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Love, life, and family sometimes are not what they seem to be at first glance. Test your knowledge on the Pearson clan, and discover what you know about who they were then and who they are now.

The show is about a family and people who share the same ________?

The show starts on August 31, the 36th birthday of Jack, Randall, Kate, and Kevin. Jack is in his Terrible Towel waiting for his sexy birthday dance when his wife's water breaks.


The Pearsons plan to give birth to ________ babies?

After giving birth to Kevin, Rebecca is rushed in for a c-section. There she gives birth to a live girl and a stillborn son.


Since the third baby was stillborn, the Pearsons decide to adopt a boy they named _______?

Randall's birth mom died of a drug overdose. His birth father left Randall at a fire station right the baby was born.


Kevin is a famous ________.

Kevin's agent, Lanie Schulz, discovered Kevin when he was a nobody. She made him into who he is. She is the most powerful agent in Hollywood. Toby is convinced that she came up with "Deadpool" or "Hamilton" all by herself.


What TV show did Kevin walk away from?

"The Manny" is about a male nanny. Kevin has a breakdown during a taping of "The Manny" in front of a studio audience. He quits the show by saying "Manny out," and walks off the set.


What is Randall's birth father's nickname?

William writes poems and songs that are fantastic. He earned the nickname before his cocaine habit took over and he lost everything.


The NFL team that the Pearson's love is the _________.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a football team based in Pittsburgh PA. There were founded in 1933 and are the oldest franchise in the American Football League. So far, they've won six Super Bowl titles.


Where does Kate go in her quest to lose weight?

The doctor calls it an "immersive weight loss experience." It's a month-long camp in upstate New York, with no distractions.


How do Jack and Rebecca meet?

Jack heads to a bar to rob the bartender. He and his friend have it all set up so the friend calls the bar from a pay phone, and Jack grabs the money from the register while the bartender is on the phone. However, as soon as Jack hears Rebecca sing, the robbery never takes place, and he's hooked for life.


Who plays the family-focused Jack Pearson?

Milo Ventimiglia started his onscreen career in 1995 as Party Guest #1 on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." He also plays Jackson Pritchard in "Devil's Gate."


After Kevin quits his TV show, he moves to what city?

New York City is the epicenter of the US theatre scene. Every day/night someplace in the city there are Broadway Shows, Off-Broadway Shows, Musicals, Plays, and Concerts.


What is the name of the play that Kevin self-produces and stars in?

The first opening night is a fail as Kevin walks out before the curtain opens. The second opening night is a winner.


Randall's two daughters are __________.

Tess is played by Eris Baker. This is her first role. Annie is played by Faithe Herman. Faithe can be seen as Grace in "Bodied."


Kate is Kevin's ________.

Kate helps Kevin in Los Angeles. When Kevin moves to New York, Kate stills tries to help him, but is unable to be the full-time assistant Kevin needs.


What does Randall do for a living?

No one in Randall's family knows what Randall does for a living. Weather-derivatives trading is commodities trading on the future of weather. It is used as a risk management tool.


Who is the doctor who delivers the Pearson's triplets?

Dr. Nathan Katowski , is also called Doctor or Dr. K by his patients. He steps in to deliver the babies when the Pearson's regular doctor, Dr. Schneider, has a burst appendix. Dr. K is 73 years old.


Who plays the loveable mother, Rebecca Pearson?

Mandy Moore started her onscreen career in the 1996 movie "Street Rats." She can currently be seen as Mom in "I'm Not Here."


Where do Kate and her fiancé Toby meet?

Kate notices Toby after he apologizes for laughing during another member's confession. To get their relationship going, Toby asks Kate if they can be fat friends. She says yes.


After moving to NYC, Kevin realizes he is still in love with his ________?

Sophie and Kevin divorced because Kevin could not stay faithful. When he arrived on Sophie's doorstep to confess that he was still in love with her, she had a hard time believing him.


Who is Jack's best friend?

Miguel is played by Jon Huertas. He also appeared in the long-running hit, "Castle." He can also be seen as Andrew in "Altered Perception."


What does William die of?

Randall takes William on a memorable road trip to Memphis. It's there that Will dies from cancer, with Randall at his side.


Who is Rebecca married to when the three kids are adults?

Rebecca is married to Jack's best friend, Miguel. Kevin appears to have a problem with the marriage. Jack is dead, but as of the end of the first season, the audience does not know how he died.


Who plays the impulsive Kevin Pearson?

Justin Hartley's first appearance onscreen was as Joe in the 2005 movie "Race You to the Bottom." He can also be seen as Eric Laziter in "Another Time."


Who plays the logical, and too-often uptight, Randall Pearson?

Brown had his start playing a co-worker in the 2002 movie, "Brown Sugar." He can also be seen as Joseph Spell in "Marshall."


Rebecca takes off on the road with her band and their first gig is in _________?

Cleveland is located in Northeast Ohio on Lake Erie. Cleveland got its name on July 22, 1798, after General Moses Cleaveland. Cleveland became a city in 1836.


On what birthday do the kids want separate birthday parties?

Kate and Kevin tell their parents that they are too old for pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Kate wants a "Madonna" party, Kevin wants a "Princess Bride" party, and Randall wants a party featuring a magician.


What does Kevin order for Sophie at "their restaurant" so she'll stay and talk?

Lava Fries are french fries drowning in hot sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. The mozzarella is then broiled so that the cheese melts.


Who plays the wishful Kate Pearson?

Metz started her onscreen career as the counter girl in "Entourage." She can also be seen as Veronica's mom in "Sierra Burgess Is a Loser."


What U.S. disaster does Kevin obsess over?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in flight on January 28, 1986. It was destroyed 73 seconds into its 10th mission. After the explosion, the shuttle program was shut down for two-and-a-half years.


What is the one thing Kate is not ready to talk about with Toby?

Toby tries to get Kate to talk about Jack's death so that she can move past it. She refuses, saying she is not ready. Kate does tell Toby that Jack's death was her fault.


The children are conceived in the bathroom of a bar called Froggy's during Super Bowl _________?

Superbowl XIV was an American football game played on January 20, 1980, in which the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Los Angeles Rams.


Jack's dream is to open a ________?

Jack's dream is to open a mechanic's garage with his buddy, Darryl Magee, so that he can move out and away from his abusive father. Their hopes are dashed when they are robbed of all their poker winnings.


Who tries to kiss Rebecca?

Ben is played by Sam Trammell, who also plays Dean Hall in "Say You Will."


Who is the cocky guy that wants to steal Kate from Toby?

Duke is the horse caretaker at the fat camp. As soon as he sees Kate, he comes on to her. Kate later finds out that he is the camp owner's son.


The series weaves between _______ timelines?

The series takes place with scenes from the characters' past and present lives. Most of the series takes place in 1980, 1989 - 1990, and the present.


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