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Breaker, breaker 1-9, we got us a convoy. Ok, so maybe it isn't like the movies, but you'll probably be able to identify at least a few of these CB radio sayings.

What might someone using a CB radio call a police officer?

Calling police officers Smokey is a reference to Smokey the Bear who wore a hat similar to the hats worn by highway patrol officers.


What might a trucker call a police car?

The term gumball machine refers to the bubbles or lights on top of police vehicles.


What do truckers call a DUI checkpoint?

This CB slang refers to the checkpoint that was formerly in place between East Berlin and West Berlin.


What do truckers call a police officer on a motorcycle?

Evel Knievel refers to the stunt motorcycle rider of the same name.


A Mack truck might be called what, over a CB radio?

The bulldog refers to the hood ornament on a Mack truck.


What do truckers call a weigh station?

A chicken coop is a truck scale.


A police helicopter might be called what?

A bear in the air refers to any type of airborne police.


A fuel truck might be referred to as what?

A rolling refinery is a fuel truck or a tanker.


What do truckers call a flatbed?

A skateboard refers to the flat appearance of a flatbed truck.


What do truckers say to acknowledge something?

"10-4" might also be used to denote an agreement. Sometimes the user simply says "4."


How do you ask for location?

10-20 indicates location. You might also ask, "what's your 20?"


What is a refrigerated truck called, in CB lingo?

Reefer as in refrigerator, mind you. This could also be used to describe a truck hauling a refrigerated container.


If a CB user saw a truck towing another truck, what might he call it?

Sure, that makes sense.


Where might someone park at a truck stop, if they are looking for some shady dealings?

Apparently nothing good happens in the back row.


What is one's CB name called?

A handle is a CB users nickname. What's your handle?


CB radio buffs might call an ABF truck what?

Bullfrog is short for A Bull Frog, or ABF. The trucks are also green.


Along with 10-4, what might a trucker say in acknowledgement?

Someone might shorten that to just "copy."


If a CB user is just listening, he might say what?

10-10 is an indication that the user will stop talking but will continue to listen.


A police officer using radar might be called what?

Kojak refers to an old television police detective. This reference is strictly for police officers using radar guns.


Cash might be referred to as what?

Green stamps refers to the old S&H Green Stamps trading stamps rewards program.


A trucker hauling dangerous cargo might be called what?

Hmmm. Maybe "Ice Road Truckers" are suicide jockeys too?


What might a trucker say if he is being tailgated?

Someone who is tailgating is on one's donkey.


What might be the term for an ambulance?

An ambulance is called a meat wagon in many other instances as well.


Which of the following might hold up traffic during an accident?

Someone who rubbernecks holds up traffic so that they can get a good look at something, often an accident scene.


What do truckers call a 55-mph zone?

Double nickels refers to the two 5s in 55. "I can't drive 55," says Sammy Hagar.


A truck towing two trailers might be called what?

A wiggle wagon is a truck with two or more trailers. They do tend to wiggle.


The city of Orlando is called what in CB lingo?

Calling Orlando, Florida, "Mickey Mouse" is a reference to it being the home of Disney World.


A trucker doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone might be called what?

A driver who is speeding or driving recklessly might be called bear bait.


What is a truck with one headlight out?

Is there a difference between an angry kangaroo and a p-diddle?


A turkey transport might be called what?

We imagine there might be quite a few of these around Thanksgiving.


An unwelcome listener might be called what?

A sandbagger is usually listening just for entertainment or to get information.


What might a trucker call a police helicopter?

Aww, now that's just mean! And now we're hungry.


What does a trucker call home?

We wonder, would it be a stack of boards if the house is wooden?


What might a CB enthusiast call Los Angeles?

Yup, Shakeytown is a reference to the earthquakes that Los Angeles, California, seems to be plagued with.


What is a 45-mile-per-hour zone called?

Flag in five-mile wind refers to a 45 mph zone.


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