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The Hangover Trilogy features three wild adventures of "the Wolfpack," involving criminals, marriage, and tattoos. Think you remember the guys' wild adventures? Take the quiz to find out!

Where does the first movie take place?

The first movie takes place in Las Vegas. Phil, Doug, Stu and Alan all go to Vegas to celebrate for Doug's bachelor party. They find themselves in trouble when they wake up the next morning and someone is missing!


Who is missing the morning after the guys arrived in Las Vegas?

Doug is missing the morning after the guys arrived in Las Vegas. After they had a few drinks on the roof of the hotel, they had a wild night. When they wske up, they can't remember anything, including where their friend Doug is!


What drug did the guys accidentally take?

The guys accidentally took Rohypnol (also known as "roofies"), which is why they forgot what happened the night before. Alan later confesses to the guys that he was, in fact, the one who drugged them.


What is the profession of the girl Stu married?

The girl that Stu married was an exotic dancer. He married her during the night when he was drunk and on roofies. Her name is Jade and she had to inform Stu that he is now her husband!


What animal do the guys find in their bathroom?

The guys find a tiger in their bathroom the day after. They get it out of their bathroom by putting roofies in a slice of meat and feeding it to the tiger. Then they wheel him out on a cart!


Who does the tiger belong to?

The tiger belongs to Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson is in the guy's hotel room when they return, and he tells them that the tiger belongs to him. He tells them that they have to figure out how they are going to get it back to his mansion.


Who is in the trunk of their Mercedes?

Mr. Chow is in the back of the Mercedes after they pick it up. When they open the trunk he jumps out with a crowbar and starts to attack them. Then he runs off.


What does Chow claim that the guys stole from him?

Chow claims that the guys stole money from him. He says that they owe him $80,000 and that if they don't repay the money, he will have to kill them.


How do the guys make enough money to pay back Chow?

The guys play Blackjack to try and win the money to pay back to Chow. Alan is able to win more than the $80,000 in one night.


Where is Doug found?

Doug is found on the roof of the hotel. Since they have no memory of the events from the night before, they forgot that they had played a joke on Doug, moving him to the hotel roof. He is severely sunburned for the day of his wedding.


What does Alan find after the wedding?

Alan finds Stu's digital camera after the wedding and brings it to the other guys. They decide to look at the pictures one time and then they agree to delete everything.


Where does the second movie take place?

The second movie takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. They go there because another one of the friends is having their wedding there.


Which one of the friends gets married in the second movie?

Stu gets married in the second movie. He had broken up with his previous fiancee in the first movie and has found a new fiancee named Lauren. Family and friends join them in Thailand for the marriage.


What is on Stu's face when he wakes up in the second movie?

When Stu wakes up in the second movie, he has a tattoo on his face. Stu hopes the tattoo is fake and tries to wash it off. When it won't wash off, he is freaked out even more!


What animal is in their hotel room this time?

In this movie, the guys wake up to a monkey in their hotel room. It attacks them and Alan tries to get it to calm down. They later find out that the monkey enjoys smoking.


Where do the guys dump Chow?

They dump Chow into an ice bin. Chow had snorted some drugs and the guys thought that he had died right before their eyes. They have no idea that Chow isn't actually dead!


What is on Alan's stomach?

An address and a time are written on Alan's stomach. The guys decide to go there to see what is going on and they meet Kingsley, who wants Chow's bank password.


Who does Kingsley kidnap?

Kingsley kidnaps Lauren's brother Teddy. He says that he took him as insurance to make sure that Chow gives him his account number and bank password. The guys have to do everything possible to find out the information and give it to Kingsley.


Who has their finger cut off?

Teddy had his finger cut off. He went missing after going to get some ice for his injured hand during the night.


What is Kingsley's profession?

Kingsley is actually a detective who is part of Interpol. His real name is Detective Peters. He reveals that he actually had no idea where Teddy was and just used the information to get the guys to bring him Chow.


Where do the guys find Teddy?

The guys find Teddy in the elevator at the hotel. They use a crowbar to pry open the doors of the elevator and get Teddy out as fast as they can to make it back in time.


What do the guys travel in, to make it in time for the wedding?

The guys make it back to the wedding by taking a speedboat that belongs to Chow. Phil accidentally parks it a little too far on the beach!


Who performs at Stu's wedding?

Mike Tyson performs at Stu's wedding as Alan's surprise for Stu. He performs a cover of the song, One Night in Bangkok, by Murray Head. Alan says that he was originally going to perform Burnin' Up, by The Jonas Brothers.


What large purchase does Alan make in the third movie?

In the third movie, Alan buys a giraffe. He is taking it home in a trailer on the freeway and forgets about the fact that there are overpasses. The giraffe doesn't have such a happy ending.


Who passes away in the third movie?

Alan's father passes away in the third movie, after becoming very upset with his son and suffering a heart attack. The movie shows his father's funeral.


Why does "the Wolfpack" go to Arizona?

"The Wolfpack" go to Arizona to take Alan to rehab, as that was the only way that he would agree to go. They find themselves in yet another sticky situation and go on another wild adventure instead.


Which of the guys kept in touch with Chow after his imprisonment?

Alan kept in touch with Chow after his imprisonment. They wrote letters to each other before Chow broke out of the prison. This comes in handy for one of their tasks later in the movie!


What do Phil and Stu plan to do to Chow during his meeting with Alan?

Phil and Stu plan to drug Chow during his meeting with Alan. The guys need Chow to help them get out of their situation with Marshall, but their plan goes south when Alan accidentally gives them away.


Where does Chow lock "the Wolfpack"?

Chow locks "the Wolfpack" in Marshall's basement. They had to break into what Chow said was his old house to get the rest of the gold. The guys later find out that Chow had tricked them into breaking into Marshall's house and stealing the other half of the gold.


Who is in the trunk of the car when Marshall shoots it?

Chow is in the trunk of the car when Marshall shoots it. Marshall thinks he has killed Chow but has no idea that Alan had opened an inside compartment so that Chow could escape. Chow pops out of the car and kills Marshall.


What building from the first movie does Chow hideout in?

Chow hides in the penthouse suite of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. When the guys go in after him, he jumps off a balcony and parachutes over the city.


What does Chow offer Alan for saving his life?

Chow offers Alan a gold bar for saving his life. He also spares the lives of Phil and Stu because of Alan's gesture towards him. Alan says that he can't take the gold bar.


What medication is Alan refusing to take?

Alan is refusing to take his ADHD medication. With the family worried about Alan, they know that they have to get him to go to rehab right away. They enlist "the Wolfpack" to take him there.


Who does Marshall kidnap?

Marshall kidnaps Doug. He uses Doug to get the guys to retrieve the gold bars that Chow owes him. He says that if they don't return the gold bars, he will kill Doug.


Who plays Cassie in the third movie?

Melissa McCarthy plays Cassie in the third movie. Cassie and Alan meet in a pawn shop in Las Vegas and they get married at the end of the movie.


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