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Rumors of ghosts exist in every culture around the world. Test your knowledge on the world's ghosts and you may qualify as Professor Boo!

What American Civil War battle produced the most ghosts and strange phenomena that still greet visitors today?

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought July 1–3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, by Union and Confederate forces with 50,000 casualties.


What father and daughter spirit duo appeared first between 1871 and 1874 in séances conducted by Florence Cook in London, and later in 1874-1875 in New York in séances held by the mediums Jennie Holmes and her husband Nelson Holmes?

Katie King was believed by Spiritualists to be the daughter of John King, a spirit control of the 1850s through the 1870s that appeared in many séances involving materialized spirits. A spirit control is a powerful and communicative spirit that organizes the appearance of other spirits at a séance. John King claimed to be the spirit of Henry Morgan, the buccaneer.


In the folklore of Cornwall England, what friendly but mischievous spirits live and work in mines?

Knockers love tin mines and are friendly and helpful. They are also called Buccas, Gathorns, and Knackers.


A _______ are helpful beings who become attached to a family and will gladly do chores in the house and on the farm at night when people are sleeping?

Brownies do not like to be offered payment for their services. They are called bwca in Wales and the pixie in Cornwell.


What is the ghost of fear in Japanese forklore?

The buruburu lurks about in forests and graveyards in the form of a shaking old man or woman, sometimes one-eyed.


In India, what is the name of the evil ghost of a woman who died in childbirth or ceremonial impurity?

A churel had reversed feet and no mouth. Areas believed to be haunted by churels are given exorcisms.


What former U.S. First Lady can be seen haunting the East Room of the White House?

The wife of President John Adams, Abigail, liked to use the East Room for hanging laundry, as it was the driest room in the house. She is seen in the East Room, arms outstretached, as if she is carrying loads of laundry.


Who is the medieval fighter of England said to haunt the mines of the borderlands near Wales with his fairy wife and band of warriors?

Wild Edric rose to fame during the Norman Conquest of Britain in the 11th century.


In Hindu belief, the _______ is a tiny ghost of the dead?

The preta is about the size of a thumb, that either resides in the corpse or remains near the home of the deceased for one year after the funeral.


What is a female spirit, dressed in rustling silk, that inhabit the borderlands between England and Scotland?

Silkies perform household chores and valued by people living in large houses. A silkie can also act as the guardian of the house.


In Voodoo, a ________ is a dead person allegedly restored to life by a sorcerer called a bokor?

The zombie has no will of its own, but acts as a robot-like slave to the bokor.


Who is the six-foot-tall ghost of a woman who has red hair and green eyes, dressed in white, said to appear in a house near Henniker, New Hampshire?

Every October, around Halloween, Mary makes an appearance at midnight. A phantom coach-and-four pulls up to the house and she gets inside after she tosses a packet into the well. Mary can also be seen walking down the curved staircase when a visitor enters the house.


A __________ hitchhiker is a girl or woman, sometimes in distress, spotted late at night along the road?

The phantom or vanishing hitchhiker appears worldwide especially throughout the United States. The woman is usually dressed in white and sits in the backseat of the car.


The __________ of the Pueblo Native Americans, is a supernatural being or spirit of the ancestral dead who is an intermediary to the gods.

Most kachinas are thought to be benevolent beings who bring rain and will entertain and discipline children. There are some evil kachinas who attack and kill.


In Japanese folklore, a funayuhrei is a __________ that travels silently at night or in a thick fog?

Meeting a funayuhrei in the sea is deadly. The appearance of the ghost ship will cause the other ship to start turning violently in circles and sinks.


What West Virginia ghost helped solve her own murder?

The victim, later known as the "Greenbrier Ghost " was Elva Zona Heaster Shue who was killed by her husband.


The best known of the phantom ship legends is the _________?

The Flying Dutchman has various versions: Dutch, German, and British. All three version center around the captain of the ship from a dead crew & captain, to the Devil and the captain, and finally a bully for a captain.


In English folklore, what is the type of bogey hobgoblin that is often mischievous, annoying, and frightening?

Without making a visual appearance, a boggart makes itself known by playing tricks on people, such as pulling off their pajamas. They inhabit a house, churchyard or field, or live in another body, such as that of a cat or dog.


