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The Bible contains in its 66 books a huge variety of characters, from villains to sidekicks to redeemed criminals to prophets to recipients of miracles. Among all of this colorful cast are a variety of leaders: prophets, kings, queens, soldiers, judges, and merchants. 

Some of them were born great, like those profiled in the books of Kings, while others were appointed by man, such as the Judges of Israel. Still more were chosen by God, such as prophets and preachers who spoke forth, often fruitlessly, about the risks and evils of the direction the people insisted on going.

Some Biblical leaders weren't actually the godliest people. Indeed, some of them were working for evil gods or worshiped idols, or simply didn't care that much about such things. Most of these got the message when they either lost to God's forces or were converted, often in dramatic and exciting ways. 

Some rejected the call to leadership, claiming not to be qualified, which God typically found rather offensive since obviously He would be unlikely to choose wrong. Others leaped eagerly to the service of God in the form of leadership of their people. How well do you remember the leaders, good and bad, of the Good Book?

Abraham is one of the greatest leaders and fathers of the Bible. What is he best known for?

Abraham's sons and relatives started many tribes or nations in the Bible. Israelites were at the front and center of this large family tree.


Moses was called the Lawgiver of Israel. What were the most important laws that were given to him by God?

Moses was the one who led the Israelites out of Egypt. He went up to Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments of the Lord.


Why was the apostle and saint Peter known as the Rock?

Peter was already acknowledged as the leader of the Christ's apostles when Jesus was still alive. Later, he was instrumental in what would be the Christian Church through his efforts and actions.


Who is this woman whom Jesus simply could not say no to?

Mary of Nazareth, more known as Mother Mary, was one of Jesus's closest advisers. As His mother, she also had a certain authority to speak with him.


What was the experienced King Solomon also known for?

King Solomon was known for his wisdom. Some of the Bible stories are about how he solves problems presented to him in ways that normal people wouldn't think about.


Supposedly, what was the personal symbol of power of the mighty Samson?

Samson was one of the last Judges of Israel. He had superhuman strength and skill in combat. But, if his long hair were cut, his strength would disappear.


Daniel was a prophet and servant of kings. He was practically untouchable. What happened when he was thrown to the lions?

David was a man faithful to God, even though he was persecuted for it. God showed his love for him by sending an angel to stop lions from eating him.


Who did the young David kill with his slingshot?

David was a young shepherd who became a king's favorite. He killed Goliath, a giant warrior from the Philistines, with stones thrown from a slingshot.


Saint Paul the Apostle was one of the most influential figures in the early days of the Church. How did God make him see the light?

Saint Paul originally hunted down Christians in or near Jerusalem. However, God whispered to him on the road to Damascus, then struck him blind. He was eventually cured of his blindness, and after that he became a firm believer in the Christian God.


Why did Noah build the ark in the first place?

Noah had been told by God that a great flood would happen. He was instructed to build a large boat that could house all the animals and good people. People thought he was crazy, until the rains came.


Gideon was a military leader and Judge of Israel. How did he defeat a large army with only 300 men?

Gideon was ordered by God to fight with only a small group, as a larger one would make people think they won without God's help. He attacked with only 300 men, all shouting and carrying torches in the middle of the night. The enemy army was so surprised, they fled.


What great disaster did Joseph, prophet and Egyptian official, foresee?

Joseph, who'd been sold into slavery, eventually rose in rank as an Egyptian official. His prophetic visions of a coming famine allowed him to prepare for it. He eventually invited his family to settle in Egypt, so they could survive the natural disaster.


The Biblical Jacob was also known by another name. What was his other, now-geographical name?

Jacob was Joseph's father, and was a patriarch from the line of Abraham. He wrestled with and angel, and thus earned his new name, Israel.


Joseph of Arimathea took care of finding a burial cave for Jesus. What is he the patron saint of?

Joseph of Arimathea was not mentioned much in the Bible, but his status as a rich man and a probable member of the priestly council made him a key ally for Jesus. He was the one who made sure that Jesus would have a resting place.


God usually helped Israelites out of love for them. What was unusual about Joshua, the leader after Moses, when it came to his relationship with God?

Joshua was able to pray to God to get active support during one battle. There, God had large hailstones fall from the sky, killing more of the enemy than the Israelites did.


Nehemiah qualifies as a true great leader, but in a different sense. What did this governor do for the city of Jerusalem?

Nehemiah was a cup bearer to the Persian king. But when he learned of how Jerusalem had fallen on hard times, he asked the king for permission to rebuild the city. He then became the governor of Persian Judea.


Samuel was a proven prophet in his day. However, he also had one other major role for the leadership of Israel. What was it?

Samuel is known to have crowned two kings. The first one was Saul, and the second was David.


