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This A&E TV series is a prequel to the 1960 film, "Psycho," set in modern time. The show is currently in its fifth and final season, in 2017, and Norman further unravels with every episode. How well do you know the insane, psychotic events of "Bates Motel"? Play on to find out!

Who was the former owner of the Seafairer Hotel?

Keith Summers lost the hotel to foreclosure, but he wasn't ready to give the place up. Rather than accepting his losses, Keith took his anger out on the new owner - Norma. He broke into their new home and assaulted Norma in the kitchen. Norman showed up and incapacitated Keith, and then Norma stabbed him to death while Norman was out of the room.


How many rooms does Bates Motel have?

Together, the rooms form an 'L' shape. The property was built in the 1950s by Keith Summers' great-great grandfather and is located in White Pine Bay, Oregon.


Norma and Norman moved to Oregon from what state?

After Norman killed Sam, his father and Norma's former husband, Norma decided to move the two of them to Oregon. Norman wasn't very happy about this, especially considering Norma didn't consult him before making the decision.


How many times was Norma married?

Norma and Norman's last name - Bates - comes from her second marriage, with Sam Bates, who Norman killed. Her first marriage was to John Massett, her high school boyfriend.


Why did Norman kill Sam?

Norman didn't remember killing his father, because it happened during one of his blackouts, so Norma made it look like Sam had died in a freak accident. She staged his body in the garage and made it look like a shelf had fallen on him. Six months later, they moved to Oregon.


Who is Dylan's biological father?

Caleb Calhoun sexually assaulted his younger sister, Norma, which is how Dylan was conceived, but that's not the story Norma told to anyone who asked. Around the same time Dylan was conceived, she ran away with John Massett, who thought the baby was his. Dylan believed he was John's son until he crossed paths with both Norma and Caleb in White Pine Bay, and the truth came out. Caleb was four years older than Norma.


What did Norman find under the carpet in room 4?

The diary details the story of four girls from Shunyi, China who were force into the world of sex trafficking. Fans can interact with the diary, using the book app available on the iTunes store. The app can be used to translate the story from Chinese to English.


Who is Dr. Edwards?

Whenever Dr. Edwards encouraged Norman to discuss his childhood, Norman's alter personality, Norma, would come out. The alter personality, Norma, didn't want Norman to remember traumatic events from his childhood, so she emerged to protect him from the truth.


Who did Norma marry in season 4?

In order to pay for Norman's treatment at Pineview, Norma needed to marry Alex for his insurance benefits. Alex was the one who came up with the idea. He was falling in love with Norma, but Norma was more focused on her family, and she also liked to play hard-to-get. Eventually, she fell in love with Alex too.


Why did Norman originally break into Zack Shelby's house?

Romero secured a warrant to search Norma's house for evidence related to Keith Summers' disappearance/murder. While searching the house, Zack Shelby found Summers' belt under Norman's bed, but kept the discovery a secret from Romero. He later used the belt to subtly coerce Norma into engaging in a romantic, sexual relationship with him.


Who killed Zack Shelby?

Norman rescued Jiao from Zack Shelby's boat and moved her to the safety of one of the motel rooms. But, Shelby found out and then beat Norma for betraying him, which caused Norman to freak out on him. Then, Dylan and Zack got into a shootout in the house, and Dylan won.


What is Emma's diagnosis?

Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited, genetic disease of the secretory glands found in the lungs, pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine. Secretory glands produce sweat, mucus, and digestive fluids. The disease causes a thick buildup of mucus to form in the digestive system, lungs and other organs.


What was Norman's hobby?

Taxidermy is the art of cleaning, preparing, preserving and mounting animal skins to create life-like replicas - essentially, real stuffed animals. This is usually done for the purposes of display, study, preservation and/or sentiment.


Why did Norman believe Bradley Martin was his girlfriend?

Norman may have believed this, but Bradley Martin wasn't on the same page. And, when Emma overheard some girls gossiping in the bathroom about how Bradley would never sleep with Norman, she tried to stick up for Norman by telling them that the two had already slept together. Bradley wasn't happy about this either.


How did Bradley Martin die?

Norman killed her, but it was while he was blacked out and his Norma alter personality had taken over. He chased Bradley into the woods and repeatedly bashed her head against a rock until she was dead.


Dylan grew what type of crop?

Norman and Emma accidentally ran into a field of marijuana plants while looking for landmarks in Jiao's diary. Dylan was hired to protect that same patch later in the season.


Why did Norma ask Dylan to get her a gun?

Jake Abernathy gave Norma an ultimatum: bring him Bob Paris's money or else. Well, Norma didn't have the money, so she tried to prepare for the "or else" by getting a gun. Fortunately for Norma, Alex Romero took care of her problem.