In Chinese folklore, what is a monster made of evil spirits and an unburied corpse, which comes to life and wreaks death and destruction?

According to Chinese tradition, an unburied corpse is in great danger, because it invites inhabitation by evil spirits believed to be everywhere at all times.


In English folklore, what is a fetch?

A fetch is an apparition of a living person. In England, seeing one means trouble is on its way. In Irish folklore, seeing one means a long-life.


Eastern Airline Flight ________ L-1011 jumbo jet are reported to visit the crew and the passengers of other Eastern L-1011 jets containing parts salvaged from the 1972 wreakage?

Eastern crew members and passengers reportedly saw the ghosts and heard them speak on the planes' public address systems or recived verbal messages and warnigs from them.


What is the oldest inhabited castle in Scotland, built in the 14th century, that has more ghosts and supernatural lore than any other castle in the United Kingdom?

The castle is said to be the home of a vampire, and a fearsome group of ghosts who have no known connection to the castle while they were alive.


What U.S. President haunts the U.S. Capitol building?

The nation's sixth president shows up at the building doing what he loved to do best - give speeches. He suffered a stoke during a speech and was carried out from the building. He dies a few hours later.


Who built a sprawling 160-room mansion in the 19th century for the pleasure of the ghosts?

The Winchester Mystery House was built because Sarah was warned that all the people killed by the Winchester rifles would haunt her until she made amends with them. Work on the house never stopped for 38 years until Sarah's death in 1922. It was thought that the more rooms the ghosts had to play in, the less the curse of the Winchester guns would haunt her.


What is a windigo or wendigo?

The North American Indians say that it roams about forests, devouring hapless human beings.


What strange ghost in Great Island, New Hampshire loves to throw stones?

The first appearance of the Stone-throwing Devil was between May and August 1682. Stones pelted houses, broke windows, and tore apart fences. When the homeowners would run outside to see who was damaging their property, no one could ever be found.


Who is London's Theatre Royal most famous ghost?

The Man in Gray is so named because he appears dressed in a long gray cloak, knee breeches and buckled shoes dating back to the 18th century. Observers say he is handsome, wears a powdered wig and carries a three-corner hat. His identity is unknown, but he is rumored to be the man who was stabbed and walled up inside the theatre.


A __________ is a glowing ghost of a boy who has been murdered by his mother.

When a radiant boy makes an appearance it portends ill luck and violent death. Radiant boys appear in the folklore of England and Europe, possibly originating with the children murdered by their mothers of German folklore.


What is one of the most famous ghost stories of Japan, involving the vengeful ghosts of the farmer Sogoro and his wife, O Man?

This story takes place in the Tokugawa/Edo Era and centers on the fate of a feudal peasant farmer working for a powerful property owner of the Hatamoto clan.


What did the ancient Greeks call the intermediary spirits between humanity and the gods?

Daimones could be either good or evil. A good daimon protected and gave good advice. Evil daimones led on astray with bad advice.


In ancient Assyria, who is the evil ghost of one that was denied entrance to the underworld and was doomed to wander the earth?

One became an ekimmu by dying a violent or unsavory death, such as by murder, in battle, drowning, or succumbing to exposure in the desert, which left the corpse unburied.


Who is first noticed as a beautiful woman, but when she turns around she has no face?

The faceless woman appears in folklore around the world but especially likes to make an appearance in Hawaii.


The famous pre-American Civil War haunting of the _______ involved poltergeist phenomena and special creatures, and according to legend, tormented one man to death?

There are many versions of the Bell Witch haunting. All versions deal with a man named John Bell who was a farmer or planter.


The ________ Haunting is sometimes called the "Morton Case," after the family in whose home it occurred?

This haunting is distinguished by an apparition of a woman that was seen over a period of years by at least 17 people starting in Cheltenham, England in 1882.


In Scottish folklore, what is a malevolent water spirit believed to inhabit every lake or stream, and a death omen if seen?

According to lore, kelpies usually appear in the shape of a horse, but may also assume the form of a shaggy-looking man. As horses, they appear on lake and river beds, grazing peacefully, and lure travelers to mount them, only to plunge into the waters and drown the hapless victims.


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