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Nicholas Sparks is famous for his hit movies, and the 2002 film, "A Walk to Remember," is definitely one of those! It stars Mandy Moore and Shane West. Let's find out how well you remember the film!

What color car does Landon drive in the film?

In the beginning of the film, we see Landon drive on scene in a red sports car. Red cars go faster, right?


Who do Landon and his friends play a prank on at the beginning of the film?

Clay Gephardt is a new student who's hoping to become friends with Landon and his crew. When they dare him to jump into a lake, the prank goes wrong.


Who pulls Clay Gephardt out of the water when he's injured?

After Clay jumps in the water and injures himself on a pipe, Landon, with the help of his friend, Eric, pulls Clay out.


What does Landon have to join after he gets in trouble with the principal?

When the prank on Clay Gephardt goes wrong and the principal finds beer bottles on campus, he punishes Landon by giving him the choice of being expelled or joining the school play.


When Landon asks Jamie for helps with his lines, what does she make him promise?

When Landon struggles with memorizing his lines, he asks for Jamie's help. She agrees to help him as long as he promises not to fall in love with her during the process.


What is #1 on Jamie's list?

Throughout the film, Jamie shares a few things on her list of things to do before she dies. The #1 thing on her list is to get married in the church where her parents married, the church where her mother grew up.


Who drops Landon off at play practice on the first day?

On Landon's first day for play practice, Dean drops him off at school. As Landon waits for him after, he caves and asks Jamie for a ride home.


What number is "befriend somebody I don't like" on Jamie's list?

When Jamie drives Landon home from play practice, he changes the radio station. Jamie tells him "42" which is the number on her list that states to befriend someone she doesn't like.


Which of these things isn't on Jamie's list?

Throughout the film, Jamie shares a few things on her list. Her list includes: see a miracle, make a medical discovery, get a tattoo and be in two places at once.


What song does Jamie sing on stage during the play?

On stage during the play, Jamie sings "Only Hope," a performance that shocks the crowd and Landon.


What is Landon's middle name?

In case you missed it, Landon says his full name at the end of the film when he marries Jamie. His full name is Landon Rollins Carter.


When Landon meets Jamie in the cafeteria after the play, what book is she reading?

When Landon goes up to Jamie in the cafeteria, she's reading "To Kill a Mockingbird." She tells him that she's reading a list of American and European authors.


Landon gets mad when who shows up at the school play?

Landon has a strained relationship with his father since his parents divorced. He becomes upset when his father shows up to his play.


What is Landon's father's occupation?

Landon's father is a doctor. Landon turns to him for help when he finds out that Jamie is sick.


What is Landon's father's speciality?

When Landon finds out that Jamie has cancer, he goes to his father for help. His father explains that it's not that simple, especially since he is a cardiologist.


When Landon is driving around late at night, where does he see Jamie entering?

When Landon is driving around late one night, he sees Jamie entering a cemetery with a telescope. She frequents the cemetery at night to look at the stars and planets.


When Landon is tutoring on Saturdays, what is his student having trouble learning about?

As part of Landon's punishment, he must wake up on Saturdays and tutor students. He helps one of his students who is having trouble with triangles.


What sport does Landon play with his student to teach him about triangles?

After his student has trouble learning about triangles, Landon brings them to the basketball court and teaches him about them by using their position on the court.


When Landon helps Jamie fulfill her wish of being in two places at once, which two states is she in?

"A Walk to Remember" takes place in North Carolina, and when Landon takes Jamie to the state line, she is straddling the line between North Carolina and Virginia.


Which of these is not an option for Jamie's temporary tattoo?

When Landon wants to fulfill Jamie's wish of getting a tattoo, he gets a few temporary tattoos for her to wear for the night.


Which tattoo does Jamie choose to get placed on her shoulder?

In the car, Jamie decides that she wants the butterfly tattoo. Landon applies it to her shoulder for her.


What is Jamie's father's profession?

Jamie's father is a reverend. At the end of the film, he is seen marrying Jamie and Landon.


What does Landon ask his mother to help him with, to impress Jamie?

Landon agrees to dance with Jamie on their first date, but he's not great at it. Afterward, he asks his mother to teach him so he can dance with and impress Jamie.


What does Jamie compare love to?

When Jamie and Landon get to the pier, she compares the wind to love. She can't see it, but she can feel it.


When Landon tells Jamie that he's going to kiss her for the first time, what's her response?

When Landon tells Jamie that he's going to kiss her for the first time on the pier, she tells him that she might be bad at it. He tells her, "that's not possible."


What is the color of the sweater Jamie is always seen wearing at the beginning of the film?

Jamie like to wear a green sweater, a sweater that Landon and his friends make fun of at the beginning of the film.


What does Landon gift Jamie with in the film?

After Landon's friends make fun of Jamie's sweater in the film, he gifts her with a new one.


What is the name of the friend that Landon punches in the face?

After the play, Landon's friends photoshop a picture of Jamie's face onto a model in a bikini. When they pass it around the school, Landon becomes upset and punches his friend Dean.


Who helps Landon build the telescope for Jamie?

After Dean and Landon make up, Dean helps Landon build a telescope for Jamie. He is hoping to make it big enough so she can see a comet.


When Landon reads from Jamie's book while she's in the hospital, who does he quote?

While Jamie is in the hospital, she has Landon read from her mother's book of quotes. He first reads, "Find out who you are and do it on purpose."


When Jamie was 6, what did she climb on to and want to jump off?

When Jamie is in the hospital, her father reveals a story of when she was younger. He says that she hated gravity and climbed on top of the roof so she could jump and fly.


When Landon's mother finds his list in his pants pocket, which of these things isn't on there?

When Landon's mom finds his list, Landon has plans for examining a moon rock and college and medical school afterwards.


Where does Landon propose to Jamie?

After Landon and Jamie look at the comet, Landon asks Jamie if she loves him. When she agrees, he asks her if she'll do something for him. She replies with anything, and he then asks her to marry him.


Who does Landon choose to be his best man?

Although Landon and his father's relationship started off rocky, after his father pays for private home care for Jamie, they reconcile. He is seen standing beside Landon on his wedding day.


The passage that Landon reads in the hospital is the same that Reverend Sullivan says at Jamie and Landon's wedding. It starts with "Love is..."

This passage comes from Jamie's mother's book and is originally taken from Corinthians in the Bible.


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