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A whole new generation got too scared to sleep when Hollywood remade this Wes Craven classic from the '80s! Now, test your recall of this riveting horror film with our quiz!

Where does "A Nightmare on Elm Street" open?

The film opens on the "Springwood Diner" (with, classically, the "n" in the neon sign burned out). The town's name is implied to be "Springwood," since that's also the name of the high school.


What is the name of the troubled character trying to stay awake in the diner?

Dean's attempts to stay awake don't go well. He has a nightmare in which he follows a waitress back into the kitchen, seeing animal parts and a rather large grease fire on the stove. Then, of course, he runs into Freddy Krueger.


What is Dean's relationship to Kris?

Kris has just broken up with Jesse, who is also in the Springwood Diner at the time. He's irritated to see her with the handsome Dean -- but why Kris has come to meet Dean is never made clear.


When Freddy kills Dean, what does Kris see in waking life?

Kris watches Dean appear to commit suicide. However, he also says twice, "You're not real!" indicating that something else is going on. Kris, after all, has just told Dean that his nightmares aren't real.


What upsets Kris about one of the photos of Dean at his funeral?

Kris sees herself wearing a simple blue dress. Moments earlier, she had a mini-nightmare at the graveside in which her child self wore the same dress, and was grabbed by a hand coming out of Dean's grave.


What does Kris find in her textbook after her nightmare in the classroom?

Kris wakes up screaming, which draws a rather understated, "Are you okay?" response from her history teacher. Fun fact: Previously, the teacher asked students to open their books to page 84. 1984 was the year of the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" release.


What is the relationship between Quentin and Nancy?

Nancy is a waitress at the Springwood Diner, and Quentin's friend Jesse encourages him to ask her out. Don't worry, Jesse -- before long, events will throw Nancy and Quentin together!


In what high-school sport does Quentin take part?

Quentin has a nightmare while swimming laps and has to be pulled out and resuscitated. We have to wonder -- who can fall asleep while exercising? In cool water, no less?


Who played Gwen, Nancy's mother?

Heather Langenkamp, of course, played Nancy in the original. She was offered a cameo role, as the waitress in Dean's opening nightmare, but turned it down.


What does Quentin's father do for a living?

Alan Smith was played by Clancy Brown, no stranger to horror and supernatural movies. Recently, Brown had a role on the spooky television series "Sleepy Hollow."


Who is blamed for Kris' death?

Jesse stays overnight at Kris' place to protect her, since her mother is traveling. He is unable to do anything, though, when she's thrown around the room and killed by a nightmare. Kris' death is a close imitation of the one "Tina" suffered in the original.


What is the name of the preschool Nancy and the others attended?

None of the kids realized they went to the same preschool. Finally, when Nancy finds a class picture, Gwen has to tell her the truth, or part of it: She lies and says that Krueger left town before the parents could do anything about his abuse.


What role did Fred Krueger fill at the preschool?

The version of "Fred Krueger" we see in flashbacks actually seems quite nice. He plays with the kids, and they seem to adore him. It's the film's intent to keep us in suspense about whether Freddy really was a child molester.


When Quentin passes out during swim practice, what does he see in his nightmare?

Quentin, still in his swim trunks, is an observer as a mob of parents lock Freddy in a warehouse and burn him to death. On waking, Quentin believes his father and the others killed an innocent man.


What is the name of the bookstore where Quentin and Nancy study?

The flagship Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon takes up a whole city block. Its satellite stores, around the state, are smaller. Is this screenwriter Wesley Strick's way of hinting that "Springwood" is in Oregon? Could be ...


What does Quentin use, initially, to stay awake?

"Zoneral" appears to be a fictitious drug. The film, overall, seems interested in the amount of medication teenagers take. Earlier, Jesse notes that the troubled Dean was on a great deal of medication as well.


What non-sleep-related book does Quentin have among the others at Powell's?

Quentin says that he saw the Pied Piper in one of his nightmares. This, plus his dream about the true circumstances of Freddy's death, makes Quentin the only one of the group who has vision-like, revelatory dreams -- an side note the script does not expand on.


