Whyte?

The filming location for The Whyte House is the Landmark Hotel located on Convention Center Drive and Paradise Road in Vegas. The Landmark closed down in 1990 and the lot is currently a parking lot for the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Who plays Willard Whyte?

Jimmy Dean died on June 13, 2010. He was not only an actor, but also a country star instrumental in the mainstreaming of country music. In 1969 he founded Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage and was the commercial spokesman through 2004, when he retired.


The world thinks Willard Whyte is holed up in his hotel, but really it is a double for whom?

Bond kills the wrong Blofeld and the original gets away. Whyte is hidden away in a secluded location. No one had seen Whyte in five years and he was considered a recluse.


Who plays "Q"?

Desmond Llewelyn played "Q" from the time the character was introduced onscreen in Bond's 1964 film, Goldfinger, all the way to 1999's The World Is Not Enough. He died on December 19, 1999, one month after his last Bond film was released.


How many Blofelds does Bond encounter in the film?

Four includes the real Blofeld and the three duplicates, including incomplete ones. The first one is being prepared in the clinic, the second one pretended to be Blofeld at the clinic, and the third one was with Blofeld at The Whyte House.


Who are the henchwomen that take on Bond?

Bambi and Thumper are tasked with keeping an eye on Willard Whyte. Bambi is played by Lola Larson and Thumper by Trina Parks. As usual, Bond wins and he finds Whyte.


Who keeps hitting the jackpot on Whyte's slot machines?

Q tells Tiffany that he is wearing an electromagnetic RPM controller on his finger. He's been dying to try it out and is pleased as punch that it works so well.


Blofeld's scheme includes taking control of one of Willard Whyte's __________?

The satellite opens up in space and out comes a laser beam. It explodes a rocket in North Dakota, a Russian sub, and a long row of rockets in China.


Who plays Bond-Girl Tiffany Case?

Jill St. John was considered to be "an incredible piece of 1960s eye candy." Through the 1960s and 1970s she frequently graced the small and big screen with her ginger hair and smoking body. She slowed down her onscreen time in the 1980s and 1990s, with her last credited role in 2014 as Mrs. Claus in Northpole.


The U.S. is being held for what ransom demand, which they have until noon to meet?

There is to be an international auction, with nuclear arms going to the highest bidder. As Bond and Whyte are trying to figure out where Blofeld is hiding so that they can cut Blofeld's control to the satellite, they conclude he's in Baja, California.


Who plays Blofeld in this film?

Charles Gray only played Blofeld in this movie. Other actors played the villain in the various other Bond films. His last onscreen appearance was as Adm. Balchen in Longitude, in 2000. Gray died on March 7, 2000.


Why does Blofeld need the smuggled diamonds?

Blofeld uses the diamonds to create the massive laser set to destroy major cites, including Washington D.C. Diamond-based lasers were a fantasy when the movie originally aired in 1971, but currently they are a reality.


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