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Who is The Flash?

Barry Allen is the Flash.


Who is Iris' father?

Joe West is Iris' father.


What is Barry's job?

Barry is a Police Forensic Investigator.


How did Barry get his powers?

Barry got his powers when he was struck by lightning and covered in different chemicals. He was in a coma for nine months after the incident.


What happened to Barry's mother?

Barry's mother was murdered, and his father was wrongly accused of committing the crime.


What city does The Flash take place in?

The Flash takes place in Central City.


What power does The Flash have?

The Flash has the power of super-speed.


What is Cisco's nickname?

Cisco's nickname is "Vibe."


What can Cisco's Vibe Glasses do?

Cisco's Vibe Glasses can see into the future and into other universes as well.


Who is Caitlin Snow's husband?

Ronnie Raymond is Caitlin Snow's husband.


What does the team call themselves?

The team calls themselves Team Flash.


Who is Reverse-Flash?

Eobard Thawne is Reverse-Flash. He is the one who murdered Barry's mother.


What did Eddie do to eliminate Eobard?

Eddie sacrificed himself to change the future and make sure that Eobard didn't exist.


Who has Barry loved since he was a child?

Barry has loved Iris since he was a child.


What is the name of the actor who plays Barry Allen/The Flash?

Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash.


What lab does Caitlin Snow work for?

The name of the lab that Caitlin Snow works for is S.T.A.R Labs.


What condition does Harrison Wells fake?

Harrison Wells fakes his paralysis.


What is the name of Barry's biological father?

Barry's father is named Henry Allen. He is in jail after being wrongly accused of murdering Barry's mother.


Who is Wally West's father?

Joe West is Wally's father, although he is unaware of this for a period of time.


Who did Eddie Thawn date?

Eddie Thawne dated Iris to Barry's disappointment. Eddie and Barry's relationship was always disgruntled by their fondness of Iris.


What city did Eddie Thawne transfer from?

Eddie transferred from Keystone City to Central City.


Which character creates equipment for the Flash and the other vigilantes?

Cisco creates equipment for all of the vigilantes.


What other CW show does The Flash often crossover with?

The Flash has done crossovers with Arrow.


What object malfunctions and gives the metahumans their powers?

A malfunction from a particle accelerator is what creates the explosion to give the metahumans their powers.


Where did Iris work before getting hired as a reporter?

Iris worked as a barista before becoming a reporter.


Who didn't want Barry to tell Iris he was the Flash?

Joe did not want Barry to tell Iris that he was the Flash.


What is the name of Joe's legitimate son?

Wally West is Joe's son.


Who wants revenge on Joe for killing his brother?

Mark Mardon wants revenge on Joe for the killing of his brother.


Who was once Barry's love interest?

Felicity Smoak was once Barry's love interest.


Where is Reverse-Flash from?

Reverse-Flash comes from the Future.


Who is Wally inspired by?

Wally is inspired by The Flash and his father because of their willingness to help people in times of need.


What is the name of Caitlin Snow's Earth-2 version?

Caitlin Snow's Earth-2 version is named Killer Frost.


Who believes the Flash is a menace?

Eddie Thawne believes that The Flash is a menace.


Where does Eddie die?

Eddie died in Iris' arms after sacrificing himself.


Which character nicknames the metahumans?

Cisco nicknames the metahumans. Sometimes they even adopt these nicknames for themselves.


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