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Pixies, Centaurs, Magicians, Hedge Witches, Demons, Gods, Godesses, Beasts and Goblins - The Magicians is full of unlikely and powerful beings. Try not to "Niffin" out with this enchanted trivia quiz!

How long did Penny have to keep his hands tied behind his back in the season 2 episode "Hotel Spa Potions?"

After The Beast sliced off Penny's hands, Penny had them reattached by the River Watcher in the woods, who secretly enchanted the hands to be bound with his connection. This allowed him to commandeer and move Penny's hands at any time, causing Penny too many problems in the midst of attempting to defeat The Beast. Professor Pearl Sunderland helped Penny by tying his hands behind his back for 12 hours to relieve the symptoms, but this wasn't the perfect solution.


What type of being is Professor Bigby?

She enjoys riddles and making humans look stupid. Bigby also seems to be Dean Fogg's on-and-off again lover. She gave Alice the battle magic spell she needed to defeat the Beast.


What was the real identity of Our Lady Underground?

After Julia, Richard, Kady and the rest of the Hedge Witch group summoned Our Lady Underground, they soon realized they had been tricked by a violent, malicious god - Reynard the Fox. The god ripped out Richard's beating heart, ate it, and then used Richard's corpse as a host. He killed three more group members and assaulted Julia, but Kady was able to escape.


What is Fillory's most ancient location?

The Wellspring fuels the magic of the universe, and without it, magic could not exist in Fillory nor anywhere else. Umber, a powerful god, caused some major problems for Fillory after he pooped in the Wellspring. According to Quentin, Fillory's air contains 0.02% opium, which, in part, explains why it's so easy to fall in love with the magical land.


What allowed the Castle That Isn't There to be invisible?

Phosphormancy is a physical magic that allows for the manipulation of light. Using this, magicians could do things like create fire and bend light to make themselves or other objects invisible. Alice Quinn's discipline was phosphormancy.


How many "Fillory and Further" books are there?

In season 2, Quentin began writing a seventh book to the series. The beginning of the season is retold through Quentin's narration of the story of events that happened after the first season's immediate ending.


Prior to attending Brakebills, Quentin wanted to go to which U.S. university?

When Quentin showed up for his Princeton alumni interview, he and Julia found the interviewer's dead body in a chair, as well as a package that contained an unpublished "Fillory and Further" book. Afterwards, while he was walking in the city, the wind picked up one of the book's pages, and Quentin chased after it. The paper lead him to a magic portal, which took him to Brakebills.


What is physical magic?

The Brakebills students who have an inclination towards physical magic are referred to as the "Physical kids." The physical magic students live in the same house and work with each other on their skills. Margo, Quentin, Alice and Eliot were all put into the physical magic house.


Umber gave Quentin some of his power through what medium?

Umber gave Quentin some of his semen to drink, which would give Quentin god-like strength for a period of time. But when it came time to make a decision, Quentin felt Alice was the one who should drink it and defeat the Beast. Alice accepted the responsibility.


What is Quentin's psychiatric diagnosis?

Quentin is open about his diagnosis throughout the series, and he often struggles with it. In season 1, episode 11, Alice and Quentin were concerned about his depression because they had to bottle up their emotions to practice battle magic. Reintroducing their emotions was extremely taxing and difficult, and it led to Quentin's depression.


What was the recommended maximum time limit for keeping emotions bottled up?

After bottling their emotions up the first time, Alice and Penny decided it didn't seem worth it. The next time, they decided to practice battle magic with their emotions present. But Quentin, Eliot, and Margo continued to bottle up their emotions, and the three of them ended up in bed together.


How many time loops did Quentin and the group go through before the series started?

The 40th loop was their final shot at defeating the Beast. If they didn't succeed this last time, they would die and that would be the end of it. Jane Chatwin put the time loop in place, but she died before she could reset it, meaning the 40th loop would be the last one.


Who was the Watcher Woman?

This fact surprised Quentin and Julia, who believed the Watcher Woman was a villain because that's how the "Fillory and Further" books had described her. However, by the time the pair had arrived in Fillory, there was a new Watcher Woman in town - Jane. She had decided to become the Watcher Woman because the last one was so mean and scary.


What random variable did Jane change in the final time loop?

After trying everything she could think of, Jane kept failing to create the random combination of variables needed to defeat the Beast. She hoped rejecting Julia from Brakebills would make her stronger, and it did. If Julia hadn't been rejected from Brakebills this time around, she would never have found the Hedge Witches who helped her to become a masterful magician.


What did Quentin originally request of the White Lady?

The White Lady refused to bring Alice back to life, explaining that there were some lines even the most magical of beings could not -- and would not -- cross. When he didn't get his first wish, Quentin asked the White Lady to send him home, where he then attempted to live a mundane, normal, non-magical NYC life.


Why can't Eliot ever leave Fillory?

At first Eliot seemed to take the news that he would never be able to leave Fillory well, but then things started going downhill. Margo tried to cheer him up by making him a magic clone, so his consciousness could switch between Fillory and Earth. But things got weird when both Eliots were having sex at the same time in two different worlds - his consciousness couldn't keep up!


Julia was supposed to undergo what type of medical procedure in the season 2 episode "Cheat Day"?

Reynard the Fox sexually assaulted Julia in season 1, and in season 2 she found out she was pregnant as a result. Sensing Julia's distress, the doctor agreed to circumvent the waitlist and expedite her surgical abortion, but when the time came, Reynard's magic forced the doctor to fatally stab herself in the eye before she could preform the procedure.


What or who lead Quentin to a locked door at Alice's memorial in the season 2 episode "The Cock Barrens"?

