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Do you remember the details of "Love Story," down to the types of cars that were driven? If so, try this 1970s quiz! Bring a box of Kleenex for laughing at Jenny's sassy jabs and crying during the tender scenes.

In what state did the couple attend college?

Boston is a well-known city in Massachusetts. Harvard is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Who was referred to as a "windmill"?

Jenny's father, Phil, called Oliver's father this when Phil found out that Oliver III wasn't talking to Oliver IV. Phil wanted to call Oliver III to talk some sense into him, but Oliver and Jenny were able to convince him not to. Phil, in turn, defended Oliver III when Oliver started to criticize him, explaining to Oliver IV that a father is to be respected.


What was the name of Jenny's camp?

This name, "Tuckahoe," was also on the boat that Oliver worked on, on Jenny's t-shirt. The boat also had "Cape Cod" painted on it.


Did Jenny call Oliver "stupid and rich" or "smart and poor" when they had their first coffee together?

Oliver disagreed with Jenny, saying that he was "smart and poor." She smirked and smiled as she flirted with him about these terms when they had coffee for their first date. Asking her out came from her saying to him at the library, "You'd be stupid if you didn't."


What did Jenny say to Oliver IV after their first fight and what did Oliver say back to his father, Oliver III, at the end of the movie?

Jennifer said this to Oliver after she was locked out of their first home after a fight. Also, Oliver said this to his father after Jenny died at the hospital.


What was the house number of Oliver and Jenny's first new home?

Their first home wasn't in the nicest area of Cambridge, Massachusetts, but it had four bedrooms.


How much did the newlywed's first house cost in monthly rent?

This was expensive for the young newlywed couple. After all, they were both students and not making much money in their jobs.


How many thresholds did Oliver carry Jenny over?

Jenny liked giving Oliver a hard time, so this was another example how she teased him. She wanted to be carried over the threshold as his wife in each home.


What was Oliver's jersey number, for which sport and team?

Oliver loved hockey and didn't want to go to any law school that didn't have a hockey team.


What penalty did Oliver get at the Cornell vs. Harvard hockey game?

Oliver was on top of a Cornell player, so that is why he got this call. He threw down his maroon helmet when he got into the penalty box.


What did Jenny say to Oliver when he was in the penalty box at the Cornell hockey game?

Jenny was feisty and loved giving Oliver a tough time as she teased him. Her line sounds like she is less than intelligent, but it was meant as sarcasm. He teased right back, saying he wanted her to shut up.


What was Oliver's vehicle's license plate number?

Oliver's car was a British classic convertible MG-TC, with the driver's seat on the right side. N 520 didn't have any significance, or if it did, it wasn't shared. Oliver liked to drive fast.


What kind of car did Oliver's father drive?

This was the long-nosed sleek Jag back in the 60's. It was produced in 1961.


What nickname did Jenny give to Oliver?

She called him this even after they were married. She said it to annoy and tease him when they first met, but it stuck as her pet name for him throughout their relationship. It was in reference to his wealth and ivy league look: a rich and smart college man. She knew his reputation with the girls around campus, so she kept him at a distance with her "verbal volleyball" at first.


What was the nickname for Jenny and Oliver's baby that they never had?

This was Jenny's idea. She said it would only be if the baby was a boy. She had a wicked sense of humor that helped loosen up her husband, Oliver.


What did Oliver call his dad?

Sir and Father were formal names to refer to his Dad. Their relationship was very stiff. The SOB nickname was due to Oliver not appreciating his father's ways. Oliver III would send Oliver IV memos in high school, which Jenny thought was cute, but Oliver mentioned it to demonstrate the type of relationship to her in contrast to the one that she had with her dad, Phil.


How old were Jenny and Oliver when they were trying to conceive babies?

Their ages were mentioned when Oliver was inquiring about why they couldn't get pregnant. 24 is certainly not too old.


From which colleges did Jenny and Oliver graduate?

Jenny was attending Radcliffe as a music major - she played piano. Her dream was to study in Paris, but she gave that up to marry Oliver. Oliver was attending Harvard as a pre-law student, then he was accepted at Harvard Law. He graduated third, which got him into the Law Review.


Did Jenny wear glasses and many red-and-black combinations?

Jenny was beautiful - she could wear any type of outfit and glasses and still be so. She wore plaid and scarves often in this movie. Red and black were often her colors when she didn't wear yellow and black plaid or white beach shorts/pants.


What was Oliver's student ranking?

Oliver told Jenny about this achievement at the ocean, when she was entertaining her camp students with a race on the sand. Oliver also won an award called The William DeJersey Memorial Award for the finest senior essay. He was given $500 for this award, which he proudly announced to Jenny during the ceremony, resulting in a lot of "shushing" from parents and stares from one woman in a white feathered hat.


What were some of Oliver's jobs?