What triggered Norman to black out at Blaire Watson's house?

Norman knew his mother wouldn't have approved of Blaire's behavior, and the stress of it caused him to blacked out. He killed Blaire by slitting her neck. It's later revealed that his semen was found on Blaire Watson's body.


How did Norma and Norman initially respond to Dylan's arrival in season 1?

Dylan moved from South Dakota to White Pine Bay because he had nowhere else to go. Because Norma and Norman were reluctant to allow him to stay, Dylan had to blackmail Norma into welcoming him into the family.


In the beginning of season 3, what uncomfortable topic did Dylan confront Norma about?

At 18 years old, Norman had been sharing a bed with Norma for far too long. Dylan pointed this fact out, which did have a slight impact on their bedtime habits. But, Norma and Norman still slept in the same bed when their heating system broke.


What did the DEA arrest Alex for?

The DEA arrested Alex for perjury after he lied to a federal agent about his relationship with Rebecca Hamilton. They couldn't make any of the more serious charges stick without more evidence.


What stopped Norman from killing himself the night of Norma's funeral?

When he walked downstairs, it was Norma (a version of her made up in Norman's head) who was playing the piano. She told Norman that she'd never leave him.


Where did Dylan and Emma move?

They made the move to Seattle in order to be closer to a good hospital there. It was Emma's first year of recovery after her lung transplant, and she needed to be near her doctors.


How long were Norma and Alex married before she died?

Norman hated that they were married, and he went out of his way to try and sabotage them. When Norma died, Norman refused to allow Alex to participate in any of the services, and Alex punched Norman at the wake.


To what country did Caleb flee after brutally assaulting Chick Hogan?

Costa Rica is bordered by Panama and Nicaragua, and it has a population of around 4.8 million. It has coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific.


Who took out a hit against Norman?

In the season 5 premiere, Alex Romero is shown in prison, being denied parole. Later in the episode, Norman discovers that the man he killed in self-defense had been sent by Alex to kill him. He knew this because, when he answered the man's phone, he heard Alex's voice on the other end.


What did Norman take off of Norma's corpse in the funeral parlor's prepping room?

Norman took the wedding ring Alex had given Norma off her finger and placed it in his pocket. When Alex showed up at Norma's wake, Norman yelled at him, told him to leave, and gave him the ring. This seriously upset Alex, who punched Norman and was consequently asked to leave the services.


What happened to Cody's father?

When Norman and Cody's argument woke Cody's drunken father up, the dad became abusive against Cody. Norman intervened, accidentally pushing him down the basement stairs. The fall broke his neck.


Near the beginning of season 1, under what name did Dylan save Norma's contact information in his phone?

When Norman saw this pop up on Dylan's phone, he freaked out on Dylan. They got into a physical altercation, which included Norman swinging a meat tenderizer at Dylan. Fortunately, Dylan was able to easily out-maneuver his younger brother.


How was Dylan originally able to afford to move out of Norman's place?

Soon after he lent Dylan the money, Ethan was shot in the neck by a junkie while he was sitting in his truck with Dylan. Later that night, Dylan saw Ethan's killer in an alley and ran him over.


What was the name of Gunner's dog?

Caleb killed a dog that was attacking Rex, but when Chick Hogan came around asking if they'd seen his dog, Caleb and the boys said they hadn't seen anything. Later, Chick admitted he never had a dog.


What athletic team did Norman try out for?

Blaire Watson, the teacher Norman later killed, encouraged Norman to try out for the track team. Norma wasn't happy about this, but she allowed Norman to continue with it. However, she manipulated and guilted him into dropping the idea.


How did Dylan raise the money to pay for Emma's lung transplant?

Emma needed to raise around $20,000 for a lung transplant, but there was no way she and her dad would be able to afford it. Dylan tried to help by taking a job with a big payday for Chick that went wrong, but Caleb stepped in to save the day. He stole back the money from Chick and gave it to Dylan.


What position was Norman promoted to in the season 3 premiere?

Norman's first day of his senior year in high school didn't go so well, after he had a flashback about killing Blaire Watson that sent him running home to mother. Because of this, Norma finally agreed to allow Norman to drop out of high school and be home-schooled instead, which gave him the time to fulfill the Manager position. Emma also chose to drop out and be home-schooled.


What was Annika's occupation?

Norman offered to drive with Annika and give her directions to a local restaurant. On the way, she told Norman about her job as a sex worker, which his Norma alter personality definitely didn't approve of. Later, Emma saw Norman return to the motel driving Annika's car, alone.


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