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Biblical stories focus on different times in human history when defining acts of sacrifice, faith, and miracles occurred. Within the New Testament, readers can enjoy stories of Jesus performing inexplicable miracles, one of which included walking on water. 

The story states that after he had sent his disciples across the sea and left to pray in the mountains, the disciples got caught in a storm and when morning came they witnessed Jesus walking on water towards them. He called out to them to not be afraid, and they welcomed him onto the boat. Another miraculous act accomplished by Jesus included him healing a paralytic.

The stories of the New Testament also offers many insights and answers into everyday issues. The stories told by Jesus to his followers are filled with good morals and lessons. The story of the prodigal son, for instance, tells of a son who decided to leave home and venture to far off lands, only to find himself craving to be back home after his money, friends, and food had run out. 

The legitimacy of the stories of the New Testament has been questioned by many. However, real or not the lessons and advice given are precious and eternally relevant for humanity.

Were you paying enough attention during Sunday school to pass our test? Will you be tempted to answer the questions incorrectly by the ma downstairs? Or will you walk away with an 'A' courtesy of the One above?

How many books make up the New Testament?

The New Testament includes four Gospels, plus Acts, Epistles, Revelation, and more, for a total of 27.


What are the Epistles?

The Epistles are letters that make up many books of the New Testament. Paul is the most prolific writer of them, with 13 to his name.


Which of these is not a Gospel maker?

Paul is an apostle, not a Gospel maker. He did write a lot of the New Testament, but in the form of Epistles, not Gospels.


Who is John the Divine?

John the Divine is the name given to the author of Revelation. There was dispute over whether to include Revelation in the canon, as it is some very controversial and edgy stuff.


Who is Anna, the daughter of Phanuel?

Anna is a prophet who spoke of Jesus' coming in the market.


Which of these is not one of the Four Horsemen?

The Four Horsemen appear during the apocalypse at the end of days in the Book of Revelation. They are usually thought to be Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence, but those are actually more modern versions. The original book has a rider on a white horse, who is the conquering Antichrist. The next rides a red horse, and represents War. Then there's a rider on a black horse, who represents Famine. The fourth rider rides a pale horse (in the original Greek, the word is 'cloros' which means a deathly pale green) and represents Pestilence.


How long was Jesus in the tomb for?

Jesus spent three days in the tomb, from Black Friday to Easter Sunday, when he arose. He wasn't recognized at first, which can't have been what he needed after what he'd been through.


Who is Caiaphas?

Caiaphas is a priest who prosecuted Jesus on a trumped-up charge of blasphemy, which was very convenient for Pontius Pilate.


Where did Judas Iscariot tell the Romans they could find Jesus?

Judas told the Romans to look for Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, where he would be for the Passover festival a few days out.


Who is the Lamb's wife?

The Lamb's Wife is a selection of New Testament verses that reference the bride of Christ, or imply the bride by referencing Christ as groom. Some see this as meaning the church itself, or all the people within the Christian communion.


What was Mary Magdalene's deal?

Mary Magdalene being a prostitute is definitely not in the New Testament. It's a slur that was put about by later church writers. She is a supporter and follower of Jesus, one of the most loyal.


At what age did Jesus start his ministry?

Jesus got ministering at 30, so if you're a late bloomer, you are in good company. Before that, he was a carpenter, though he also hung out around the holy men a lot and learned and debated with them.


How many people did Jesus feed with the bread and fishes?

Jesus fed 5,000 people with enough bread and fishes for just a few people. He was very good at making a little go a long way - almost miraculously so!


Which body of water did Jesus walk on?

Jesus walked on the Sea of Galillee, which is actually a lake!


Who is Saint Anne thought to be?

Saint Anne is mentioned in the Apocrypha as the grandmother of Jesus, mother of Mary. She is a woman of the line of David, which means that Jesus' claim to the Davidian line comes through two women, another example of early egalitarianism baked into Christianity. Whether the Apocryphal books count as official New Testament remains a subject of fierce debate.


How long after the death of Jesus were the Gospels written?

The gospels date from 30-60 years after the death of Jesus, and were likely written to preserve oral stories now that the original witnesses were dying off.


What actually happened on the road to Damascus?