Where does Nancy fall asleep after the meeting at the bookstore?

This is responsible for one of the movie's few comic moments. After Nancy falls asleep, Freddy's clawed hand rises from the water -- only to retract abruptly, like a submarine periscope, when Gwen knocks on the door.


What is Nancy's extra-curricular interest?

Nancy draws the preschool everyone attended after one of her nightmares. This isn't really the way she and Quentin locate it, though -- they simply crash his car and wander accidentally right onto the site of the preschool.


What is Nancy's last name?

Nancy's last name was "Thompson" in the original. In addition to the changed last name, the Nancy of the new film is seen as more introverted and artistic than her predecessor.


What does Quentin steal off the nurse's cart?

Quentin, already taking a "speed"-like drug for ADD, has no qualms about using a drug to stay awake. Nancy is more careful, and declines the adrenalin, just as she did with Quentin's offer of Zoneral earlier.


What does Quentin find which proves Freddy was a child molester?

Earlier in the film, Nancy refers to Freddy's "secret cave," which is where Quentin finds the pictures. Up until that moment, though, the audience can't be sure anything bad really happened in Freddy's hideout.


What must Nancy do to draw Freddy into the real world?

Quentin and Nancy believe that she is the one who can bring him into the real world, because she was able to bring a piece of his sweater back with her. Nancy was also his favorite, back when he was a school gardener.


What object does Quentin adapt into a weapon?

Quentin wrenches the blade off a paper cutter. Oddly, these items were considered safe to have in classrooms full of small children -- even though kids' scissors had to be blunt as spoons and collected after every art class.


Whom does Freddy kill at the very end of the film?

Like many horror films, there's a twist after the main character thinks the terror is finally over. In this case, Freddy appears in a mirror behind Gwen, stabs through her eyes with his razor fingers, and pulls her through a mirror.


Other than Freddy, which remake character shared a name with a character in the 1984 original?

Relatively little about the original film was re-created in the remake. Screenwriter Wesley Strick used the Freddy character and the underlying idea of nightmare killings, but with mostly new characters.


Who played Nancy?

Her full name is Patricia Rooney Mara. She played early roles as "Patricia Mara" and then "Tricia Mara," before settling on her stage/screen name.


Who played Kris' ex, Jesse?

Dekker has worked steadily since his childhood, particularly in television. He also played Adam Conant on the short-lived "Secret Circle" series, a cousin to "The Vampire Diaries."


Kellan Lutz, who played the first victim, Dean, is better known for what other film franchise?

Lutz played the macho, good-hearted vampire, Emmet Cullen. Despite having male-model looks, (he is also a model), Lutz was overshadowed by co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.


Jackie Earle Haley played the role of Freddy Krueger. Whose shoes did he fill to do so?

Englund played Freddy in all the previous movies and a television series. Haley is the first new actor to fill the role. He did so with Englund's blessing.


Jackie Earle Haley won the role of Freddy after impressing the director with his work in which film?

It's been persistently rumored that Haley auditioned for a role in the original "Elm Street," but didn't get one, only to see his friend Johnny Depp, who tagged along, get noticed and cast. Haley has said it's possible that he auditioned, but he doesn't remember it.


Wes Craven, of course, directed the original Elm Street. Who helmed the remake?

Bayer isn't a very well-known name to this day. He did have a good deal of success in the world of music videos, though, shooting the video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."


What item was carefully guarded during the shooting of "Nightmare"?

The filmmakers learned from history. Apparently, versions of the claw glove went missing from the sets of earlier "Elm Street" movies, thus the tighter security on the 2010 copy.


If all the Freddy Krueger films are considered as one franchise, which installment was the 2010 remake?

That probably seems like a lot. But this includes deathless fare like "Freddy vs. Jason" (don't tell us you never saw it!).


How many sequels has the re-booted "Nightmare" spawned?

Both Jackie Haley and Rooney Mara signed on for more than one film. However, poor reviews dulled interest in any follow-up efforts.


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