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From Alaska in the North to Hawaii in the South, the land of the free covers a lot of ground!

The United States is home to 50 states and the District of Colombia. Each state has its own shape, landmarks, and boundaries that make it unique. Do you think you can name every state off the top of your head?

Do you know which state touches the Delaware River? Can you name one state that touches Kentucky? What about the state that borders the South Pacific Ocean? Which state touches the Canadian province of New Brunswick? Make sure you know some natural landmarks that are found around the country so that you can ace this quiz!

Do you know which of the states touches Canada? How about the states that touch the Four Corners Monument? Maybe you can name the states that touch the Gulf of Mexico? Multiple states will often touch the same landmark or border as another state that is beside it. 

State borders come in all shapes and sizes. They are home to different people, places and things that make up the country. So, if you think you're an expert on the borders of the U.S. states, take the quiz to test your knowledge!

Which state does not border Tennessee to the south?

Virginia does not border Tennessee to the south since it is north of the state. Tennessee touches many different states, including Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

Which state touches the edge of Yellowstone National Park?

Montana touches the edge of Yellowstone National Park along with Idaho. Montana is home to multiple national parks but contains only a small part of Yellowstone.

Which state doesn't touch Mexico?

Washington does not touch Mexico since it is a northern state and Mexico is located to the south of the United States. Texas and Mexico have a long history.

Which state does not touch the Atlantic Ocean?

Colorado does not touch the Atlantic Ocean. There are many coastal states that do touch the ocean, such as Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine.

Is it true or false that Louisiana touches the Gulf of Mexico?

This is true. Louisiana touches the Gulf of Mexico along with many other states, such as Florida, Texas, and Mississippi. This body of water also separates the southern part of Mexico from the United States.

Which state does not touch the Four Corners Monument?

Kentucky does not touch the Four Corners Monument. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado all connect at one point which marks where the monument stands.

Which state border runs through George Washington and Jefferson National Park?

West Virginia's border runs through George Washington and Jefferson National Park. The park also stretches into Virginia and Kentucky, covering a massive stretch of land.

Which state line runs along the Columbia River?

The Washington state line runs through the Columbia River. The river lies between Washington and Oregon in certain places and is one of the largest rivers in the United States.

Which state touches Connecticut and Massachusetts?

Rhode Island touches Connecticut and Massachusetts. The state is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, giving it the nickname, "The Ocean State."

Is it true or false that Virginia touches the Potomac River?

This is true. Virginia touches the Potomac River along with Maryland. The river flows into the Chesapeake Bay and ranks among the largest rivers in the country.

Which state touches California and Arizona?

Nevada touches California and Arizona. It is part of the western United States and its nickname is the "Silver State." It is best known for cities such as Las Vegas and Reno.

Which state borders Florida?

Alabama borders Florida along with Georgia. Florida touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and the states capital city is Tallahassee.

Which state doesn't touch Canada?

Kansas doesn't border Canada. The state touches Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri. A few of the states that do border Canada include New York, Montana, and Washington.

Which state doesn't touch Kentucky?

Nebraska does not touch Kentucky. The state is located in the Midwestern part of the country, whereas Kentucky is located in the south. Nebraska's capital city is Lincoln.

Is it true or false that California touches the Gulf of California?

This is false. California does not touch the Gulf of California, even though they share the same name. This body of water touches Mexico.

Which state touches four Great Lakes?

Michigan touches four of the Great Lakes which are Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan. Michigan is often nicknamed "The Great Lake State."

Which state does not touch the Mississippi River?

New Hampshire does not touch the Mississippi River. The river flows all the way from Minnesota and Wisconsin down to Mississippi and Louisiana.

Which state touches the Rainy River?

Minnesota touches the Rainy River and lies along the United States – Canada border as well. The river generates hydroelectricity.

Which state touches the Connecticut River?

Vermont touches the Connecticut River along with New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The river drains into Long Island Sound.

Is it true or false that Ohio touches the Ohio River?

This is true. Ohio touches the Ohio River along with Kentucky and Indiana. The Ohio River is large and flows through six states.

Which state touches Bear Lake?

Idaho touches Bear Lake along with Utah. It is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Utah and is a popular tourist destination.

Which state doesn't touch Lake Michigan?

Utah doesn't touch Lake Michigan. The state is located to the west and its capital is Salt Lake City. Lake Michigan is one of the Great Lakes.

Which state touches the South Pacific Ocean?

Hawaii touches the South Pacific Ocean. Due to its location, one of the nicknames commonly used for the state is "Paradise of the Pacific."

Which state touches the Delaware River?

New Jersey touches the Delaware River. Delaware and Pennsylvania also touch the river which flows out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Is it true or false that Wyoming touches the Pacific Ocean?

This is false. Wyoming does not touch the Pacific Ocean because it is a landlocked western state. A couple of states that do touch this ocean are Oregon and California.

Which state doesn't touch Snake River?

Missouri does not touch Snake River. It is a midwestern state that lies along the Mississippi River and it is bordered by Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Which state touches Lake Seminole?

Georgia touches Lake Seminole along with Florida. The lake lies along the border of the two states and it is well known for its fishing and hunting.

Which state touches the edges of multiple reservations?

South Dakota's borders touch the edges of multiple reservations. The state is home to many tribes such as Sioux, Lakota, and Arikara.

Which state touches New Brunswick?

Maine touches New Brunswick and it also touches Bay of Fundy. Maine has the nickname "The Pine Tree State" because there are plenty of pine trees around.

Is it true or false that Texas touches the Missouri River?

This is false. Texas does not touch the Missouri River, but states such as South Dakota and Nebraska do. Texas touches the Gulf of Mexico.

What state touches Niagara Falls?

New York touches Niagara Falls. Part of the falls is located in Canada and the fast-flowing water drains into two of the Great Lakes.

Which state touches Mexico?

Texas is one of the states that touch Mexico. Did you know that the state was once part of Mexico until its independence in 1836? Other states that touch the country are Arizona and New Mexico.

Which states borders are along longitude and latitude lines?

The borders of Colorado are along the lines of longitude and latitude. There are two other states that follow this pattern. They are Wyoming and Utah. These states appear to be squares or rectangles on a flat map, but they are actually a very different shape.

Which state touches Lake Superior?

Minnesota touches Lake Superior, which is one of the Great Lakes. The lake also lies in Ontario, Canada, as well as Wisconsin and Michigan.

Is it true or false that Alaska borders the Yukon?

This is correct. Alaska borders the Yukon and it also touches the Gulf of Alaska. It is the most northern, and the largest of all of the states in the country.

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