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Arthur Christmas is an animated movie from 2011 that follows Santa's son, Arthur, as he races the clock to make sure that a forgotten present gets delivered by sunrise. How well do you remember Arthur's adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Arthur reading at the beginning of the movie?

Arthur was reading a letter from a little girl in Cornwall, England, that she sent to Santa Claus. Her letter asked how Santa managed to do everything that he did in one night. Arthur wrote a letter back to the little girl.


Who helped Santa deliver all of the toys in time when they arrived in Denmark?

The elves helped Santa deliver all of the presents in time when they arrived in the Denmark. The elves said that they only had about 18 seconds per household and they got to work right away! They scanned the kids to find out if they were naughty or nice and then they made sure the presents were delivered.


How does Santa travel around the world?

Santa travels in a hovercraft that is shaped like a sleigh. It is called the S-1. It hovers over the city they are delivering in and the elves, along with Santa, drop from the ship on ropes to deliver the presents.


What did Steve ask Arthur to do?

Steve asked Arthur to stay out of Mission Control for the rest of the night. Steve was trying to make sure that everything was running smoothly for Santa and the thousands of elves helping out. When Arthur came into the room he unintentionally disrupted the elves!


How did Santa and the elves get out of the house when a child woke up?

Santa and the elves got out by taking direction from Mission Control. When a child woke up, Santa and the elves hid so that the child wouldn't know they were there. Mission Control helped them get out by trying to deactivate a toy and distracting the child so that he wouldn't see them.


Why did Santa move Arthur from working in maintenance?

Santa moved Arthur from working in Maintenance because he tripped over a plug. Arthur said that he had also melted down the elf barracks. Santa was in the middle of his speech and quickly continued on with it after Arthur was finished.


What pet does the Claus family have?

The Claus family has a pet reindeer. The reindeer sleeps beside Grandsanta and beside the dinner table. It wears an Elizabethan collar around its neck.


What did an elf that was cleaning the hovercraft find inside?

An elf that was cleaning the hovercraft found an undelivered gift inside. The gift got stuck inside of the machine that the elf was using to clean. It was a bicycle that was supposed to be delivered to a little girl named Gwen from England.


What did Grandsanta say happened to his elf?

Grandsanta said that his elf fell out of the sleigh. He said it was over Lake Geneva and that he never saw him again. He also had other stories for Arthur such as how he was shot at 12 times on Christmas during World War II.


What did Gwen's letter say about her friend?

Gwen's letter said that her friend doesn't believe in Santa. After hearing about the undelivered present, Arthur wanted to do whatever he could to help. He went searching everywhere to find Gwen's letter, even after Santa decided that there was nothing that they could do.


What did Grandsanta bring Arthur to see after he found out that a present was undelivered?

Grandsanta brought Arthur to see the old sleigh that he used to use when he delivered presents. Arthur was amazed and intrigued when he saw the sleigh. Grandsanta even showed him the magic dust that was collected from the Aurora Borealis for use in the sleigh.


What fell out of Grandsanta's horn?

A dead mouse fell out of Grandsanta's horn. Grandsanta was showing Arthur his reindeer and called them by name. Arthur was amazed by the sight of the reindeer and the reindeer pushed him against the wall.


Who went with Grandsanta to deliver the present to Gwen?

Arthur went with Santa to deliver the present to Gwen. He didn't want to go because he didn't believe he could do it. Grandsanta insisted that Arthur must come with him, even though Arthur repeatedly said no!


What happened when Grandsanta and Arthur went through Toronto?

After Grandsanta and Arthur passed through Toronto, they noticed that they had lost a reindeer. Bryony the elf also popped out at this time, surprising Grandsanta and Arthur.


What animal was confronting an elf when Peter video-called Steve?

A polar bear was confronting the elf when Peter was video-calling Steve. Peter was trying to let Steve know that the old sleigh barn was opened and the reindeer were gone. He said that Arthur was probably behind it, since the doors were left open.


Where were Grandsanta, Arthur, and Bryony when they thought they had arrived in England?

Grandsanta, Bryony, and Arthur thought that they were in England when they first landed, until wild animals started attacking them. They then realised that they were actually in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.


How did Arthur get rid of the lions?

Arthur made the lions go to sleep by singing Silent Night and swaying his light-up slippers back and forth. The lions were hypnotized by the slippers and laid down to sleep, allowing Arthur, Grandsanta, and Bryony to get away.


