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Save the Drama for your Housemates! The Real World has aired for decades on MTV. Think you have what it takes to answer all of these trivia questions? Find out now!

In which year did The Real World first air?

The Real World was inspired by a 1973 PBS documentary series called An American Family.


The Real World is known to have launched the ________ television genre.

The Real World is also known as one of the longest-running reality series ever.


The _____ season of The Real World is set to premier on October 12, 2016.

The newest season is set in Seattle, Washington.


Mary-Ellis Bunim and ___________ were the original producers of The Real World.

They formed the production company Bunim/Murray Productions. The show is distributed by Viacom Media Networks.


What is the name of the sister show that that ran on MTV from 1995-2007?

Road Rules lasted for 14 seasons.


On which television network does The Real World air?

MTV launched in 1981.


The roommates are filmed for _______ each day.

There are cameras EVERYWHERE including the bedrooms and bathrooms!


____________ are when the roommates are interviewed and speak directly into the camera to share their opinions/thoughts.

Bunim and Murray used to conduct the interviews, but they have shifted to other staff members.


Where was the first Real World filmed?

Each of the episodes was only 30 minutes long.


"This is the _______ story... of seven strangers... picked to live in a house..."

This is the opening narration of the Real World recited by the cast members.


" together and have their lives ______"

This is the middle section of the opening narration of The Real World.


" find out what happens... when people stop being _______ ...and start getting real!

Then all the cast members yell, "The Real World!!" and the show begins.


Which city in France was the Real World filmed in Season 13?

Chris C.T. Tamburello was one of the cast members of The Real World Paris.


Where was the first international destination of The Real World?

Season 4 of The Real World was filmed in London, England in 1995.


If the roommates are nice, they will wait until everyone arrives before picking their ________.

There are usually 2-3 beds in each room.


Pedro Zamora from The Real World: San Francisco was known for having _______.

Pedro died from this terrible disease on November 11, 1994.


Hawaii cast member Ruthie had a problem with _________.

She would often pass out at bars from drinking too much.


What is the nickname of San Francisco cast member David Rainey?

Puck was a bicycle messenger.


Cast member Mike Mizanin from the Back to New York Season is now a WWE wrestler who goes by the name of ______.

He has become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Many former Real World cast members have appeared on this competitive MTV spin-off show.

Many have won a lot of money by winning competitions on The Challenge!


How many phones are there in the Real World house?

Like most houses, there is one landline in the house and it is usually in a phone room or office.


Each cast member is required to wear this throughout their time on the Real World

They are also required to ignore the cameras and crew.


The Real World was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada _____ times.

Seasons 12, 25 and 31 were filmed in Vegas!


In Season 19, The Real World went down under to this filming location...

The Real World Sydney was filmed in 2007-2008.


Which member of the 2011 Las Vegas cast tried to hide his past experience in gay porn?

When his roommate Heather found out, she broke up with him.


Ryan Knight had a romantic interest in this fellow cast member from the Real World; New Orleans in 2010...

Sadly Knight passed away from an accidental OD in 2014.


What is the name of the casino hotel in which all Real World Las Vegas casts lived?

The Palms suite is not called "The Real World Suite".


This member of the Washington DC cast was the winner of Women's Health's America's Next Fitness Start in August 2014.

The Real World was only filmed once in Washington, DC.


In The Real World: Boston, the cast lived in a converted old ________.

The address was 127 Mt. Vernon Street in Boston, MA.


This Key West cast member was appointed the name: Johnny Bananas...

Johnny Bananas has appeared on The Challenge multiple times since his appearance on The Real World.


In The Real World: Austin, which cast member did Danny date throughout the show?

Melinda Stolp began the show with a boyfriend but soon fell in love with castmate Danny Jamieson.


The Real World: Hawaii was filmed in this Hawaiian city...

They lived in a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom house at 3169 Diamond Head Road.


2004 San Diego housemate Frankie Abernathy suffered from this disease...

Sadly she passed away on June 9, 2007.


How many times was the Real World filmed in Florida?

Once in Miami in 1996 and once in Key West in 2006!


Starting in 2008, how long is each episode of The Real World including commercials?

From 1992-2008, The Real World was only 30 minutes per episode!


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