In the New Testament, why did Jesus visit John the Baptist?

Jesus went to John the Baptist to be baptized. Some scholars point to this as the institution of Baptism as a Christian sacrament. John was also a great leader in his own right, and research indicates that Jesus may have studied under him for a short time.


Some of the Apostles may actually have been freedom fighters, like Simon the Zealot. What was he originally fighting for?

Simon the Zealot has been linked to the freedom fighters that didn’t like Roman rule. Some even say that aside from being one of the Apostles, he may have maintained ties with the rebels, and led a failed revolt.


Isaac was one of the great father figures of the Old Testament. What was so unusual about his time as the leader of the Israelite?

Isaac was known for having a relatively peaceful time as the leader of the Israelites. He was also known for being very faithful to his wife, having no mistresses.


Of all the Prophets, Jonah had something in common with Captain Ahab. What was it?

Jonah was a prophet who had been instructed to warn the city of Nineveh of a coming disaster. Along the way, he was swallowed by a whale. He was spat out by the whale, and he managed to complete his mission. Some experts believe that the Book of Jonah may have been entirely fictional.


Miriam was the sister of Moses, and was, in her way, a great leader. However, her greatest act was in saving another person. Who did she save?

Miriam was already known as a great prophet in her own right, as she helped save marriages and male children when Israelites were being oppressed in Egypt. Her greatest contribution, however, was to make sure that Moses would survive and be adopted by Egyptian nobles.


Jael is a woman who also figures in the Book of Judges. What did she do with some camping tools, which ended a war?

Jael was from a tribe that had close ties with Israelites. When the enemy commander fled and found himself in her tent, she allowed him to fall asleep. She then hammered a tent pin through his head.


John, one of the Beloved Apostles, was a leader of men. He is also unique among the apostles for one thing. What was it?

John the Apostle was the only apostle to supposedly die of old age, though this is still being contested. He has written many of the books in the New Testament. He was called the Beloved Disciple, and was the youngest of the Apostles.


Saul, one of the early Kings of Israel, was anointed by God through a prophet. Even though his relationship with God was troubled by his own pride, what was he good at?

Saul was an aggressive King, and many stories in the Bible about him were battles. However, his increasing distance from God eventually led to his downfall. He committed suicide rather than be captured by an enemy.


Mary Magdalene was on the first to witness Christ's triumph. What did she see, exactly?

Mary Magdalene was one of the named women who accompanied and supported Jesus and the Apostles. In keeping with their role, Mary went with some others to visit Jesus's burial cave. And there, she found an empty tomb.


Elijah was a great and powerful prophet, and his passing was epic in nature. How was he taken up to heaven?

Elijah was known as a powerful prophet of God, who at one time even called down fire from the sky. His passing from Earth was equally miraculous, as he ascended to heaven on a whirlwind, in front of his disciple.


Enoch, Methuselah's dad, lived a short life, but had an unusual way of passing away. What was it?

Enoch had a short life, but he more than made up for by being faithful to God. When it was his time to go, he took a walk with the Lord, and disappeared from the Earth.


What made Deborah unique among the Judges of Israel?

Deborah is the only female Judge of Israel In the Old Testament. It doesn’t detract from her being a strong character and a decisive leader, as the Book of Judges attest to.


Lazarus eventually became a bishop in the early times of the Church. But what was the true miracle received by this twice-buried man?

Lazarus was known in the New Testament as a supporter of Jesus, who had died of illness. Even after being dead for four days, Jesus was able to resurrect him. He became the ultimate miracle.


Barnabas was an important person in the formation of the Early Church. He was also known later in life for addressing an issue in the Early Church. What was the internal problem?

Barnabas was one of those who proposed in the council of Jerusalem that non-Jews should be accepted into the Christian faith. Interestingly, he is a patron saints of peacemakers.


While Esau became a powerful and rich leader in his own right, what was his problem with his brother Jacob?

Esau was the firstborn of Isaac, but because of some trickery on part of Jacob's mom and Jacob himself, birthright and leadership went to Jacob. Jacob and Esau eventually got over it, though there were lingering issues.


Esther was a different kind of leader, as she became a queen for a King of Persia. What did she do, that made her a great hero?

Esther was taken in by the King of Persia, and when a political issue led to the possible killing of all Jews in the kingdom, she used her knowledge of Persian court culture to have a few dinners with the King. She saved her people, and killed the man who almost caused the tragedy.


Why was Jesus called the Messiah?

Jesus is the fulfillment of God's Promise. In him, the covenant of God is renewed, fulfilled, and expanded on.


Ezekiel was a doomsayer, when it came to prophecies. Which place did he predict the destruction of?

Ezekiel was a major prophet who talked about the destruction of Jerusalem. Although many did not believe him, it happened in his lifetime.


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