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This 1986 action fantasy film, set in Chinatown, is a cult classic, with martial arts, beautiful women and high-flying adventure from start to finish. Now, test your knowledge of this classic with this quiz!

The movie's Chinatown is located in what U.S. city?

In 1776, San Francisco was founded by the Spanish. The name San Francisco is Spanish for Saint Francis. The city is currently the 13th most populous city in the U.S.


The movie opens up with what wise, magical man, sitting in an attorney's office?

Egg's lawyer is trying to get the bottom of what Egg knows about Lo Pan and what happened downtown. Egg doesn't give him any straight answers, except that magic is involved. By the end of the conversation, the lawyer believes in magic.


Who is the cocky wise-guy that drives a semi truck?

Jack blazes into the city, talking on his CB radio about the life he's living. He's eating a giant sandwich. As he gets closer to his destination, the rain pours down.


What famous motorcycle brand is on Jack's hat?

In 1903, Harley Davidson burst onto the motorcycle scene in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is only one of two to survive the Great Depression.


What does Jack call his truck?

Jack delivers live pigs to the farmer's market. The stall owners walk up to the truck and pull the pigs out.


Jack gambles in a warehouse with what friend?

Wang Chi owes Jack $1,148 times two. He wants to pay Jack, but he needs to go to the airport to pick up a girl first. Jack insists on tagging along.


What Chinatown street gang knocks into Jack at the airport?

The Lords of Death are a violent street gang in Chinatown. Grace mentions that when this gang shows up, trouble will certainly follow. They are at the airport to kidnap a girl for the sex slave trade.


Who appears at the Chinese Standoff?

The three storms are three men who display magic. Thunder likes to fight using his hands. Rain prefers to fight with a sword. Lightning wants to use self-charged electrical current.


As Jack and Wang Chi are trying to escape the alley, who does the truck run over?

Lo Pan smiles as the truck approaches him. He bends backward as the truck runs him over. He pops up on the other side, ready to go to battle with Jack.


Who is kidnapped at the airport?

Miao Yin is played by Suzee Pai. Her first acting credit was in 1981, as Siakwan in "Sharky's Machine." Her last onscreen appearance was in 1993, as Syu in "Extralarge: Ninja Shadow."


Who always pokes her nose in places where it doesn't belong?

Gracie is a lawyer who tries to help the sex slaves. A person never knows when Gracie will pop up to try to save the day. It takes Gracie being gagged and tied up to stop her from talking.


Who is holding women as sex slaves?

The White Tiger is played by June Kyoto Lu. Her first role occurred in 1960 when she played Mei-Lin in "Hong Kong." She also plays Pauline Lin in "We Are Family."


Jack goes into the White Tiger, disguised as what nerdy person?

"Henry" walks into the brothel with a tweed jacket and glasses. He tells the woman he is looking for a lady with green eyes. Before he can get to Miao Yin, the Three Storms grab her.


Whose pen is mightier than the sword?

Kate Burton plays Margo. Her first onscreen role was in 1969 as a Serving Maid in "Anne of the Thousand Days." She also plays Kate in "First Light."


Who plays ladies man, Jack Burton?

Kurt Russell started his career in 1962 by playing Kevin in "Dennis the Menace." He has had a long career, spanning decades. He plays Ego in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."


What curse is laid on Lo Pan in 272 B.C.?

The first sovereign emperor, Qin Shi Huang, defeated Lo Pan in battle. The curse keeps Lo Pan from being in a healthy body. As long as this curse is active, Lo Pan is immortal but stuck most times as a crippled man.


Why does Lo Pan need to marry the beautiful Miao Yin?

Lo Pan can have a crippled body from time to time, by appeasing the gods. His time in a mortal body is temporary. The only way he can be mortal permanently is to marry the green-eyed woman and break the curse.


Who is the good-natured restaurant host that accompanies Wang and Jack on their adventure?

Eddie is played by Donald Li. The Hong Kong-born actor had his first role in 1983, playing Etuk in "Cook & Peary: The Race to the Pole." He also plays Charlie Lui in "Bosch."


When Jack, Wand, and Eddie save Margo and Gracie, they save who else at the same time?

The sex slave trade is for selling mostly women and children for the purpose of sexual servitude. There is an international effort to stop the sex slave trade, as it is still active in every corner of the world.


Who plays the talkative Gracie Law?

Kim Cattrall started onscreen in 1975 by playing Joyce in "Rosebud." She became part of TV history by playing the sex-crazed Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City." Kim can currently be seen as Emily French in "The Witness for the Prosecution."


What grabs Gracie as she tries to leave the building?

The orange sewer monster is like an orangutan, with big, sharp teeth. The monster watches Grace move about the complex. When he gets a chance, he lets Grace see him, and that is his chance to grab and deliver her to Lo Pan.


Egg brings Jack a gun so he can feel more like what famous movie character?

Dirty Harry is a character played by Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry liked to point his S & W Model 29 gun at the bad guys. His famous line is, "Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?"


What street gang arrives with Egg to help the gang save Gracie and Miao?

The Chang Sings fight the Wing Kong in the alley at the start of the movie. "The Three Storms" move in and kill many of the Chang Sings. Helping Egg is their way to get revenge for the deaths.


Why does Lo Pan kidnap Gracie?

Lo Pan thinks he hit pay dirt when he has a second woman with green eyes. This way, he can marry one woman and sacrifice the other woman to break the curse.


What type of river flows under Chinatown?

Egg tells the legend of the Black Blood: "Thousands of years ago there were huge earthquakes the turned the world upside down. Many normal people were killed. Many unnatural people roamed free to commit great offenses against the gods."


Both Gracie and Miao Yin survive what obstacle?

Both women hold onto the burning blade and rise up into the air. The burning blade takes the ladies to the ceiling, where they tame the savage heart.


The power in the what item will help the group against the ultimate evil spirit?

Egg says the flask contains a magic potion. Each man is to drink the potion, to gain the ability to see the unseen and do things that other people cannot do. Plus, it gives Jack and Wang confidence.


Who plays the determined Wang Chi?

Dennis started his career in 1984 by playing Jimmy's Pal in "Partners in Crime." He had various roles through the '80s and '90s. His latest role is as Randolph Carter in "Something Horrible."


After Lo Pan marries both women, what are his plans for them?

He wishes to take his earthly pleasures with Miao Yin to appease Ching Dai, the God of the East. Lo Pan plans to sacrifice Grace to please the Emperor, Qin Shi Huang.


What does Lo Pan call Egg's magic?

Egg's magic is purple, while Lo Pan's is green. The magic meets in the middle of the two men and in the magic are two ancient warriors. They engage in battle.


Who plays the evil David Lo Pan?

James Hong started his career in 1954 by playing a South Korean Pilot Trainee in "Dragonfly Squadron." He has worked steadily throughout the years. He plays Jin in "Patriot Act."


What happens to Lo Pan once he is mortal?

Jack throws a knife at Lo Pan and misses. Lo Pan picks up the knife and throws it at Jack. Jack grabs the knife in mid-flight and throws it back at Lo Pan, hitting him in the middle of the forehead.


What happens in the room after Lo Pan dies?

The giant gold statues adapt the domino effect. One by one the figures fall over, knocking over the next in line, until they are all broken.


What happens to Thunder once Lo Pan dies?

He runs into the room and sees that Lo Pan is dead. His anger and dishonor are so profound that he inflates. The room caves in on him.


Who hitches a ride out of town on Jack's truck?

The monster climbs up from underneath the truck. Jack is not hauling cargo, therefore the back part of his truck is open to the elements. The rain beats down on the monster as it lets out a howl.


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