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Put away your horns and pitchfork; the Devil has come to Earth, and he's working with the police! How well do you know the adventures of Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, and the rest of the crime-stoppers?

First things first -- in what city does the show take place?

"Lucifer" appropriately takes place in Los Angeles, or The City of Angels. L.A. is the second-most-populous city in the US (after The Big Apple), and is, therefore, full of sinners for our anti-hero to punish.

What is the name of Lucifer’s nightclub?

Lucifer named his nightclub Lux, the Latin word for light. In Latin, "lux" is both the prefix and the basis of the word Lucifer, which translates to "the Lightbringer."

What musical instrument is Lucifer often seen playing?

Lucifer is often shown playing piano and singing at Lux. The singing is really done by Tom Ellis, the actor who plays Lucifer. He does not, however, play the piano.

Lucifer has a large scar that reveals part of his angelic nature. What is it?

As much as we would all have loved it to be C so we could have gratuitous shots of Tom Ellis's rear end, we had to make do with shots of his equally gorgeous back. Lucifer is shown to have scars on his back from where Maze cut off his wings (at his command).

Lucifer is never far from his demon friend, Maze. What is "Maze" short for?

Mazikeen is very picky about who is allowed to call her by her nickname, Maze. Maze is played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, who also played Lamia in the TV series The Librarians.

How long before the events of the first episode had Lucifer and Maze been in L.A.?

In the pilot episode, Chloe says that she did some digging into Lucifer and can't find any records of him going back further than five years. It's later revealed that Lucifer paid an undertaker to forge ID papers for him and Maze.

What is Maze's job in season 1?

In season 1, Maze is shown working as a bartender at Lux. It was never revealed how much she got paid for this work, or even if Lucifer paid her at all.

What is Maze's job in season 2?

Season 2 shows Maze struggling to find her calling on Earth. She goes through a series of disastrous job interviews before finding her passion as a bounty hunter. Or, as she puts it, "hunting humans is a job! Who knew?"

What does Mazikeen use as her "human" last name?

After receiving her first bounty hunter paycheck, Maze reveals to Dr. Linda that she uses the alias Mazikeen Smith. Smith is the most common last name in America (as well as Australia and the UK).

Which human has seen Maze's real face?

While trick-or-treating, Maze shows her true face to her friend Trixie. Trixie thinks it's "cool" and remarks that they're "gonna get so much candy." Maze did let her true face show while stalking Chloe early in season one, but Chloe was asleep and didn't see.

Mazikeen isn't the only female by Lucifer's side. How did he meet Detective Chloe Decker?

Lucifer was a witness to the shooting that killed his friend Delilah. His concern that the LAPD wouldn't handle the case correctly led to his injecting himself into the investigation and eventually becoming partners with Chloe.

Family is important to Chloe, her daughter Trixie being paramount. What is Trixie's real name?

While only mentioned briefly, Trixie is a nickname. Her real name is Beatrice. Trixie is played by Scarlett Estevez, who recently appeared in the Will Ferrel movie Daddy's Home.

What is Chloe's mother's name?

Chloe's mother is B-list sci-fi movie star Penelope Decker. Penelope is played by Rebecca De Mornay, who has appeared in Risky Business, ER, Jessica Jones, and The Wedding Crashers.

What was Chloe's father's name?

Chloe's late father was LAPD Officer John Decker, played in flashbacks by Chris Payne Gilbert. Gilbert is married to Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Maze.

In season 2, information about Chloe's conception was revealed. How was she conceived?

Amenadiel is played by D.B. Woodside. Whedon fans will recognize Woodside as Principal Wood on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Chloe is estranged from her husband, Dan. What is Dan's last name?

Chloe is now in the process of getting a divorce from her husband, Detective Dan Espinoza. "Espinoza" means thorny, which is intentional according to Dan's portrayer. Actor Kevin Alejandro said in an interview that this was a sly little joke about how Dan is a "thorn" in Lucifer's side.

What does Lucifer call Dan?

While he has occasionally used other terms of endearment, Lucifer tends to favor the name Detective Douche when talking to or about Dan. Dan is played by Kevin Alejandro, who played Sebastian/Brother Blood on Arrow and Jesus Velasquez on True Blood.

What is the name of the movie Chloe acted in as a teenager?

Chloe is revealed to have starred in a movie called Hot Tub High School as a teenager, something that causes her great embarrassment as an adult. While nothing quite as embarrassing shows up on Lauren German's IMDb credits, she did appear in A Walk to Remember and Hostel 2.

What nickname did John call Chloe and Chloe call Trixie?

Since the pilot episode, Chloe is shown calling Trixie "monkey" as an affectionate term. It isn't until midway through season two that flashbacks revealed this was also her dad's nickname for her when she was a child.

When the series began, Chloe is an outsider at LAPD, due to her stance on an officer-involved shooting known as what?

Chloe is shown doubting the innocence of a fellow officer in a shooting called Palmetto. The Palmetto is the state tree of South Carolina, which was a fun little tidbit for South Carolinians watching the show.

What is the name of the officer who ended up in a coma after the Palmetto shooting?

The Palmetto shooting left corrupt cop Malcolm Graham, who was played by Kevin Rankin, in a coma. Rankin played Herc on Friday Night Lights, Roe Saunders on Unforgettable, and TJ in Dallas Buyers Club.

