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While you might be thinking Anastasia was another Disney hit, the film was a big seller for Fox Animation Studios. From Anastasia to Grand Dutchesses, how well do you remember the 1997 film?

In what year does "Anastasia" begin?

At the beginning of the film, the Grand Dutchess narrates the story and starts in the year 1916.

In which country does "Anastasia" begin?

The story of Anastasia begins in Russia, mostly in St. Petersburg. The settings moves around and reaches her grandmother in Paris.

What was the name of Anastasia's father?

Anastasia's grandmother narrates the film. When the story begins in 1916, she announces that her son Nicholas was the Czar of Imperial Russia.

What gift did the Dowager Empress give Anastasia?

On the night of a party, the Dowager Empress gifts Anastasia with a music box that sings the tune of a lullaby they would sing together.

What's the song that Anastasia sings with her grandmother?

The Grand Dutchess would sing Anastasia a lullaby when she would go to sleep. The song was "Once Upon a December," and it is the tune in the music box.

What's the name of the villain in "Anastasia?"

In "Anastasia," Rasputin is seen as the villain. He used to work with Anastasia's father, but once he tasked himself with taking them down, he put a curse on their family.

What's Anastasia's last name?

Rasputin becomes obsessed with ending the Romanov line. He even sells his soul so that he can bring a curse upon their family.

Where in the palace did Dmitri work when he was younger?

At the opening scene, we see a young Dimitri hanging in the background as Anastasia talks to her grandmother. He is eating an apple and an adult comes to him and tells him to get back to the kitchens.

What's the name of Dimitri's friend?

Dimitri and Vlad plan to find a 'fake' Anastasia to bring to the Grand Dutchess to get the monetary reward. They end up finding the real Anastasia.

When Anastasia leaves the orphanage, what city is she planning on going to?

After Anastasia turns 18, she leaves the orphanage with plans to go to Paris and reunite with her family. She uses her locket as a key to her past.

Finish the lyrics: "Heart, don't fail me now / Courage, don't desert me / Don't turn back now that we're here / People always say."

After Anastasia leaves the orphanage, she begins singing "Journey to the Past." She is looking for a sign of how to find her family.

What's the name of Anastasia's dog?

After she leaves the orphanage, Anastasia wanders around trying to look for a way to France with her dog, Pooka.

What does Dimitri say he's allergic to?

When Dimitri and Anastasia form their agreement, Dimitri initially says that Pooka can't come. Anastasia says the dog is going and Dimitri then says he's allergic.

What's the name of the white bat that works for Rasputin?

When Dimitri makes the claim that Anastasia is alive, the curse reignites and Bartok finds himself with his old master, Rasputin.

How long was Anastasia an orphan?

While Anastasia is first talking to Dimitri, she tells him that she doesn't recall any of her memories before she was 8. Since she leaves the orphanage at 18, she was there for 10 years.

What are Anastasia, Dimitri, and Vlad riding in when Rasputin's creatures first try to kill them?

Anastasia, Dimitri, and Vlad are on a train from Russia to Paris, but the train gets derailed and they have to get there some other way.

What is the name of the Grand Dutchess' cousin?

When their train gets derailed, Anastasia, Dimitri, and Vlad first have to go to Sophie, the Grand Dutchess' cousin, and convince her that she is actually Anastasia.

From where does Anastasia catch a ship to Paris?

After their train derails, the crew has to find their way to Germany. They then take a ship to get to France.

What color is the dress Dimitri buys for Anastasia?

When Anastasia gets on the boat, Dimitri gifts her with a blue dress. Although she initially jokes that the Russian circus is hiding under there, the dress transforms her.

While Anastasia is sleeping, what creatures lure her away?

While Anastasia is sleeping, Rasputin sends his creatures to lure her out of bed. In her dream, she's wandering through a meadow and following a young boy and a group of butterflies. She thinks she's about to jump into a brook. In reality, she was about to jump off of the ship and into the tumultuous sea.

How does Anastasia like her tea?

Actually, when Anastasia has her first run-in with Sophie, she begins asking her a series of questions. She asks how Anastasia likes her tea, and she answers that she doesn't like tea - just hot water and lemon.

Where does Anastasia go to see her grandmother after her search for Anastasia ends?

When Anastasia answers all of Sophie's questions correctly, Sophie says that the Dowager Empress isn't meeting with anymore people. She tells them to go to the Russian ballet in order to run into her.

What clothing store does Anastasia go to before the ballet?

When Sophie takes Anastasia shopping before the Russian ballet, we see her wearing a beautiful dress at Chanel.

How much do Dimitri and Vlad stand to make from the Dowager?

When Sophie makes plans for Anastasia to run into the Dowager at a Russian ballet, Vlad comes yelling to Dimitri that their plan worked. This is when he announces that they are going to make 10 million Rubles.

Who convinces the Dowager to meet with Anastasia?

After the Dowager doesn't believe him and Anastasia hears about his con, Dimitri hijacks the Dowager's vehicle and convinces her to meet with Anastasia.

What smell on the Dowager does Anastasia recognize?

When the Dowager doesn't believe Anastasia, she remembers the smell of peppermint. The Dowager announces that she uses it for her hands, and Anastasia remembers spilling a bottle of it when she was younger.

What was the name of Anastasia's mother?

When the Dowager crowns Anastasia, she states, "You have the beauty of your mother, Alexandra - empress of all Russia."

What color gown does Anastasia wear for the big party in her honor?

When it is finally time for Anastasia's reveal at the party, she is wearing a beautiful gold gown with lavendar details and a blue sash.

Where does Dimitri plan to go when he doesn't take the money?

After Dimitri takes the money, he makes plans to return home. When he is saying his goodbyes to Vlad, he tells him to find him if he is ever in St. Petersburg again.

What color is Rasputin's reliquary?

Rasputin's reliquary gives him magical abilities and shoots out bats and brings inanimate objects alive - like a flying horse. Its magic is green.

What is the last thing that Anastasia says to Rasputin when she breaks the reliquary?

When Rasputin believes that Anastasia is about to fall to her death into the sea, he tells her "Do Svidaniya" which means "goodbye." When she makes her way back onto the bridge, she throws these words back at him when she breaks his reliquary.

What color does the reliquary turn as Anastasia is destroying it?

When Pooka gets the reliquary from Rasputin, Anastasia steps on it to destroy it. The reliquary flashes red as it breaks apart.

What do Dimitri and Anastasia do at the end of the film?

Anastasia leaves a note for her grandmother, saying that her and Dimitri are eloping. Afterwards, they are seen dancing together on a boat with Pooka in the background.

Who has the last lines of the film?

After Pooka covers his eyes when he spots Anastasia and Dimitri kissing, a female bat comes up to Bartok as he's watching them. She kisses him before he pulls down the screen and says, "So long, everybody."

Which of these songs plays during the final credits?

During the final credits, the song "At the Beginning" by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis plays. The song was released as a single on the soundtrack and made it into the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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