Oliver worked wherever he could to make some extra money, even if he didn't have the experience to know how to do the job (i.e., Jenny's camp's boat). When he worked at the Christmas tree job, a female customer didn't tip him much and he looked at the quarter in shock. Many law students intern at lawyer offices or courthouses, but he selected jobs outside of his chosen course of law studies.


What was the park where Oliver watched the empty skating rink that he had skated on the day that Jenny ended up going to the hospital?

This rink is the same one shown during the opening scene where Oliver was sitting on the bench and at the end of the movie, too. He walked to it right after Jenny passed away. It is also the rink where Oliver skated as Jenny watched him earlier in the movie. He looked genuinely happy ice skating, despite her recent diagnosis. As he stopped skating to say hi to her, she asked if they could afford a taxi to go to the hospital.


How much did Oliver borrow from his dad and why did he say that he needed it?

Oliver didn't want to tell his father the real reason for the request. He asked his father for the $5,000 to ensure Jenny had the best possible medical care. The doctors said she wouldn't live long and he wanted her end to be as pain-free as possible. He told the doctors that he was "rich, like a millionaire" before he asked his father for the money. This financial request broke their silence but didn't improve their relationship.


What was on the outside of the law school building at Harvard, where Oliver walked in to request a scholarship?

Truth: verritas. This was shown as Oliver was walking into the Harvard Law School to request a scholarship. Oliver explained that he and his father were estranged, but that explanation wasn't received with favor by the Dean, due to his father's great wealth.


What is the name of the building on the Radcliffe campus, named for Oliver's grandfather?

Oliver admitted to Jenny that he hadn't entered this hall before and he didn't want to either. Oliver didn't like being connected with wealth. He wanted to earn any accomplishment through hard work and his own name, not his family's name. HIs father called him rebellious; he disagreed. He told Jenny that his father sent him memos in high school which she thought was cute, but it was an example of how Oliver wanted a "normal" upbringing, to not stand out from his friends.


Who called Oliver "master?"

When Olvier introduced Jenny to his parents at their huge mansion estate, Florence answered the door and called Oliver "master." Again, Jenny had on red.


What did Jenny call her dad?

Jenny's dad was portrayed as easy to talk to, non-judgmental, flexible; even if he didn't agree with their non-traditional ways, such as their wedding being officiated by a college chaplain and not by a priest in a Catholic church. The fact that Jenny called her dad by his first name was odd but modern at the time, and it was said in a loving way. It worked with her personality, being so sarcastic and feisty.


What names did Jenny tell Oliver would be better than her real name when she was about to meet Oliver's parents?

This stemmed from Jenny's fear of meeting his parents, due to their extreme wealth and prestige - and probable snobbery. She was shocked as they approached Oliver's parents' mansion on the long gated drive. Oliver stopped the car and Jenny shared that she wished her name was something different, like these choices, as they seemed more appropriate. Her father owned a cookie shop and her family didn't have so much money.


Jenny's mom gave her a piece of jewelry. What was it and did she share the same belief as her parents?

Jenny's mom gave Jenny this piece of jewelry before she passed away. Jenny and Oliver discussed the necklace after making love for the first time. Jenny didn't want a religious wedding, despite her parents' strong religious beliefs.


When did Jenny and Oliver say that they loved one another?

Oliver knew he loved Jenny immediately, after having coffee with her that first day when they met. Red dice were on Oliver's desk both when he called her to tell her that he loved her and when they made love in his dorm room. One of their most playful scenes was playing football in a football stadium in the snow. Jenny ate snow from Oliver's face and they kissed.


Who said they loved Oliver IV as much as Mozart, Bach and the Beatles?

Jenny loved Oliver more than anything. She loved music - her major - so to say that she loved him as much as these three music idols was saying a great deal.


What was the law firm that Oliver IV joined after law school?

This law firm was Oliver's first law position. Oliver's father asked him many times if he had applied to law school, yet Oliver finally chose to do so on his own terms, without the help of his dad's friend, the dean of Harvard Law. Oliver's firm was in NY so they moved out of their first home in Cambridge. Oliver wanted Jenny to teach music, but she wanted to have babies. They began to try to have a baby.


Who played the role of Hank, one of Oliver's roommates?

Tommy Lee Jones is a famous actor, who appeared in "The Fugitive," "Men in Black," "Batman," and many more. He attended Harvard in real life, too!


What kind of meal did Jenny bring Oliver as he studied on the steps in law school?

It makes sense that the peanut butter ends with "y" as she liked to give words slang terms, like "Preppy" for Oliver or "Yalie" for Dr. Addison, who graduated from Yale.


Jenny said which commandment in reference to her father?

Jenny's father, Phil, was an Italian widower who owned a cookie/pastry shop in Rhode Island. Phil was loving, non-judgmental and fun; the opposite of Oliver's father, who loved Oliver but didn't know how to show it. Phil called Jenny and Oliver's wedding, "Do It Yourself," as his way of trying to accept a non-Catholic ceremony. He even said, "That's wonderful," in his shock, in order to not give a negative opinion about the godless ceremony.


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