Lucifer challenged Maze to spend time hanging out with Chloe. This eventually ended with Maze, Chloe, Ella, and Linda drunkenly singing what song at karaoke?

The ladies drunkenly sing Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" before eventually starting a bar brawl. Benatar released the song in 1979 on her album, "In The Heat of the Night."

While extremely drunk, with whom does Chloe agrees to become roommates?

Chloe decides to move out of her mother's house and into an apartment. She drunkenly agrees to be roommates with Maze. Much to her surprise, Maze and Trixie get along very well, and Chloe begins to trust Maze with the welfare of her daughter.

Maze and Trixie get along so well that Maze ends up taking Trixie trick-or-treating when Chloe has to work. What outfit did Chloe leave for Trixie to wear?

Chloe chooses a princess costume, which was what Trixie had wanted to be the year before. According to CNN, princess had been the top-selling Halloween costume eleven years in a row, but in 2016, the costume was dethroned. Superhero is now the number-one costume.

What costume did Trixie choose?

Trixie decides to trick-or-treat as the President of Mars, with help from Maze and her whip. In recent years, President Obama has said that he wants the US to send people to Mars in the 2030s and eventually colonize the Red Planet. Maybe, by then, Trixie will be old enough to run for office?

Lucifer and Maze aren't the only ethereal creatures on the show. Luci's brother Amenadiel has been involved since the beginning of the show. What name did he use when pretending to be a shrink down the hall from Dr. Linda?

Amenadiel tells Dr. Linda his name is Dr. Canaan. According to certain passages in the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah, The Land of Canaan became Israel, Philistia, and Phoenicia.

Another of Lucifer's brothers shows up to try to kill Chloe. What is his name?

Middle brother Uriel shows up to try to kill Chloe by making use of patterns and connections. Uriel is often said to be the Angel of Creativity.

Uriel brings a special blade with him to wipe their mother out of existence. To whom does this blade belong?

Uriel borrows the blade from Azrael, the Angel of Death. To date, Azrael is the only angel mentioned by name on the show who has not appeared on-screen.

Which angel is the eldest sibling?

Amenadiel is said to be the first-born. It's assumed that Lucifer is the youngest, and Uriel was in the middle. Azrael's birth order has not been specified, nor that of the other angels.

While they can't be harmed by human weapons, angels are not completely invincible. What can hurt an angel?

Fistfights between Luci, Amenadiel, and Uriel have proved that angels are able to make each other bleed. Amenadiel was almost killed when a human unknowingly stabbed him with Maze's demonic knife. And while she was not able to cause lasting damage, Maze was able to hold her own in a fistfight with Uriel and even drew a bit of blood.

Which angelic sibling took their mother down to Hell?

Amenadiel confesses to Lucifer that he's afraid to meet with their mother on Earth, as he's afraid she'll still be mad that he followed "Dad's" orders to drag their mother to Hell. A favorite fan theory was also that he was afraid to see their mother because she would realize his fall from grace.

The angels' mother came to Earth and took the former of recently-murdered lawyer Charlotte Richards. How was Charlotte killed?

Charlotte was stabbed in the back of the neck with a screwdriver, before having her corpse become a vessel for the Goddess of Creation. Charlotte/Goddess is played by Tricia Helfer, who played Caprica on Battlestar Galactica and Carla on Burn Notice.

Making our way back to the humans, Chloe has interacted with Amenadiel. True or false: Chloe is immune to ALL angelic powers.

Chloe seems to be immune to Lucifer's powers (and can even nullify his immortality), but she can't say the same for all angels. Her interactions with Luci's big brother have shown that she freezes when he slows time.

While Lucifer is fond of Chloe, other heavenly beings are not as open-minded and have tried to kill her. Who tried to kill her with a car crash?

Uriel used his knowledge of Butterfly Effect-level patterns and consequences to cause the car crash that almost killed Chloe. Uriel was played by Michael Imperioli, who is no stranger to his character trying to kill people. He previously played Spider in Goodfellas and Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos.

Who tried to kill Chloe with a bomb?

Charlotte used her contacts as a defense attorney to get a bomb to plant under Chloe's car. After the plan failed, she moved on to other plans.

Whose car did get blown up?

When he's not looking, Maze moves the bomb from Chloe's car to Amenadiel's and blows it up in front of him. This prompts him to do some soul-searching with Dr. Linda.

Chloe and Lucifer aren't the only human/angel interaction on the show. Lucifer often meets with his shrink, Dr. Linda. When they first began meeting, how did Lucifer pay for his therapy?

Lucifer originally agrees to sleep with Dr. Linda and have sexy time in exchange for therapy. Dr. Linda eventually comes to her senses and stops their physical relationship, but continues his therapy.

Lucifer interacts a lot with LAPD crime scene tech Ella, who is unfazed by his weirdness. Why does Ella think Lucifer acts the way he does?

Ella believes that Lucifer is a method actor and doesn't question his weirdness. Ella is played by Aimee Garcia, who played Jamie Batista on Dexter and Marisa Benez on Trauma.

With whom did Dan have an inappropriate hook-up?

Charlotte sleeps with Dan and, after he falls asleep, goes through his phone to get dirt on Chloe. He does his best to make amends for this mistake at the end of Quid Pro Ho.

How does Chloe save Lux?

Chloe called in some favors and fast-tracked an application to get Lux declared a historical landmark. It was most likely declared what is known as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. As of 2010, there were 979 such monuments in LA.

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