Saul had been persecuting Christians, but on the Road to Damascus, God appeared to him and made clear that this was bad form. Saul became the Apostle Paul and among the most devout of Christians.


What crime was the stoning victim Jesus saved being stoned for?

Jesus saved an adulteress from stoning because the people setting up to kill her did not have the moral authority to do so, since they were all sinners too.


Which of these is not a condition from which Jesus healed anyone?

Jesus healed the blind, the lame, the bleeding, the leprous, and many others, but as far as we know, he didn't cure anyone with measles. Fortunately, nowadays we have vaccines!


What were Mary and Joseph doing in Bethlehem anyway?

The Romans insisted that everyone be counted in the census, so Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, their hometown, to get counted. Many others were there at the same time which is why the inns were full.


Who were the Gnostics?

Gnosticism treasures knowledge as the highest good, and is considered very blasphemous as this means they regard the Fall from Eden as a good thing, since it meant getting knowledge. It also opened the door to redemption, which is even better than Eden.


What did Jesus say about rich people?

Despite the "prosperity gospel" that is trying to popularize the idea that wealth comes to those who are virtuous, Jesus did not endorse this, and instead said that people should give away their worldly goods - not necessary all, but enough to be uncomfortable and to benefit everyone else. Early Christians probably lived in collectivist communities and were borderline communist, though this is not spoken of much these days!


What is the name of the prisoner who received a pardon instead of Jesus?

Barabbas was scheduled for crucifixion the same day as Jesus but he was pardoned as an annual ritual for Passover. Jesus was meant to be pardoned in stead- but it's just as well he wasn't, so the rest of the story could happen!


What event was the Last Supper supposed to celebrate?

The Last Supper was the Passover feast to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt. It wasn't called the Last Supper at the time, after all, since they didn't know Jesus was about to be arrested.


How much of the New Testament is taken up by the Epistles?

As above, 13 epistles are by Paul, and another 8 are by other Apostles. Further epistles are not seen as canonical, and some referenced in other epistles or books are lost.


Which of these is not an apostle?

Luke is a Gospel-maker, not an Apostle. The full list of Apostles: Simon called Peter, Simon the Canaanite, Thaddeus, John, Bartholomew, Judas Iscariot, Thomas, James, Matthew, Philip, Andrew, and another John.


Which is the shortest book in the New Testament?

3 John is the shortest book, even though John is in some ways the most influential Gospel.


Only one New Testament book is not attributed to an author. Which is it?

Hebrews has no specified author. It is addressed to Jews, not Gentiles, which suggests that attribution to Paul may be misplaced. It's not clear who wrote it.


How many times is the word "trinity" in the Bible?

The trinity isn't actually mentioned in the Bible. It seems to have been a theological development that came later.


What happened at Siloam Pool?

Jesus used the mud of the pond to heal the blind man, by spreading it across his eyes. It's not clear what condition the man had, but he was pleased with the results!


Who is James the Just?

James the Just is either a literal brother of Jesus born to Mary and Joseph at a later time, or he is a step-brother, or simply a brother in the sense of a brother in the cause. The Greek word "adelphos" is not clear which is applicable.


Who are Priscilla and Aquila?

They are mentioned in six separate occasions and Paul refers to them as fellow "workers in Christ". Priscilla is clearly an equal minister and partner to husband Aquila, and not a subordinate, a feature of early Christian thinking.


Who is Lydia of Thyatira?

Lydia is a businesswoman in Europe, an agent of a purple dye company (purple was a big deal back then as it was very expensive and hard to make). Lydia means "a Lydian woman", meaning she was probably from Lydia in Asia Minor, but she is recorded in Acts as having been the first Christian convert in Europe.


What are the Synoptic Gospels?

The Synoptic Gospels are Matthew, Mark, and Luke. John's focus tends to be very different, whereas the other three have a lot in common and clear strains of authorship from the same traditions and backgrounds. The Synoptic Gospels make a fascinating Venn diagram of Double Traditions (shared between 2/3) and Triple Tradition (all of them), and some unique material. John is the newest Gospel, which may inform why it is so different, as it was written for a different audience.


Who is Junia?

Junia is an apostle mentioned by Paul as a "fellow prisoner" and also a family member, who helped spread the word of Jesus. It is commonly accepted these days that Junia is a woman.


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