Where did Grandsanta, Arthur, and Bryony end up when they thought they were in Trelew, England?

Grandsanta, Arthur, and Bryony thought they were in Trelew, England, but found out after Arthur and Bryony entered the child's house that they were in Trelew, Mexico. They got out as quickly as they could, after accidentally setting the alarm off in the house.


What happened to Grandsanta, Arthur, and Bryony after Steve told them to get back home?

Grandsanta, Arthur, and Bryony fell out of the sleigh after speaking with Steve, who told them to come back home. When they fell out they landed in a desert. Arthur refused to go back home before delivering Gwen's gift.


Why did the elves show up outside of Santa's door while he was sleeping?

The elves showed up outside of Santa's door to find out if the rumor about him missing one child is true. Santa said that it was and the elves started to question him on whether that one child mattered or not.


What did Santa do when he went into Arthur's mail room?

When Santa entered Arthur's room, he read the letters that Arthur had written back to the children. He started to realise how important the happiness of the children all over the world was to Arthur.


What did Arthur take to try and get out of the desert and deliver the present to Gwen?

Arthur took a boat that was along the ocean in the desert so that he could try to get the present to Gwen by the morning. He left a note in the sand where the boat was, saying, "Sorry, I borrowed your boat."


How did Arthur get the sleigh back?

Arthur used the magic dust to get the sleigh back. When the sleigh was flying overhead, Arthur poured the magic dust on himself and he started to float. The sleigh flew over and Arthur was able to get in it and bring it back down to Grandsanta and Bryony.


After losing their navigation tool in the ocean, what did Grandsanta do to find out where they were going?

After losing the navigation tool that Bryony had in the ocean, Grandsanta flew the sleigh into space. He did this so that they could see what direction they needed to be heading. He said that they were looking at the biggest map in the world!


What did everyone on Earth believe that the sleigh was?

Everyone on Earth believed that the sleigh was actually aliens causing mayhem on Christmas Eve. There were news broadcasts everywhere, showing pictures of the sleigh and of Arthur, leading everyone to believe it was aliens.


What happened to Grandsanta's old sleigh?

Grandsanta's old sleigh was hit by missiles. Everyone on Earth believed that it was being used by aliens to travel in space and they did what they believed they had to do, to stop it from hurting anyone on Earth. Grandsanta said his goodbye to the sleigh and jumped off before it was hit.


What did Arthur do when he was a mile away from Gwen's house?

Arthur rode Gwen's bike all the way to her house because he knew that he didn't have enough time to walk there. Just as he arrived, the sun started to rise and Arthur was disappointed.


What did Bryony do while Arthur rushed to drive the bike to Gwen's house?

Bryony made sure that the present was wrapped while Arthur rode the bike to Gwen's house. She had just finished wrapping it as they made it to the house and Bryony got stuck in a tree of Christmas lights.


What happened when the sun started to rise?

When the sun started to rise, Santa showed up to block the light from the town with the S-1. Gwen was starting to wake up, but after noticing the darkness she went back to sleep, giving Arthur some more time to get the present under her tree.


After a small argument, who put the present under Gwen's Christmas tree?

An argument broke out between Santa, Grandsanta, and Steve over who should put the present under Gwen's tree. Each one of them thought that they deserved to put the present under the tree. After the argument, Santa decided that Arthur should be the one to do it.


What did Arthur, Santa, Steve, and Grandsanta do after they heard Gwen coming down the stairs?

Arthur, Santa, Steve, and Grandsanta watched Gwen open the gift that they delivered to her. She was very excited and happy that Santa had brought her what she had asked for.


Who became the new Santa?

Arthur became the new Santa after his father. Steve was next in line, but after some thought he decided to give Arthur the Santa pawn and let him become the next Santa.


What animal was on Arthur's slippers?

Arthur's slippers are reindeer. His slippers are his favorite, and he wears them everywhere. They helped him out multiple times in the movie when he got himself into certain situations.


What board game did the Claus family play?

The Claus family played Christmas: The Board Game. The game was suggested by Arthur. Santa, Grandsanta, and Steve all argued over who should play as Santa.


What happened to the reindeer at the end of the movie?

At the end of the movie, the reindeer found their way back to the North Pole. It was said that they found their way back due to their navigational abilities. They also became the leaders of a team of 5,000 reindeer who now pull the S-1 (renamed EVIE).


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