Quentin noticed a figure crying in a darkened hallway at the memorial, and it turned out to be Alice - well, Niffin Alice. A niffin is a being made of pure magic. When a magician attempts to cast a spell requiring too much energy, the human part of them dies and is consumed and taken over by magic, leaving a niffin version of themselves behind. This happened to Alice when she tried to use a powerful battle magic spell to kill the Beast.


Where was niffin Alice trapped?

Niffin Alice lead Quentin to Danielle's study, which was full of mysterious books, and magically rattled around one of the books that had ancient symbols on the cover so Quentin knew where to look. Niffin Alice took the place of the demon that had been in Quentin's back, and she took the opportunity to cruelly toy with her former boyfriend and neglectful parents.


What land is Fillory's northern neighbor?

In season 2, "Prince S" of Loria pays a visit to the High King and Queen of Fillory. He was upset about the mess Fillorian leaders had created for the last half century, and he was especially displeased that they had allowed Umber to defecate in the Wellspring, as his land depended upon one of its tributaries. When said aloud, his name sounds like "princess."


What is the name of Eliot's wife?

Although Eliot is not sexually attracted to women, he agreed to marry Fen so that he could help secure the blade that would hopefully be used to kill the Beast. Unfortunately, the blade fell into Julia's hands, and it was never used to kill the Beast. At least Fen turned out to be a committed, friendly and complimentary partner to Eliot's haphazard leadership style.


Who authored the "Fillory and Further" series?

Quentin and Julia grew up believing Christopher Plover was the amazing dude who wrote their favorite book series, so it was a bit traumatic to learn that Plover was actually a pedophile who sexually abused children, and whose wife murdered children to keep them from disturbing Plover's work.


Who was the Beast?

Originally, Quentin and the group believed Christopher Plover was the Beast, considering he had disappeared after sexually abusing and murdering children while writing the "Fillory and Further" series. However, they found Plover in Fillory. He was being held by the Beast, who he revealed was Martin Chatwin.


What created the Beast?

Martin drank from the Wellspring every day, and all the human parts of him were replaced by the magic. If he continued to drink from the Wellspring, it would eventually run out, causing magic to cease to exist throughout the universe.


How did Marina die?

Marina, Julia, and the Beast were all miraculously working together to catch and kill Reynard, but before they could finish the job, Penny popped up and took The Beast with him. Julia grabbed onto the Beast at the last moment and was also transported away with Penny, leaving Marina behind to fend for herself against an evil god.


What's so special about Loria's rocks?

Prince "S" magically transported Fillory's castle to a canyon in Loria, where purplish phallic rocks were everywhere. Penny thought this was hilarious, but Margo wasn't a fan.


Why did Kady leave Brakebills?

The group of student magicians had flown to Southern Antartica to study with Brakebills' Professor Mayakovsky. Prior to this, Kady had been working and stealing for Marina to pay off a debt related to her mother. Professor Mayakovsky found out about the stealing and suggested Kady leave before Brakebills could remove her memories.


Who attempted to kill Dean Fogg in the season 1 episode "The Strangled Heart"?

When the group discovered Mike had been under the influence of the Beast the entire time, they had to imprison him. But he escaped and tried to kill Dean Fogg, who was still struggling with casting spells due to his damaged hands. Fortunately, Eliot arrived just in time to cast a spell that snapped Mike's neck, saving Dean Fogg.


Where is Alice from?

The 16-inch softball was invented in Chicago, which is also known as The Windy City. In the season 1 episode "Homecoming," Alice returns to her hometown to find her dysfunctional parents having an orgy.


What bank chain did Quentin and friends rob in the season 2 episode "Plan B"?

Julia needed $1,000,000 in order to pay for a demi-god abortion, and Eliot and Margo needed enough cash to pay for an entire kingdom. Their solution? Rob a bank! Apparently Margo robbed a bank during her senior year of high school, so she was able to guide the group in pulling off this heist.


Why couldn't James remember Julia?

Pete and Marina told Julia that they thought she was dangerous, so they had wiped James' memories of Julia to protect him from her. Julia had planned on telling James all about magic and what she had been up to, but Marina got to him first.


Who was Quentin's first roommate at Brakebills?

Penny is a psychic, which allows him to listen in on others' thoughts, and a traveler, which allows him to move between worlds. He also has the ability to enter people's dreams to communicate with them - a skill that has helped save more than one person, including Eliot and Quentin.


What did Quentin have to agree to in order to attend Brakebills?

Quentin was on anti-depressants after checking himself into a psychiatric facility. He struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout his young adult life, partly due to feelings of isolation and alienation - not feeling like he fit in anywhere - that is, until he found Brakebills.


How were Alice, Eliot, and Margo able to come back to life after the Beast seemingly killed them?

Quentin attempted to distract the Beast (AKA Martin) so that Alice could stab him in the back with the Leo Blade, but she hesitated, giving Martin time to kill her. He then killed Eliot and Margo and chopped off Penny's hands. Before he could kill Quentin, Julia showed up and offered to make a deal. Season 1 ends with us believing they're dead, but we learn right away in season 2 that because Alice was still under the influence of Umber's semen, she was able to bring everyone back to life.


How did the group prove to the crown keeper that they were children of Earth?

In order to be granted access to Whitespire Castle, the group needed to be crowned, and in order to be crowned kings and queens of Fillory, Quentin, Margo, Eliot, and Alice had to find the crown keeper. The crown keeper asked them 90s pop trivia questions in order to prove whether or not they were children of Earth, but they didn't know many of the answers. They just weren't old enough to remember that decade! Fortunately, Eliot pulled through with his monologue and saved the day.


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