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'Deck the Halls' is the story of a man who moves into a new neighborhood with the goal of having his house seen from space! Think you know the movie? Take the quiz to find out!

What did Steve do for a living?

Steve was an optometrist! He was well known around town, and every time her stepped out, everyone made sure to say hello to him!


What day did the movie start on?

The movie started on December 1st. Steve was excited to break out a Christmas calendar to count down to Christmas, even though his kids weren't so enthusiastic about it.


After Steve threw the snowball in Buddy's panel, how did Buddy gets the lights to work again?

Buddy had a backup generator in case of his lights getting shut off. Just when Steve thought he had ended it, Buddy got it all up and running again.


Is it true or false that the name of the web service that showed a picture from space was called "MyEarth"?

This is true! The website MyEarth shows a real time picture from space in the movie. The twins found the website, and this is where Buddy got the idea to light up his house bright enough to see from space.


What did Steve encourage Kelly to do?

Steve encouraged Kelly to write her own cookbook! She told him that she had been taking other people's recipes and compiled them into a cookbook that didn't sell. He suggested that she should write her own.


What did the whole town do on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve, the whole town helped to put Buddy's lights back up! One man said that MTV was coming to do a story on the lights. Steve was the one who asked everyone to help out.


Who paid a visit to Steve and Kelly after some new neighbors moved in?

The new neighbors payed a visit to Steve and Kelly. They were quite the characters, and mentioned a few unusual things during their first meeting such as accidentally dropping their fridge on a cat.


On his first day on the job, who did Buddy sell his first car to?

Buddy's new coworkers bet him $3,000 that he couldn't sell a car to a man who was outside kicking tires. Buddy proved them wrong, but he had no idea that he had sold a car to the owner of the dealership.


What did Buddy decide to do so that people could see his house from space?

Buddy covered his house in Christmas lights so that his house could be seen from space. He got the idea after his daughters showed him a website.


In all of their family Christmas photos, what did the Finch family do?

The Finch family all wore the same Christmas sweater in their family Christmas photo. Madison didn't want to wear the sweater because it was embarrassing for her.


Other than Christmas lights, what else did Buddy buy from the store?

Buddy bought a Christmas sled from the store in addition to Christmas lights. He even got two horses and taped antlers to their heads to make even more of a statement!


What happened to Steve after he got into the sled?

After Steve hopped in the sled to get his son out of it, the horses took off! Buddy had told Steve that he had just found the horses instead of buying them from someone, and Steve didn't want his son to be hurt by them.


What did the Finch family have that was exclusively for them?

The Finch family had a private yard filled with Christmas trees. They brought Buddy's family along with them to find their perfect Christmas tree as well.


Where did Tia, Kelly and their kids go after they had enough of their father's fighting?

Tia, Kelly and the kids went to a hotel! They decorated a tiny Christmas tree and planned to spend Christmas there, away from Steve and Buddy.


Who was always the Christmas hero in town before Buddy came along?

Steve was always the Christmas hero around town before Buddy came along and took his spot. Steve was upset that everyone was going to Buddy for Christmas advice now.


What took the interest away from Steve's caroling group?

Buddy's Christmas lights took the interest away from Steve's caroling group. Buddy started blasting music that attracted even more people over to his house.


After Steve accidentally set some of the fireworks off in his home, what did the sheriff find?

After Steve accidentally set some of the fireworks off in his home, the sheriff found the Marilyn Monroe angel that was on the town Christmas tree inside of the house. Then he realized exactly where the town Christmas tree went!


Why did Buddy have animals delivered to his house?

Buddy had live animals delivered to his house to create a live manger! He was going all out with his Christmas decorating and didn't care too much about it annoying Steve.


What did Buddy sell in order to buy more Christmas lights?

Buddy sold Tia's vase that had belonged to her grandmother so that he could buy more Christmas lights. When she found out, she was furious, and even more so when she found out that he had also lost his job.


What did Buddy do after finding out about Steve trying to sabotage his lights?

After finding out about Steve sabotaging his Christmas lights, Buddy bought the family gifts! He brought Steve a coffee, set up a Christmas tree and bought the family a new car.


What was Buddy's Christmas present to Tia?

Buddy's Christmas present to Tia was her grandmother's vase. The vase made her extremely happy and she and the girls made up with their father.


After finding out that Buddy's gifts weren't actually gifts, what did Steve and Buddy do to settle matters with each other?

After finding out that Buddy's gifts weren't actually gifts, Steve and Buddy decided to race each other in a speed skating race at the winter festival. Steve would buy the car if he lost, and Buddy would take down his lights if he lost!


After a failed attempt to turn the lights on while MTV was filming, what did everyone who came out to help do?

After a failed attempt to turn the lights on while MTV was filming, everyone who came out to help took out their cellphones and waved them in the air. They also waved candles that Tia handed out!


What was the name of the dance group that Steve and Buddy's daughters formed?

The name of the dance group that Steve and Buddy's daughters formed was called "The Santa Babies!" When the girls were performing, their fathers had no idea that it was them, until they turned around.


Who won the speed skating race?

Buddy won the speed skating race! Although Steve put up a good fight, at the very end he fell and couldn't make it to the finish line in time.


What did Steve buy to destroy Buddy's Christmas lights?

Steve bought fireworks to destroy Buddy's Christmas lights. He was also hoping to keep Buddy awake like Buddy had been doing to Steve for a few weeks.


What did Steve do to get rid of the bright Christmas lights once and for all?

Steve cut Buddy's power by throwing a snowball into his panel to shut off all of his Christmas lights. The plan worked, but before long, Buddy had the lights back up and running!


The day after the fireworks incident, what did Steve find underneath the snow?

The day after the fireworks incident, Steve found an extension cord under the snow. Buddy had been stealing Steve's power to light up all the Christmas lights on his house!


What did Steve and Buddy do to get their families back?

Steve and Buddy cooked a homemade dinner in order to get their families back. They also made a path of lights for them to follow. The dinner was made from recipes that Kelly and Tia put in their collaborative cookbook!


What happened when Steve tried to get his car out of the driveway?

The doors were ripped off of Steve's car when he tried to get out of his driveway. Two people parked with the ends of their cars blocking Steve's driveway leaving a small path for him to squeeze out of. Unfortunately, the person guiding him was not much help!


Who found out what the issue with the lights was at the end of the movie?

Carter found out what the issue with the lights was at the end of the movie. The main cord wasn't fully plugged in, so after pushing it all the way in, Carter restored the power!


Is it true or false that Buddy never did get his house seen from space?

Buddy never did get his house seen from space. But everyone had a good time anyway!


What was Buddy's occupation?

Buddy was a car salesman! He found a new job in town after his family moved in. Unfortunately, the employees weren't so nice to Buddy.


After Buddy realized that he still couldn't see his house from space after putting up lights, what did he do?

After Buddy realized that he still couldn't see his house from space after putting up Christmas lights, he went to the store and bought more lights. He filled his cart and put the lights up on his house, because he was determined to make a statement.


What did Buddy do that sabotaged the Finch family Christmas tree yard?

Buddy spilled gas that leaked into the Finch's Christmas tree yard, so that when Steve struck the tree with the ax, it caused a fire. The trees along with the fence all burned down.


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